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    Default Level 20 warrior

    Core only:
    What level fighter would a fighter be to defeat this.

    Orc Warrior 20
    Str 24
    Con; 22
    Dex: 12
    Int: 6
    Cha: 6
    Wis; 10
    Plus stat boosting items, not any tomes. Plus a magical item and other items suitable for a level 19 character.
    Feats: Power attack, weapon focus, improved initiative, the three save boosting ones and skill focus (of your choice) or improved sunder.

    What level would a rogue?
    What level a wizard.

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    Default Re: Level 20 warrior

    fighter: ECL 10ish
    rogue: ECL 10ish
    wizard: ECL 10ish

    before, the fighter will never hit, the rogue will never have enough UMD devices and the wzrd... well probably the wizard could get him off by ECL 5, now that I come to think about it. 7 at best. With celerity, shivering toch and metamagicked Ray of Stupidity, there you go!
    Useless arcane powers are better than no arcane powers!

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