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    Default Recommendations for a Low-Level Essentials Character?

    I'm about to play in a Low-Level Essentials game, and I'm trying to choose between a Fey Hexblade, a Scout Ranger, and a Sentinel Druid. Any advice on what to pick or play style at low level?

    I'm currently leaning Hexblade -- I know my damage will be a bit lower, but I like having useful melee and ranged attacks!

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a Low-Level Essentials Character?

    Do you have other folks set on classes / roles in your party? Just want to check since you've listed 2 strikers and a leader.
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    Default Re: Recommendations for a Low-Level Essentials Character?

    My first question for you is, why did the DM opt to call it a low-level essentials game? Or, why did you?

    Was there an explicit 'we won't be playing past this point', or 'we'll only be playing for so long' (such as if it's a one-shot)? Was the book range limited to things with Essentials stamped on the cover? Like, what are the details?

    More important question: Which classes' powers best fulfill the fantasies of what you, the player, would do in a magical world?
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