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    Default Removing the Monk

    I know that the monk doesn't play a truly vital role, and should be able to be removed quite easily from the class list, however I like monk, so I've put up a fix or two that I really need to playtest, but last night a new thought occured to me.
    Make 'monk' a title instead of a PrC, removing it from the list of classes and replacing it with six feets, enabling a character to become more or less monk-like, according to their tastes.
    Monk Feets (Special, monk feets only work in light or no armor):
    {table]Feet|Prerequisites|What it does
    Wise dodge|Wis 12+|Add wis modifier to AC,
    Taijutsu|Unarmed Strike|Gain monks unarmed damage progression
    Flurry of Blows|Base Ref save +2|Extra attack, -2 on all attack rolls
    Improved FoB|Ref +4, FoB|Penalty on attacks lessened to -1
    Greater FoB|Ref +6, Imp FoB|No penalty on attack rolls
    Superior FoB|Ref +8, Grtr FoB|Gain a second extra attack, no penalty[/table]

    I also am considering ranking the characters "monkness" which is based on how many Monk feets he has - one being something like "monk noob", and all of them being "Grand Master", just for a little fluff. Also, a requirement for a Monk teacher could easily be added.

    I need feedback on this, because this could potentially overpower a class, so if anyone has any thoughts or feets that simply must be added, post, post, and post again.

    Edit: where it says just "ref +x" it means base reflex save, not total.
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    Default Re: Removing the Monk

    Sorry I'm not posting any constructive critiscism, but it's just too funny. It's feats, not feets. Feet are the stuff you walk with.

    I don't like the idea, though. The monk should stay a base class, even if some people just dip in it for 3 levels for extra AC and speed.
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    Default Re: Removing the Monk

    Three words for you, sir. Unarmed Swordsage Variant.

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    Default Re: Removing the Monk

    Quote Originally Posted by Tengu View Post
    Three words for you, sir. Unarmed Swordsage Variant.
    Even though this is the easy cop-out answer, it's probably the best. Everything you'd want to do with a Monk can be done with the Unarmed Swordsage Variant.

    Face-punching? Check.
    Agile acrobatics? Check.
    Mystical powers? Check.
    Actual combat ability? Checkity-check check.

    Just call it a Fistsage. Or somethin'.
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    Default Re: Removing the Monk

    You're better off trying to fix the Monk rather than breaking the class up into feats. As it is, you need to add the proviso that these abilities only work when unarmoured and unencumbered. And they should stack more.

    You should need Taijitsu (which I would change to "Greater Unarmed Strike" or somesuch) to get Flurry of Blows. Otherwise, just use the TWF chain.

    And if you burn all your feats getting these feats, then you're probably a Fighter, at which point you're basically a Monk with full BAB.

    Also, any one of these abilities, all on its own as a Feat, runs the risk of breaking other classes. Like a Cleric with Taijustu. Two feats, 1st level, and he's suddenly death on wheels.

    Or a Wizard with Wise Dodge.

    I still the 'tradtional' fixes are best:
    1. Flurry on a Standard Action
    2. Full BAB progression
    3. 6 Skill Points per level.

    And others suggest any number of others.

    Otherwise, I agree that a Swordsaint variant is the closest your'e going to get.
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