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    Default Random thoughts about OtOoPCs

    Last thread of this kind.

    A bit that I liked very much: "This is just a dream"-sequence

    Where is this Thieves Guild? In Cliffport? The architecture seems to be a hint.

    Whatever has been in the past between Haley and Crystal, they're still both wearing navel-free clothes.

    Two very nice details: Bath Gel +2 and "exhausted or fatigued"

    Haley and that halfling in the Guild are separating in a similar way as
    Xykon and Ydranna in SoD. Talking while back to back and so.

    "cabinet-making offensive" - great. And definitely better than an offensive to move an alcohol-filled cabinet 15 yards closer to Berlin.

    "Not that there's something wrong with the alternative" - that must be OOTS' first Seinfeld moment. (Or the second one, the other being "I'm in love with Ukuleles".)

    "Lands of people taller than dwarfs but a few inches shy of humans" *g*

    "his name is dandelion" *bg* I'd like to have seen the reaction of that woman to that sentence.

    Yes, ironic is "in". :-D

    Beta Alpha Beta - does that have a meaning, like Delta-Upsilon-My in SoD?

    Ben Dover and Taye Kitt, AoO. Spotted the obligatory reference.

    Just noted: Origins is using the old art (look at Roy's boots)

    "but I know I have rights, and that's almost the same thing" Yes, that's logic for Belkar.

    "Comprehend Inconsistent Accents" - quite a useful spell.

    What did Belkar do after the job interview and before the official start of the adventure? (On second thought, do I really want to know?)

    Yes, that's how it looks like if you ready your actions in D&D if you didn't coordinate what you want to do with your teammates and aren't lucky.
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    Default Re: Random thoughts about OtOoPCs

    Quote Originally Posted by Max_Sinister View Post
    Beta Alpha Beta - does that have a meaning, like Delta-Upsilon-My in SoD?
    Yes. It means BAB, or Base Attack Bonus.
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    Default Re: Random thoughts about OtOoPCs

    Loved the iron chef reference, as well as the first fight as a team. And one of my personal favorites: ''SPLURK!!!''. Does anyone know what that thing actually was?
    For the last time, it stands for Shadow of Darkness!

    Thankin' Nevitan fer me babytar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mauve Shirt
    SoD is my favorite too.
    Quote Originally Posted by TigerHunter View Post
    SoD casts Pun
    SoD's Pun crits TigerHunter for 10k.
    TigerHunter dies.

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    Default Re: Random thoughts about OtOoPCs

    I loved the breaking-the-forth-wall reference.
    That was brilliant.

    "Uh, of course, sir. What kind of room did you have in mind?"

    "Well, I was thinking of something with a ceiling, a floor, and four walls."

    "Are you certain, sir? Because rooms without fourth walls are very popular in this comic strip."

    *massive breakage of fourth wall* wink!

    And the preface by Redcloak is at least as funny as the actual comics.
    Jolly brilliant. He's a better villain than Xykon, if you ask me. Emotion, you know?

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