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    Default Re: Cursed of Course II: The Second Thread


    Page 290 – Out of the Frying Pan.

    (Created by me. I should probably put that on there somewhere.)

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    Default Re: Cursed of Course II: The Second Thread

    Kryptonite - sorry, wrong comic.
    Cool elan Illithid Slayer by linkele.

    Editor/co-writer of Magicae Est Potestas, a crossover between Artemis Fowl and Undertale. Ao3 DeviantArt
    We also have a TvTropes page!

    Currently playing: Red Hand of Doom(campaign journal) Campaign still going on, but journal discontinued until further notice.

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    I could write a lengthy explanation, but honestly just what danielxcutter said.
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    Default Re: Cursed of Course II: The Second Thread

    Ah Pellan, ever the optimist.
    I wonder how long that will last...

    Also, don't go towards the light ominous green glow.
    Not that you have much choice.
    "If it lives it can be killed.
    If it is dead it can be eaten."

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    Default Re: Cursed of Course II: The Second Thread

    Yeah, even if we didn't know this was going to end badly, we'd know this was going to end badly.
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    Also, as a rule of thumb, if you find yourself defending your inalienable right to make someone else feel like garbage, you're on the wrong side of the argument.
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    There is nothing more emblematic of this forum than three or four pages of debate between people who, as it turns out, pretty much agree with each other.

    Check this game out! Or at least give it a thumbs up.
    Why "because the plot said so" is not a good answer.

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    Default Re: Cursed of Course II: The Second Thread

    (Flat Top continues to have the best lines. I should really stop voicing my first impressions of characters here; they are invariably wrong.)

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