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    Kavan: Flood a large valley (16 AP/12 DC) +2 Oceans, +2 Monsters, +2 Genesis, +1 Fear, -2 Civilization
    Gorkun: +4 Greenskins, +1 Magical Goblins, Many goblins come along to slay those of the valley and otherwise make it inhospital.
    Morannan: +4 Death, -2 Austerity, Protects Retani from the waters of the flood so that they may inhabit the undestroyed homes.
    Myrin: -2 Psychic, -2 Mischief, -1 Shifter, -2 Dream, The survivors become bitter at the gods, the goblins kill themselves, and assigning the places of souls.
    Oculus: +2 Spectacle, +2 Sacrifice, +1 Cats, Spreads images of the flood, Annual sacrifice for the survivors and fleeing cats.

    Morannan Maklir: Immortalize Dynamite Kick into the Reoccuring Hero (12 AP/8 DC) +4 Death, +2 Self-Sacrifice

    Orgo: Create a temporary refugee town (6 AP/3 DC) +4 Love, +1 Healing

    Oculus: Create a metaphysical wheel that turns woe randomly upon the world (22 AP/18 DC) +2 Spectacle, +2 Sacrifice, +1 Cats
    Orgo: -4 Love, -1 Healing, Self Sacrifices are particularly effective as sacrifices and healers will flock towards the suffering of the wheel
    Gorkun: +4 Greenskins, God-Fearing goblins worship the wheel so that they can eat the victims of chaos
    Morannan: +4 Death, +1 Hunting, Protects the suffering dead to not be stricken again, and allows differential sacrifices to protect themselves.
    Kavan:+2 Monsters, +2 Genesis, +1 Fear, Monsters inhabit the areas affected by the wheel, There is excessive growth during that time and people know what’s happening and fear everything they cannot stop.
    Myrin: -2 Dream, -2 Mischief, -1 Shifter, Halloween keeps disaster away, and dreamwoods protect people from the wheel.

    Oculus: Spread the Cult of the Hidden Eye to Ran Moch (2 AP/1 DC) +2 Sacrifice

    Kyodaina Hi: Create the Confederate Nation of Free Tribes (20 AP/16 DC) +2 Monster, +2 Imagination +2 Combat, +2 Sky, +1 Empathy
    Gorkun: +2 Goblins, some goblins are sent over to help the new nation
    Orgo: +4 Love, All, but especially those who adhere to Orgo’s virtues become more charismatic.
    Myrin: +2 Dream, +1 Shifter, +2 Physic, +2 Mischief, Halloween is spread, shifter babies use Theurgy good, Is a bad influence to the kids.

    Kavan: Create terrifying beetles that turn you into a monster (12 AP/8 DC) +2 Monsters, +2 Genesis, +2 Oceans, +1 Fear, -2 Civilization

    Myrin: Immortalize Odomo (12 AP/8 DC)+2 Mischief, +2 Dream, +2 Psychic, -2 Physical
    Orgo: +4 Love, +1 Healing, Odomo gets stat boosts if they follow the virtues of Orgo and stronger healing

    Myrin: Quest to Far Lizard Land shore (12 AP/8 DC) +2 Psychic, +2 Dreams, +2 Mischief, +1 Shifter

    Gorkun: The goblins of Peerless Peak rise up and overthrow the old Ozglint leadership. (12 AP/8 DC) +4 Greenskins, +1 Magical Goblins
    Kavan: +2 Monsters, The Robots uprise to help the goblins
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    Kavan (Two Successes): In what had later became known as simply "The Great Wave", From the sea came walls of water, waves so large they engulfed the very mountains themselves and like the shadow of a terrifying dragon blotted out the sun as those of the valley could do nothing but stand motionless for they knew they could not escape it's wrath. What was once a society of prosperous fishing villages, and a once booming trade center of the area is reduced to nothing but a cold brackish swamp, the buildings that poke out of the waters an eerie reminder of those who return to the inhospitable land. Only small and scattered settlements of Retani remain.

    Across the world, the small Morkal infest communities and terrorize rural villages. Most too afraid or too unaware to get help for their infestation before their bestial disease cause harm. As they infest communities, it is common for the rural people to abandon their frontier houses and flee to the hopeful walls of a city. Often this leads to the city-states becoming crowded and filthy unable to build at the same rate as the influx of refugees. Even more often though, the threat of the Morkal comes an excuse by petty lords to 'civilize' the 'primitive regions' of the world so as to prevent this menace, seeing the disease as a curse from evil gods.

    Morannan Maklir (One Success): It's said that there is somewhere in the deep depths of a library a chronicle of every Dynamite Kick who lived. While the legend of Dynamite Kick spreads, the names and specifics are lost to memory or warped with time. Most taking the secret identity of the hero, to many, it would appear as if Dynamite Kick is truly an immortal being though most know this to be false. Some who take up the mantle believing themselves to channel some sort of ancient spirit of justice, the mask and scarf being the conduit for this entity to possess their body. This is of course, bunk. But as an old saying in Pekunos goes "Those who believe themselves invincible are the hardest to fight."

    Orgo (One Success): The Temporary town of Erkunos provides a balm to many of the refugees who could make the journey, areas closer to them often rejecting the travelers that end up here.

    Oculus (One Success, One Failure): There is set deep within the earth, great gears and springs holding a massive stone wheel in the center that slowly moves throughout the core of the earth. But as the other gods push and pull upon the mechanism, a single spring comes loose and with it, the whole mechanism crumbles, the metaphysical mechanisms busting and spreading themselves over the world. There was in the end no major consequences except for the fact that a remote island in the north witnesses a gigantic stone wheel burst from the earth, and start to worship it.

    The ten cult members tasked with expanding the cult into the hills worms their way into several small communities and positions of leadership

    Kyodaina Hi (One Success): With their newly protected independence, the tribe of Snapjaw forms their alliance with the Grasshills under a mutual need to protect themselves from larger and to them, more authoritarian empires. Soon, it is not just the Snapjaw and Grasshills, but the Bear Tribe, and the Fishguts, the Streambloods, and the Tribe of The White Wolf. Soon, dozens perhaps even hundreds of tribes become part of the alliance. While prosperous, in it's early years it is plagued by a dancing fever only cured by copious amounts of alcohol. The neighboring Pekunites were more than willing to supply this alcohol of course... At a premium price. The epidemic starting a long trend of Pekunos humour about how foreigners can't handle their alcohol (Due to their nation largely being habitual drunks).

    Myrin (Two Successes):The Demigod of mischief and his cadre of human hosts suddenly find themselves renewed with divine vigour and power. Odomo lasting well into the centuries beyond them

    Meanwhile brave exploring Aylo venture across the vast ocean and find a continent that developed parallel to their own. Save for the fact that the ancient Saurisdae did not devolve into birds and instead became an intelligent iguana-like species standing about 6 feet in height on average with a broad scaled body, clawed hands, and a long tail. This race is called by themselves as something in their various languages as translating to simply "Those Which Walk on Two Feet", birds having never developed on this land. Causing considerable confusion when the first Aylos landed. These lizardmen as those not native to the continent began to call them; lived about 120 years on average and lived slow and ponderous lives in comparison to the major species of Otellia. While they are often kept at an arms length, many of these lizardmen welcomed the new inhabitants of their continent wishing to learn more of their powerful foreign magicks. The matter of worship has been tougher, the worship of the sun being a, by now, very ingrained part of the continent's culture. Widespread across it's settlements.
    While a variety of explorers, tradesmen and others have attempted to establish a foothold in either continent. The few that were successful did not last long and the two continents have little contact with each other in the long time between ages.

    Gorkun (One Success): All at once, it seemed the once helpful golems of the Peerless Peak that did much of the grunt labor of the society rose up and destroyed the mostly human inhabitants of the mountain. Crushing man, women, and child alike under their unfeeling rocky mitts. It is only the infiltrating goblins of Gorkun who are spared from the wrath of the golems. Before they once more go back to their work for their new overlords as if nothing at all happened.
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    500 Years Later
    The Age of the Squid!
    From beyond the ethereal veil of the velvet sky, there comes in between the great ages of the gods, a being like any other. Said to hail from a universe far and distant from our own, THEY COME! It was only a few interdimensional refugees at first. Strange beings who call themselves the "Sqularians of the Nth Dimension!" Said to be from an advanced civilization which had perfected the art of interdimensional travel through the use of magic unworkable in this new reality. These Squalarians or as they became much more often known, The Squids, say they are exiles who fought against a space-traveling king of the cosmos. It was either to be exiled from their dimension or be sentenced to slow torturous death in the terror chambers of Zonglora!

    The first of these "Squids" were killed, chalked up to simply one of the many monsters of the world, but they came in the hundreds, then the thousands, then the hundreds of thousands to our dimension and even that of the Land of the Lizardkin. They face discrimination on a large scale. When these creatures are not taken to be monstrosities of Kavan, few have bothered to try and understand them due to their bestial appearance and strange tongue. Even those who have mastered the languages of the other species tend to speak with a heavy sort of dialect due to their unique vocal cords.

    The squids are creatures which seem to obtain their sustenance through the resonant magicks of the atmosphere. While theoretically they could starve, few have trouble finding food due to the widespread magic in the atmosphere. Though they are very skilled at being able to detect magic and it's specific varieties leading to the few accepted into society often finding themselves in tracking or appraising jobs of sorts related to magic.
    The squids can be easily mistaken for a beast of some sort. Looking like a squid except what would be the body of a squid has been miniaturized and become part of their head, they have two extra long tentacles possessing the only bones in it's body besides that which protects it's head. These two tentacles that work as their legs, and their arms falling around them on all sides as their hands. They possess two large eyes, one on the front of their head, and another on the back of their head. They have a small mouth shaped like a line with a variety of hooked teeth in it despite their diet.

    Each god has 110 AP this age and four turns. Each god obtains a plus one of their choosing this age
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