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    Default Re: Questionable Content XIX: Give Jeph Just A *Little* Credit, Here

    Quote Originally Posted by Traab View Post
    From the sound of things, she is very well known as the acerbic child who chases off anyone who dares to try and communicate with her while screeching about her brilliance. Also, moray is apparently sending out constant updates for whats going on in cubetown and this guy reads them.
    That feels like an oxymoron. She's avoided contact with anyone for 2 years, and explicitly hasn't done anything in that time - hence her breakdown - so what's there to report? What has Moray been reporting? "Hey everyone, here's an exhaustive list of everyone on the island who currently exists along with their mugshot", kind of thing?

    People just know each other in QC, I guess. If the Head of Security also moonlights as a chambermaid, why shouldn't the bartender have photographic recollection of everyone who has never set foot in their bar?

    And they dont think AIs are useless morons, what? Think moray and that security guard are kinda dumb, but most ais are fairly smart and aware of whats going on around them, if a bit strange due to invisible llama building and whatnot.
    I'm thinking of the comic from about 4 months ago where even Marten scowled and shouted "WHY ARE [AI] LIKE THIS!?" in front of everyone. Then later when Claire talked to the Director and said 'everyone I've met so far is a weirdo'. Okay, maybe they doesn't think they're morons specifically, but they know what they're 'like'! What, in the last 4 months, have we seen that suggests that they should trust the judgement of ANYONE on this idiot island?

    They have no reason to refuse a bartenders choice of beer. Especially as he has yet to do anything remotely stupid or strange.
    Claire knows that AI sniff tea and hallucinate giraffe housewives. I feel like that is warning enough about their concept of taste. Serving gassy, over-hopped, hipster IPAs in today's comic only proves my point....
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    Default Re: Questionable Content XIX: Give Jeph Just A *Little* Credit, Here

    Robots having photographic recollection isn't that odd... The privacy law issues of something like this would be impressive, but that's a different story.

    I think Liz wasn't hiding as well as she thought. People knew she was there, isolating herself and getting nothing done, they just didn't care about her. That, or people remember when she was introduced to the island and her little speech.

    EDIT: Back in the day, IIRC, Marten explicitly asked someone "do you really want to be served food by an AI?". Because of the later AI-minority overlap, I later felt it felt like an itchy thing to say, even though AIs are alien and frequently seem to be so random, they verge on what we would call insanity. I guess he got more trusting?
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