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And this is why there hasn't been a major RTS success since Starcraft 2.

Because they all focus on the competitive multiplayer scene, which is small, and any singleplayer content they offer is an afterthought built out of multiplayer parts. And building singleplayer content out of multiplayer parts leads to a boring campaign where nothing feels powerful or impactful because it's all intended to be balanced against each other.
Definitely agree on that front. I am maybe also the dude that links the topic to my major gripe: I cannot get into a game when the flavor and world building doesn't work for me. That goes double for an online competitive game.

At least Starcraft uses all their units, and does not have ridiculous building placement. But check C&C online matches, no matter the rank. Building towards your enemy to increase your building area and shorten the travel time towards them (because apparently the units take so long to reach the enemy that if you get their too slowly the enemy has amassed a counter force larger than yours because they had 20ish seconds more time to harvest minerals/tiberium) which is frankly a mental gameplay loop.

Similar things go with MTG's Universes Beyond, where soon I can tap the Golden Throne to sacrifice Boo (of Minsc fame) to pay for Gandalf, the White. I am just shuddering. A Jinx flavored Duress is one thing; references are made in games all the time. But that just hurts my inner story teller.