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All of these are likely to be slightly underpowered, given that I'm a bit worried about giving the runepriest very many saving throw powers, even as I feel they're sorely lacking in them. So they're likely to be both weak and likely to be must-takes if they were published.

Circle of Clearing Runepriest Utility 2
You trace a clearing sigil, of the same type used to guard against attrition attempts by primordial forces.
Daily ♦ Divine, Implement, Zone
Standard Action ♦ Close Burst 3
Effect: The burst creates a zone that, until the end of the encounter, gives you and allies within it a +2 power bonus to saving throws.

Stolen from the Paladin's Sacred Circle (Utility 2, PH1)

Symbol of The Binding Chain Runepriest Attack 3
This rune was crated by pelor to bind his enemies and free his allies.
Encounter ♦ Divine, Fire, Runic, Weapon
Standard Action ♦ Close Burst 1
Target: One enemy within range.
Attack: Strength vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] + Strength modifier fire damage.
Rune of Destruction: The target takes -2 penalty to saving throws.
Rune of Protection: You and one ally adjacent to the target gain a bonus to saving throws equal to your Constitution modifier until the start of your next turn.

I initially wanted to grant it at 1st but wasn't sure how strong additional saving throws would be and moved it to the same level as Words of Bravery.

Rune of Release Runepriest Attack 9
This rune was crafted by Avandra when a primordial serpent pinned orcus after after a long battle.
Daily ♦ Divine, Weapon
Standard Action ♦ Melee Weapon
Target: One creature.
Attack: Strength vs. Will
Hit: 2[W] + Strength modifier damage and the target is weakened until the end of your next turn.
Effect: One ally within range can make a saving throw against one effect that a save can end.
Sustain Minor: The ally targeted can make a saving throw against one effect that a save can end.

Competes with Rune of Boundless Fury which seems to be considered pretty good, but this is intended to grant saving throws over time. Admittedly you're also short on minor actions by this level so, I don't know?