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You should go back a few pages, we had a lengthy discussion about the ending there. Your opinion?
So, thinking about it some more, I think the ending fits quite well with the themes.

Spoiler: Ending and themes
Namely that on an individual/small-scale level, people are generally compassionate, even good, but once you get to the institutional level that same compassion starts causing problems. When presented with the choice "You can save this person/child in front of you, and all it will cost you is some effort and maybe risk to yourself", most people will choose to help. The problem is once you reach the level of enclaves (and politics in general) that choice gets the addendum "and some risk to someone else you've never met and never will", and people will still choose to save the person in front of them, the person they actually care about. On an individual level, things can go right, people can be happy, but making institutional changes takes a lot more work.

So I think it makes sense that saving Orion just plain works, but changing the enclave system will be the work of a lifetime and may not be permanently possible at all.

Feel like I'm not explaining this as best I can, but those are my thoughts so far.

Spoiler: Plot twist
I also really enjoyed the plot twist that El was destroying the enclaves after all, by destroying the maw-mouths. We had the most crucial information, the timeline, the entire time, but because we the readers get fed the information as discrete bits very separated in both time and context, I never once connected the dots. An extremely well foreshadowed twist that I nevertheless did not see coming at all.