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    Default Creating A Fighting Game Roster

    The basic premise of this exercise is to make a fighting game roster, and lore.

    The basic steps of this game are straightforward. You create a character, and lore around them. That lore becomes part of the universe. You are allowed to connect your character's backstory with any other previous characters made in this thread as long as it doesn’t contradict their sheet. (in fact it’s encouraged, helps make the world feel connected).

    Spoiler: character sheet template

    Character sheet

    Name: (Your character's name)

    Age: (How old are they?)

    Nationality: (Where are they from?)

    Backstory: (What is your character’s story?)

    Height: (How tall are they?)

    Appearance: (What do they look like?)

    Fighting Style: (Your school of thought when it comes to combat.)

    Special move: (You know the one, the special move if you manage to hit that gives you a little bit of a cinematic of your character beating the **** out of the enemy.)

    Blood type:



    Relations to other characters: (What does your character think about other characters in the roster.)

    Quotes: (What they say in the game, to give some examples)
    Generic start of round interactions: (What they say before a round begins that not meant for specific character)
    character specific interactions: (What they say before a round begins to a specific character)

    End of round winning interactions: (a victory quote for the match)
    Character specific end of round winning interactions: (a victory quote for the match against a specific character)

    Other random quotes they say during the match: (like during the battle they're doing an attack and they're yelling something out)

    Any random tidbits: (Something you want to put in the sheet but doesn't fit the other categories.)

    If you have any further questions I will gladly answer them. Now let's see what we can create.

    The First Character:
    Spoiler: Pulverizer

    Name: Pulverizer (doesn't know his real name)

    Sex: Cis male

    Age: He doesn't know. thinks he's at least in his 30s though.

    Nationality: Korean American

    Backstory: Pulverizer is a bottom of the barrel guy living in New York. He does nothing but drink, and do jobs that involve beating people up. Jobs like being a bodyguard, or taking down some criminals. He's been shot a few times, but thanks to his manly muscles they just bounce off.

    Every time the question of who he is comes up he just says he has amnesia. You better not press him about this, or else you're going to be missing a few teeth.

    Because of his violent tendencies he has been challenged quite a lot by other idiots looking for a fight which to him is more easy money. Despite this, he is so terrible with money he lives on the street, and is seen as a crazy hobo by the populace.

    Despite his dumb facade he is just a broken man who has given up on life.

    Despite his denial of his past, it will soon come knocking for him, as well as most of the world.

    Height: 6.3 feet

    Appearance: For one thing this man does not wear a shirt, so the world can look at his pecs. In general, he's quite muscular. Not too ridiculous, but at least to a terrifying degree. He wears no shoes as well. In fact his only clothing is his light blue sweatpants. His hair is black, short, and spiky.

    Fighting Style: Pulverizer is not a skilled fighter, but he is an effective one. His fighting style mainly consists of punching the enemy in the face, and throwing them around like a rag doll.

    Special move: 'Dental Work': He grabs the opponent by the neck, and slams them down repeatedly on the concrete. Then while they're dazed he grabs them by one of their legs, and flips them over his head; smashing them into the concrete again. This causes one of their teeth to rocket out of their mouth which he quickly grabbed.

    Blood type: O

    Likes: Beer, Fighting

    Dislikes: Talking, Being sober, Being asked about his past

    Relations to other characters: (to be expanded later)


    Generic start of round interactions:
    "So, you're in my way of getting beer money. "
    "Good news, today you are getting your wisdom teeth punched."
    "I hope you know what you're getting yourself into."

    Character specific interactions: (to be expanded later)

    End of round winning interactions:
    "All right, I paid for my drinks!"
    "Come back when you know how to fight."
    "If you didn't want a plumbing you should have come to me."

    Character specific end of round winning interactions: (to be expanded later)

    Other random quotes they say during the match:
    "That beer will be mine!"
    "Show me what you got."
    "Time for some amateur dental work."- Super move line
    "Time to Pulverize the meat."

    Any random tidbits: I designed this character to be very simple, mainly to mirror other fighting game main protagonists. (Ryu, Liu Kang etc), and to give other people a lot of room to expand the lore of the setting.
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    Default Re: Creating A Fighting Game Roster

    Spoiler: Second Character

    Name: Nobutoshi Amari

    Age: Early 30's, looks younger due to his ninjutsu skin routine

    Nationality: Japanese

    Backstory: Raised to inherit the title of master from The Tenfold Shadow School of the Immortal Dragon which was supposedly founded by a student of Prince Yamato during the fourth century. Nobutoshi had served faithfully underneath his master until one day during an undercover mission as a chef, he was seduced into an alternative lifestyle... That of a seafood chef. As he awaited the mantle of favored son of the favored son, just a day after he had completed his elite ninja training, he had set down with his father, mentor, and leader to discuss his future.

    He had bowed his head to the floor and pleaded before his father to pass on the title to a more devoted and deserving student for his heart lied on another path. His destiny called to use the skills of the ninja for a more humble pursuit, to fulfill his duty to the common people's needs in ways other than violence. With a heavy heart, his father gave him permission to follow his dreams on one condition. That anyone who asked to train underneath him must be taught everything he knows.

    While he maintained his ninja training to keep his skills sharp, he had little need for them in his peaceful life as a chef. Until one day when he was tasting the seafood of Copenhagen, a drunken man had attacked the populace, and this whelp had to be shown manners by a true master of the martial arts. Sadly however, this man was the Pulverizer, and the fight dragged through the city, testing Nobutoshi's stamina as he tried to minimize the damage. He used his opponent's superior strength against, dodging out of his way he goaded Pulverizer into striking full force into the door of a cop car. The bull of a man tore straight through the car and got his hand stuck in the door... That door was then ripped off it's hinges but by then he was wide opened, and the match was decided by a quick strike to the liver. However, it was what was said at the end that had changed Nobutshi's life forever.

    "Damn, you're good. You should teach me how to fight." The words had come out slurred, barely intelligible and the speaker likely in a state of delusion, but they were clear as day to the disciple of The Tenfold School.

    Ever since then, Nobutoshi has had to travel the world, following the wake of the Pulverizer in a vain hope that his pupil may one day master the path of the Immortal Dragon. However, any lesson he teaches is routinely forgotten once the Pulverizer is handed alcohol.

    Height: 5'5

    Appearance: Trimmed, well cut, and perfectly poised except when that is not the fashion. Nobutoshi still seeks to practice the art of ninjutsu where he can in his new path, and as such takes on an unassuming appearance. When arriving in a new city, he usually takes the first day to study the fashion of the area to better blend in. His body is very relaxed most of the time, hiding his muscular physique and due to both natural confidence and years of practice, Nobutoshi walks like he knows where he is, where he should be, what he is doing, and when confronted tends to put on a charming smile like he has just recognized an old friend. He appears easy going, favoring long and flowing clothes when possible, but when it comes time to teach or to fight puts on a serious and stoic expression.

    Fighting Style: While a ninja and trained in the arts of assassination, he abhors violence when not necessary. So he prefers tricking or tiring out his opponents to direct confrontation. While his school is known for quickly taking out their opponents, Nobutoshi's peaceful nature has him taking on an almost entirely defensive style. He stalls for most of the match until his opponent makes a mistake and he can sneak in a well aimed blow to vital areas, or using their own strength against them to throw them to the ground.

    Special move: Dragon's Breath
    Nobutoshi puts up his guard and if the enemy attacks him during this brief window, he ducks under their strike and grabs hold of their arm and flings his opponent over his shoulder. As they lie on the ground, he pulls out a bottle of strong alcohol and a cook's torch. He then shouts "You've left me no choice!" and kicks the enemy up into the air before breathing fire on his opponent, he can extend this move but it inflicts self damage, and depending on how long he held it, he'll deliver a one liner such as "I'll have to try again, I burned this one." or "You're undercooked, just like your fighting style!". If he holds this attack for too long, it can backfire on him and set himself on fire.

    Blood type: AB+

    Likes: Dutiful people, seafood, perfectly paired food, the gentle rain, poetry

    Dislikes: Those who neglect their training, imitation crab, violence, people who talk during movies

    Relations to other characters: The Pulverizer: The current "Teacher" to the Pulverizer. Most of his teaching involves trying to clean up the mess of the raging bull. When the Pulverizer finally runs out of steam, Nobutoshi makes his appearance, typically picking him out of the trash. Due to his student's... Special needs, most of the teaching sessions involves simply doing agility exercises and trying to make his student's movements more efficient. Nobutoshi has had some success with teaching in techniques to blend in as a homeless man, but the finer points of his school, particularly ninja virtues such as temperance, hard work, and duty to your superiors have proven... Ineffective to say the least.

    Generic start of round interactions:
    "Let's try not to hurt anyone!"
    "An unused knife never stays sharp. Let us hone our skills."
    "Once a chef no longer seeks the input of others, he ceases to be a chef. I suppose the same is true of fighting."
    character specific interactions:
    "Get rid of the bottle, a ninja must always be ready to train."
    "I've kept a promise to my master, and I'm not going to break it now."
    "For the last time, Ninjutsu is more than just a way to fight!"

    End of round winning interactions:
    "I'm glad no one else got hurt."
    "If you learned your lesson than we might spar again someday."
    "I've gotta hurry, the catch of the day just came in!"
    Character specific end of round winning interactions:
    "You still have a lot left to learn."
    "Sloppy drinking leads to sloppy movement."
    "Can you just put on a shirt for once? You're drawing too much attention to yourself!"

    Other random quotes they say during the match:
    "Quick like a knife."
    "You're cooked!"
    "I really didn't want to do this!"
    "Can't we just talk this over some crab legs?"
    "I know a great sushi bar near here."
    I prefer a keg of beer!

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    Default Re: Creating A Fighting Game Roster

    Spoiler: #3
    Name: Arran Raintree

    Age: 24

    Nationality: Born in New Orleans to a mother from Tobago and a Choctaw father.

    Backstory: Arran is the product of two distinct cultures. His mother is a manbo and her home is filled with fetishes, charms, and icons, which surrounded the boy as he grew up in New Orleans in the beginning of the new century. His father is a New Orleans Indian. The boy Arran played along the shore of Lake Ponchartrain, fishing and crabbing with his grandfather in the old traditional way as his father built fuel tanks for rockets.

    Height: 5' 7" (1 inch taller than his father) or 170 cm

    Appearance: long, black, very curly hair picked into an Afro at least six inches high, dark brown eyes, light brown skin, with tattoos representing voodoo blessings on hands, arms, neck, back, chest, and presumably everywhere else. His face is free of tattoos. He tends to dress colorfully and wear shoes with very thick soles.

    Fighting Style: The back streets of New Orleans were tough, and in his early teens his father inducted him into "the way," a fighting style hybridized from Choctaw wrestling and incorporating more painful and lethal holds borrowed from other fighting techniques. The style offers few flashy moves, but emphasizes "breaking" the body parts used by an opponent to attack.

    Considered a defensive style suitable for an unarmed person attacked by knife or club-wielding foes, Arran also incorporates Voodoo in his individual style, and has been known to cast spells of weakness or pain on an opponent before or during a fight.

    Special move: Disabling = Sleeper. A neck bar which increases cranial pressure that, when released, causes the victim to pass out.
    Killing = Trachea Crush. A chop or fingertip jab to the Adam's Apple, crushing the throat of the victim, causing a four-minute death scene which can only be interrupted by rapid intubation by skilled medics.

    Blood type: A+

    Likes: Shrimp Po-boys, old school Motown and early rap, boating on the lake.

    Dislikes: Any denigration of Voodoo or of American Indians, formal attire, short people jokes.

    Relation to Punisher: nonexistent. He thinks the man is an empty shell, that he has already lost his soul, and is subject to being possessed by any number of dark spirits. This makes him dangerous. In any fight against him, Arran would ward himself against demons and evil spirits, then attempt to cast out and bind the possessing spirit. To do this, a bag of chalk dust and silver powder would be used to draw a circle around him. He believes this will give him control of the demon, which he can then cast out and contain in a corked bottle or banish it to the outer world. Getting The Punisher to sit still for the procedure would be another matter.

    Relation to Nobutoshi Amari: he likes Amari. He is uncertain if Amari controls Punisher's demon, or if he is unaware. Either way, he holds Amari responsible for what Punisher does.
    Anyone who can make good food is blessed. (Though Arran would add the hot sauce.) If only he could get the man to make a pot of red beans and rice!

    Relation to Miguel Toledo: polar opposites. Undisciplined, uncontrolled, and untrained, with no spiritual guidance, Toledo would be simple to provoke into wasteful attacks until his energy is spent. Arran subtly taunts him to keep him confused, even when they have never been in a fight.

    Relation to Emil Fisher: he admires foolish courage, especially when it kills you. Poor Emil is lost on the way to the other world, and Arran wonders what offense against his family the man committed to make his ancestors not wish to collect him and guide him to his next life. He speculates that Emil has unfinished business and that upon it's completion he will be welcomed. Rather, he hopes. Emil is a nice guy, after all. He would show him the way himself, but it is not his place to interfere with spirits unless they commit crimes against the living.
    In a fight against Emil, he would wear a blindfold or close his eyes and attune himself to the spiritual energy of his ghostly friend. He would bind or exorcise Emil only if he thought an innocent was at risk.

    Relations to Ding and Dong: they are children. His first attack would be a cloud of sneeze powder blown into their area while he avoided their attacks. As they go into fits of uncontrollable sneezing he would give them an old fashioned. (Open-handed spanking on their bottoms.)

    Relations to other characters: He is waiting to get to know their spirit guides before passing judgement.

    Generic start of round interactions: Typically a curse spoken in patois, usually meaning, " The spirits will eat your luck and weaken your bones."

    End of round winning interactions: (Spoken in patois)
    a good, fair fight = "Spirits guide and heal this good person."
    a bad fight or attempted cheating: (Spoken in patois) Fester his wounds and set pain in his bones.

    Other random quotes they say during the match:

    Your ancestors are cowards!
    Is that an attack?
    Go back to flipping burgers before you hurt yourself!

    Any random tidbits: He keeps his grandfather's medicine bag in his apartment, but has the tooth of a sand shark they caught while fishing that his grandfather kept in his own medicine bag. His magic is tied to the personal medicine bag that Arran wears, but the protecting presence of his deceased grandfather is tied to his grandfather's old bag that he used to wear on a rabbit-skin thong his whole life.
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    Default Re: Creating A Fighting Game Roster

    First time doing something like this.


    Name: Miguel "Rising Star!" Toledo

    Age: Early Twenties

    Nationality: American/Mexican

    Backstory: In the year 2002 one of the worst natural disasters would occur known as the San Andreas Earthquake or more colloquially the Big One it devastated the West Coast of the United States of America. A earthquake which nearly destroyed the state of California turning the once prosperous western states into a land of anarchy, banditry and petty warlords. Thousands would flee the region as the US would desperately work to bring order and stench the flow of death with all help rejected from it allies. As after all it was the USA the shining beacon of democracy might and such so it required no help in mitigating the disaster a act that shook the faith of the western states in the government more then anything else. Turning the once proud jewels of the US Palm Springs, Los Angeles and San Francisco into rubble as thousand died and fled to the neighbouring states of Nevada, Oregon, Arizona. A new age had seemingly come in a flash of painful explosive shakes a reborn Wild West that plunged the West Coast into chaos as the East Coast watched with horror and amazement.

    In this decade of trouble that followed a young babe barely a few years old would be found in the rubbles of Los Angeles taken in by an immigrant family, something that would be rather common during these times. California had become a pariah state with slums, criminals and drugs flowing into the country through it broken ports and poorly secured borders. In such an environment it a miracle this young child lived an almost good life with a workoholic but good father, a kind if overbearing mother and far too many siblings. A pious little family in living in the slums of the American Dream with their fellow who could simply not return back to Mexico.

    The adoptive child had grown to be a young adult by the name of Miguel Toledo, he was many thing one was that he had an immense ego and the other being he despised hard labour that he'd been forced into to put food on the table. The state of California after the Big One was left in a mess the US could barely control so they went overseas to fix this problem allowing foreign investors from across the world to enter. The West Coast Special Economic Zone and as soon as capitalistic principles entered the equation the once proud Golden State transformed under the thumb of oligarchic CEO's and with this the displaced populace found it employment. Miguel his father and brothers would be one of the many labours who helped rebuild Los Angeles but the pay was meagre and the work unfair. With this it lead to hate of many things as the young man wished for more.

    He found his wish coming true in the underground circles in the Cage Fights hidden from decent peoples sight were he found that his ego could grow tenfold. He was fast, he was strong, he was young and he was loud with this he became a minor celebrity bring in the money his family desperately needed. The trouble was his father did not approve after all he was beating the crap out of people in technically illegal (outside California) fights almost to the death. No matter how good the money was he couldn't accept and so threw him from the little slice of heaven to the hellish streets of Los Angeles. For the son ego, glory and money had blinded him selfishly and convinced himself it was for the good of the family when it was clear he craved to enter the Cage. Leaving Miguel angry, bruised and feeling betrayed with his only option in his mind was to prove his father wrong and so he threw himself into the near illegal side of the Broken State.

    A "Rising Star!" high in the rankings amongst a crowd of fans cheering his names he forgot why he was here and basked in the glories of his victories. His name plastering on billboards a rising star in the business of beating each other to death yet never allowed to step back into the home he grew up in. An irony that despite not being of the same blood his stubbornness was as great as his fathers he would prove to him he was on the right path, his ego unable to accept he may have been wrong. In the orange smog filled skies of a new California he stands in a bloody cage awaiting fighter after fighter growing ever closer to his stardom.

    Height: 5,7 Feet Tall

    Appearance: Miguel Toledo is not the tallest of people and certainly not the largest despite having some muscle. In fact he is more lean than one would expect from a person who spent many years labouring and in the cage fights of Los Angeles. With dark chestnut hair dyed partially yellow like a shooting star that ends at his forehead in a small explosion of colour. His face faced framed by sharp cheekbones and a haughty smile that bring out his dark blue chilly eyes, all seemingly spelling out he is handsome despite the scarring. Stretching from his spine to his shoulders two large scarred tattooed wings spread out and crawling on his arms are falling meteors which he shows as proudly as his scars.

    Casual wear with some styling is the preferred clothing for Miguel when outside the cage but he always wears with a small crucifix a gift from his mother. Rarely does he wear shoes preferring to walk around in sandals and a simple cap for the unbearable summer sun or a slightly thicker one for the winter season.

    Fighting Style: Miguel fighting style is largely self-taught a Cage Fighter his moves are primarily loud, flashy and underhanded as after all his only point is to make the crowd scream in joy before finishing his foe. Brash and loud his moves invite the opponent to strike only for him to counter in a flash of surprising speed and strength. Many of his moves incorporate leaping, jumping and flying kicks that fit his brand in the ring. In essence it comes down to loud bluffs to draw the enemy in for a powerful knockout.

    Special move: "On Broken Wings"
    His primary special move is to invite the opponent to charge him only to evade the blows and spin on his heel to appear behind them in a flash. Taking to using their back as a spring board and sending them swaggering forward using gravity and the burst of energy to prepare an attacking. Like a judgemental angel he falls upon them with a powerful strike dealing a lot of damage sending them into the floor.

    Blood type: Type O

    Likes: Family, Fighting, Stroking his Ego, J.R.R Tolkien, Night Sky

    Dislikes: Family, Hard Labour, Government Involvement, Shame, Pizza

    Relations to other characters:

    Pulveriser - The relationship between the two started when Miguel met the Pulveriser in a Cage Fight... and then got pulverised. In front of a cheering crowd which struck his ego in the very worst way sparking a deep seated anger against the hobo who had stolen his glory. Migul from that time has more than the grudge against his father but now a second one in which he wants to beat the Pulveriser in front of a crowd. To shame him just like he had been shamed in their very first battle to prove he is the best!

    Nobutoshi Amari - Is a bit of an odd one after all Nobutoshi is Pulverisers master and ergo partially the reason Miguel was so soundly beaten in their fight. So this has had a bleed over effect leading to a bit of a harsher treatment but at the same time they both enjoy literature so their is a bit of common ground. In other words they are acquaintances through a common student/rival with Nobutoshi.

    Arran Raintree - Despite everything Miguel has seen in his short experience with the underworld Arran freaks him out, apparently he is a God damn wizard. He also considers him a bit of a cheat because its one thing to nearly break someone knee for victory it a completely other thing to curse someone with real damn voodoo. He does hold a healthy respect for Arran ability to quickly end a fight in many ways he has attempted to copy a few of the technique he uses with major alteration to make them flashy for his fans.


    Generic start of round interactions:
    "Between God and me, I decide who keeps their kneecaps. Spoilers it not you."
    "You're going to see a Star brighter than the Sun."

    Character specific interactions:

    "Your liver better not give out before I beat the crap out of you."
    "Great, all I need now is a crowd."

    Nobutoshi Amari
    "You're **** at this teaching job. Honestly."
    "This ain't a kitchen... can you make a good tamale?"

    Arran Raintree
    "Keep your hands off that magic bag."
    "How did you do that move again? I almost broke my wrist trying it."

    End of round winning interactions:
    "Like their was any doubt, I am the star of the show."
    "Like David and Goliath, it ain't about size."

    Character specific end of round winning interactions:
    "Finally... **** that hurts."
    "Like their was ever any other option."

    Nobutoshi Amari
    "No kitchen get as hot as a real Cage fight."
    "I think you need a mentor more then him."

    Arran Raintree
    "It clear why I'm the star ain't it?."
    "Should I get exorcised? Nah, they can't handle me."

    Other random quotes they say during the match:
    "You're making this feel like work, it supposed to be fun."

    Any random tidbits: I like to model character on a theme and decided on fallen angel/Lucifer.

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    Default Re: Creating A Fighting Game Roster

    Hopefully nobody minds sci-fi elements getting added; I restrained myself from adding a talking Orangutan.

    Spoiler: #4

    Name: Emile Fischer (M)

    Nationality: Swiss

    Height: 6'1"

    Appearance: Formerly pale skin, red hair in a ponytail with close-cropped beard. Tall, but very thin. Currently invisible to the human eye.

    Backstory: Emile was a humble accountant at a cutting-edge Swiss biotech firm, who attempted to blow the whistle when he learned that top researchers were taking bribes from certain industrial interests to falsify their findings. Those same industrial interests arranged for Emile to have an "accident" at the office. Fleeing his assassins through one of the firm's labs, Emile became submerged in a vat of synthetic pheromone-producing microorganisms, which bonded with his nervous system. The biochemical signals emitted by these microorganisms cause the vision centers of the brain to selectively ignore the host, rendering Emile completely invisible to the naked eye. Though dead to the world, Emile has used his peculiar state to become an effective agent of corporate espionage, which he uses to support the family he left behind.

    Fighting Style: Although his new life has swiftly acquainted Emile with violence, he still mostly fights like a 40-year old accountant, and depends heavily on his invisibility to get in a conclusive first strike against his opponents. At grappling distance, where opponents can feel him, he fares poorly. He is very tall and long-limbed, so he tries to exploit the reach advantage which he enjoys over most opponents by dancing at the edge of their striking range. He tends to avoid the use of weapons when he can, since these will often remain visible to others and give him away, but he will still grab a chair or bottle to strike with in the moment. Blood loss can sometimes cause his invisibility to falter, as the organisms in his bloodstream have to re-adjust.

    Special Move: 'Fading Footsteps' Emile uses carefully-imitated footfalls to make it seem like he's running away. When his opponent heedlessly pursues, Emile trips them, and then repeatedly kicks them while they're down.

    Blood Type: A+

    Likes: Old monster B-movies

    Dislikes: Artificial grape flavor, corruption & graft.

    Relations to other characters: Wishes Arran would stop referring to him as a spirit. Actually gets on surprisingly well with Pulverizer. Has a bit of a one-sided rivalry with Nobutoshi, who is disdainful (and secretly jealous) of Emile's natural invisibility compared with his own ninja techniques.

    Start of round interaction: "Umm, I'm over here, actually."


    "Not even close."
    "Out of sight, out of mind."
    "Wish you could've seen that."

    Victory Quote: "Never saw it coming."
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    The desire to appear clever often impedes actually being so.

    What makes the vanity of others offensive is the fact that it wounds our own.

    Quarrels don't last long if the fault is only on one side.

    Nothing is given so generously as advice.

    We hardly ever find anyone of good sense, except those who agree with us.

    -Francois, Duc de La Rochefoucauld

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    Default Re: Creating A Fighting Game Roster

    Spoiler: Mista Ditch

    Name: Mista Ditch (separately Ding and Dong)

    Age: 10 and 11

    Nationality: small town Indiana

    Backstory: it all started as innocent pranks. Harrassing the neighbours, defacing property, running small-time scams. All little more than dress-up. But then one night, lifelong best friends Ding and Dong went missing from their home town, and on that very same night a car-jacking incident was reported at a gas station just off the interstate. In his statement to the police, the victim described the perpetrator as a lanky yet oddly short-limbed stranger in a trenchcoat.
    Since then, a criminal by the name of Mista Ditch has begun appearing in towns across the country, sneaking and cheating his way through society in search of bold new ways to ratchet up the mayhem.

    Height: 6'4 (separately 4'2 and 4'5)

    Appearance: a tall, moustached man who wears an old-fashioned trenchcoat, a knitted scarf, and a slightly incongruous snapback pulled low over his beat-up sunglasses. Sometimes carries a wheeled briefcase.
    That is all. Ask no further questions.

    Fighting Style: Ding, the literally head of the duo, grew up totally enthralled by professional wrestling. Despite being younger and smaller he would frequently come out on top in scuffles with his friend Dong. To make up for a lack of reach, Ding likes to swing Mista Ditch's briefcase like a folding chair to clobber his and Dong's enemies.
    Dong, on the other hand, favours subterfuge and trickery in her approach to combat. A signiture move of her's is to launch a surprise, spring-loaded boxing glove at her and Ding's opponent from inside Mista Ditch's coat (usually from around about Ditch's crotch height, adding insult to injury). Dong also adds an extra degree of dynamism to Ding's moveset by managing his position on her shoulders; hurling him forward to land long-reaching grapples, slumping him back to bring him out of harm's way, or lifting him higher to reach against airborne assailants.
    These strategies combine to make Mista Ditch a slow-moving yet versatile mix-up character with good range.

    Special move: "Say CHEESE!"
    Mista Ditch whips open his coat and the enemy is hit by a camera flash from somewhere inside of Ditch's strangely mishapen figure. If performed successfully then the enemy becomes temporarily blinded, and Ding and Dong gain a brief window of opportunity in which they can separate without giving up the ruse. Ding wastes no time in leaping off of Dong's shoulders, grabbing his enemy around the neck and pulling them backwards into an RKO bodyslam. With the enemy is now on the floor, Dong runs in and kicks them squarely in the groin, and then while curled up in pain from the beatdown, Ding uses the enemy's face as a surface to kick-boost himself back up onto Dong's shoulders. Finally Mista Ditch closes his coat, shakes out the developed photograph of his enemy, and then flicks it disrespectfully onto the floor beside to them.

    Blood type: O- and A+

    Likes: crime, crude humour, funny accents, each other

    Dislikes: grown-ups, the speed limit, liquorice, any acknowledgement of the fact that they are actually two children in a trenchcoat

    Relations to other characters: Mista Ditch loves nothing more than to take things of value to other people, and then taunt them with it until it provokes a reaction. This puerile game has led to Mista Ditch stealing and scamming the other characters in this roster out of their prized possessions. His briefcase contains a number of these items.
    From the restaurant of ninja chef Nobutoshi Amari, Mista Ditch once stole a bottle of some of the world's rarest sake. Ding sat at the table rattling off a convoluted order in a heavy French accent, while Dong slipped away under the table and nabbed the bottle from the top shelf. Though Ding and Dong don't quite have the pallet for something as strong as sake, they especially love to goad Nobutoshi's pupil, the Pulveriser, with a chance to taste such fine liquor.
    During a stint of doorknocking scams in New Orleans, Mista Ditch committed one of his most disrespectful acts yet by stealing a tincture of valuable medicine from the medicine bag of Arran Raintree's grandfather. Ding and Dong especially delight in this spiritually significant item, as in their basic understand the tincture is haunted by ghosts.
    In Los Angeles, Mista Ditch once impersonated a wealthy bookies tycoon at a wrestling tournament. He were invited on stage to present the title belt to the tournament's winner, one "Rising Star!" Miguel Toledo, but at the last minute he absconded from the venue with the belt still in his possession. If Miguel ever wants this belt again, he'll have to win one last fight.


    Generic start of round interactions: (politely holding briefcase) "Good day sir or ma'am, could I interest you in life insurance?" (whispered exchange with himself) "Who is it Ding? Who's there?" "Shhhhsh!"

    Character specific interactions: (swirling bottle of booze at the Pulveriser) "Hey loser, want some? Come get it..." (squaring up on Nobutoshi) "Yeah I'll have, uhhh, a burger to go please. Make it two." (when faced with Arran) "Oh my god Dong, it's the spooky ghost man, the ghost man is back!" "WooOOooooOo, scary ghost man!" (holding up camera to Miguel Toledo) "No way... The Rising Star! Can we get a picture before we start? Please please pleeeease..."

    End of round winning interactions: (Ding and Dong separate and take a selfie with the unconscious opponent) (Ding and Dong separate and start riffling through the unconscious opponent's pockets)

    Character specific end of round winning interactions: (Mista Ditch takes one of the valued items of the other characters and puts it in his briefcase, snickering)

    Other random quotes they say during the match: (after landing a big hit) "Ding ding ding!" "Wham, pow!" "You get 'em Ding!" (Ding after finishing a combo) "Haha! Anybody hoooome?" "Playtime's over!" (Dong after performing a dodge) "Whoopsy!" "Toooo sloooow!" (Ding and Dong after being hit) "Ow, sorry..." "Stop wriggling man!" "What you doin' down there?!"

    Any random tidbits: in terms of overall vibe, these two are loosely inspired by Cuno and Cunoesse from Disco Elysium. Just a pair of feral kids causing trouble.

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    Spoiler: Benkei

    Name: Benkei "Ben" Kazami AKA The Dojo Killer, The Wild Tiger of California, The Criminal Ronin

    Age: 21

    Nationality: San Franciscan

    Backstory: Lying on a fault line and renowned for it's earthquakes, there was no town that was hit as bad by "The Big One" as San Fransisco. Benkei was born in this disaster, his family crawling out of the rubble of a burning building, his mother clutching him in his arms as they saw their city destroyed before them. It wasn't long until the corporations came in. Intolis, a Biotech Firm recently experimenting in the military industry outbid the competition for the right to storm the bay of the destroyed city. Mercenary and Paramilitary groups hit the roving warlords of the city like a hammer. What was once little more than gangs fighting over rubble became the safest city in California. They were hailed as liberators at first as the rubble was cleared, the power and water returned, a semblance of the previous order put in place. It was simple measures at first, CCTV installed on most street corners, guns confiscated, a strong border ran around the city. A populace grateful for any sense of security quickly gave up their freedoms. It wasn't until the walls were erected that people started to realize they were not humans to the company, they were assets. The former city of San Fransisco was turned into the Cisco Syndicate. The only way in and out of the city was by air or sea, soon even cars were banned, deemed unnecessary for the walled city. The populace was either put to work, or sold as fodder for scientific experimentation.

    The criminal element had shifted. With the confiscation of guns and cars, those wishing more than being a corporate drone took up melee weapons and motorcycles. Power pooled in those able to provide the needed training to these gangs, and so entered the era of the Dojos, running the streets like small shogunates. Eventually, the megacorp and the dojos realized they were wasting resources squabbling with each other. A deal was brokered, and a certain degree of legality was given to "The Four Heavenly Masters" to run their criminal empires as long as Intolis got a certain cut of their resources. Eventually, Intolis saw this environment as a perfect way to test a new line of military augmentation. Drastically increasing the speed, strength, and power of a humans by giving a wide variety of both cybernetic and biological changes to the individual.

    Benkei's father ran an honest dojo, one of the few left, spending his time trying to earnestly teach the people to defend themselves. Lessons that were passed on to his son, the only form of education he had beyond the corporate training videos of Intolis. As far back as he could remember, his father had always been dogged by offers to buy either his loyalty or his dojo but even as the price grew higher and higher, he did not budge on his values. Instead the criminals targeted him where he was most vulnerable, his son. Despite his father's best attempts, Benkei fell in with the wrong crowd. A wild and arrogant youth, he took to the role of an enforcer. Running with motorcycle gangs to break in windows, take on lesser dojos, and rough up those unwilling to pay. He delighted in taking trophies from those he defeated.

    That was until one day, a higher up, a cyborg modified with spider DNA came in and told him to poison his father's drink. His world came down crashing all at once, without hesitation, he pulled out his sword and stood his ground. The cyborg leader took off his shirt, revealing the photoeletric tattoos of his augmentation to light, activating the transformation into his battleform. He waved off his underlings to stand aside as he wanted to deal out this punishment personally. The gap in strength was too vast for Benkei to ever hope to bridge. He was tossed to the side and told to be sold as "Medical Waste".

    A disgruntled low end doctor and his assistant were the first ones to notice the barely readable life signs, and wishing to escape his life in the walled city, decided to make the former delinquent their key to escaping the city. Ordinarily, combining both biological and mechanical augs was seen as too dangerous, a mortality rate of only a few percentages, but the doctor had little concern for the health of his patient and more the potential power of his creation. Combining the dexterity of artificial muscles, the strength and enhanced senses of Tiger DNA, and the endurance of artificial organs and enhanced bones. However, unable to repair his lungs to any meaningful capacity, Benkei has to rely on an alloyed mask to bring oxygen to his blood. Benkei in this state was little more than an automaton, possessing some personality, but being unable to disobey orders from his creator. The assistant took a liking to the teen though, and put in a command to break the brainwashing. The team was able to steal a helicopter and was about to crest the walls when they were shot down by defensive turrets. Panicking, before they crashed, the assistant uttered the phrase of "There are only those who stand and those who kneel". Granting Benkei back his freedom. He was the only one who survived the crash.

    He now wanders the roads of California, looking for someone strong and noble enough to help him take back his city.

    Height: 5'11

    Appearance: Benkei wears something resembling a biker helmet, modified by the assistant to have the face of a samurai mask on it. Later on, he got a tiger painted on his face by a family that he was staying with to "Look less scary". He typically wears a loose kimono top tucked into a pair of leather biker pants. This is so that he can easily take off his top to reveal the photoeletric tattoos that activate his battle form, letting his kimono fall down to appear like a battle skirt over himself. He's rarely seen without his nodachi, that he usually keeps sheathed and resting across his shoulder.

    In his battle form, he bulks up considerably, to such a degree that he usually kicks off his sandals so as not to shred them apart. He grows striped fur over his entire body and both his feet and hands grow six inch claws. The hands are closer to paws, the fingers are far shorter and stubbier than those of human hands, and lack much of their dexterity. He typically slings his sheath over his back when in this form, and does very little if any talking.

    Fighting Style: Benkei possess two fighting styles, outside of his battleform, he will use his reach to his advantage, making sniping strokes at his opponent and minding the gap between them so that they can't get in close. When he transforms into his battleform, he relies on brute strength to get the job done, adopting a more grappling heavy fighting style, locking his opponent's in his grip and then ripping them apart with his tiger claws. He usually doesn't attack opponent's on the ground, believing it to be dishonorable, allowing them to stand up before he starts fighting again. Indeed, he knows little techniques to fight someone on the ground at all.

    Special move: In his base form, he sheathes his sword, he can hold this guard, and if he's attacked in it, he quickly unsheathes it, landing a strike across the abdomen, and then following it up with an x cut from both shoulders. His opponent will fall down and says "I need someone stronger than you."

    In his battleform, he'll grab his opponent in a clinch, before roaring in their ear, and tearing his claws down his arms. He'll then throw them up into a sky, and jump up after them, delivering several strikes to their body, before grabbing them and bending them across his knee as he lands in a back breaker.

    Blood type: B-

    Likes: Well maintained gear, freedom, his motorbike, strong opponents

    Dislikes: Corporations, people who think they're stronger than him, being treated with fear.

    Relations to other characters:
    The Pulverizer: Both opponents ran into each other, drunk as a skunk in a Californian biker bar. Neither of them really knows what started the altercation, and in truth, they can't really remember who won either, but he was apparently strong enough that it impressed Benkei. He's been trying to recruit him to his cause but for one reason or another, they barely miss each other whenever they cross paths and never get a chance to talk.
    Nobutoshi Amari: Nobutoshi's dedication to pacifism and his teaching of Pulverizer have set the two at odds with each other. He thinks that he's wasting Pulverizer's talents trying to teach him a style that doesn't fit him, and that he'd be better off leaving his training to him. Despite respecting his strength as having beaten Pulverizer, he thinks he's too soft to want to recruit him.
    Miguel "Rising Star" Toledo: Benkei tried to meet him once during an autograph signing event. Seeing him bask in the glory of his fans though, he thought him far too selfish to task with taking back his city, so he left before they could even talk.
    Mista Ditch: Entertainment is hard to find in the state of California these days, especially due to the constant brown and blackouts that roll across the state. So he was quite excited to find an old gameboy and a couple of games at the remnants of a flea sale. Never the best judge of character, when he saw the two kids on the side of the road, he agreed to their game of hide seek. Falling for the old "Close your eyes and count to a 100" trick.

    Generic start of round interactions: "To restrain man is like restraining the wind."
    "Do you stand, or do you kneel?"
    "Are you up to my standard?"
    "No gods, no masters, no kings. That's my dream."

    character specific interactions:
    Pulverizer: "Only a dog fights for his food. I'll show you what to fight for instead."
    "I was a thug once too. You don't want to live that life."

    Nobutoshi Amari: "People die in the streets and you sit there eating crab legs."
    "You're torn between two worlds. Choose one or the other."
    "Why respect a promise to a master you no longer serve?"
    "Your training doesn't suit his style. You're no master."

    Arran Raintree: "... Honestly, I ain't got an insult for you. Rock on, I guess."

    Miguel Toledo: "A cage fighter is no better than a caged dog. Break your chains."
    "I used to fight for glory. It doesn't get ya anything."

    Emile Fischer: "Once a corpo, always a corpo."
    "Don't try your cheap tricks on me."

    Mista Ditch: "You two brats! Give that back or I'll chop ya in half!"
    "C'mon! You can borrow it after I'm finished!"

    End of round winning interactions: "Looks like you weren't up to snuff."
    "You can't tame a tiger."
    "What a waste."
    When in battle form: *Roars*

    Character specific end of round winning interactions:
    Pulverizer: "C'mon, let's go get something to eat. I'm buying."
    "Follow me, and you'll find a life worth living."

    Nobutoshi Amari: "Get back in the kitchen!"
    "You were holding back. Take this seriously."
    "Well, that's where pacifism gets ya."

    Miguel Toledo: "Come back when you've got something worth fighting for!"
    "Let that be a lesson to your ego."
    "You fight for your handlers, not for yourself."

    Emile Fischer: "A tiger doesn't rely on just his vision."

    Mista Ditch: "Finally! I can beat the boss... Wait, what happened to my save file?"

    Other random quotes they say during the match: "This is what true power looks like!"
    "Show me all your strength!"
    "I want more out of you!"
    "You're no match for me!"
    *Before he transforms* "Looks like it's time to get serious."

    Any random tidbits: A lot of inspiration on this one. Kind of a mix of Kamen Rider and those old hyperviolent b-movies and anime with a pinch of Yasuo.
    I prefer a keg of beer!

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    Spoiler: Director Kuball
    Name: Director Kuball

    Age: [REDACTED]

    Nationality: [REDACTED]

    Backstory: partially de-classified by the authority of M.O.O.T. director Stranger Kuball (Multi-Organisational Oddities Taskforce).
    Stranger Kuball grew up in [REDACTED]. After completing her training at [REDACTED] and passing the program at [REDACTED], Stranger began her career doing [REDACTED] for [REDACTED], which drew the attention and admiration of [REDACTED]. Now, with decades of experience under her belt, Stranger helms the M.O.O.T. program as Director of Odd Operations, overseeing and in many instances personally executing the M.O.O.T. agenda. The primary goals of M.O.O.T., as outlined in Director Kuball's statement to the [REDACTED] are as follows.
    - Document the occurance of new Oddities
    - Minimise the proliferation of public media concerning Oddities, both former and existing
    And finally,
    - Eliminate existing Oddities
    This is Director Kuball's job. And she is very, very good at it.

    Height: 6'0

    Appearance: tall and wiry, and with her hair shaved down to white stubble, Stranger strikes an imposing figure in her plain yet trim office suit. Keeps a nylon handle stainless steel tomahawk strapped under her jacket for use in making program cuts.

    Fighting Style: Director Kuball favoured approach for eliminating Oddities is to use her tomahawk. Her aim with the weapon is deadly, and having rigorously studied CQC techniques, Kuball is equally adept at hacking her targets to pieces by hand.
    However, as elimination of Oddities is secondary to documentation, Kuball is able to leverage M.O.O.T. resources in interesting ways during a fight. Her crew is able to assist during combat by manipulating aparatus such as reflector screens, boom mics, and police tape. By issuing commands over her earbud, Kuball can control the arena to her advantage.
    Overall this fighting style makes Director Kuball a zoning type character, with good ranged axe throw attacks, aerial defence with her boom mic, and enemy mobility hampering using screens as obstacles. Bit goofy but you get the idea.

    Special move: Destructive Measurement
    Kuball's crew deploys a special black screen onto the arena. If the enemy is caught staggered in front of this screen, they will be blasted by X-rays, further stunning them and creating 60FPS footage of their skeleton as it suffers a prolonged, axe-murder beatdown.

    Blood type: AB-

    Likes: Courier New font, classic cinema, being in control, and [REDACTED]

    Dislikes: firearms, the CIA, mixing her food, and people who defecate as they're dying

    Relations to other characters: Director Kuball considers anyone with an anomalous or supernatural nature to be an Oddity, and therefore in need of program cuts by M.O.O.T.. Anyone else she will try to manipulate into her service.
    Interestingly, Kuball has been pursuing the Pulveriser for years now. She almost had him cornered in Hong Kong once, but the burly fighter proved more than a match for M.O.O.T. on this occasion. Kuball is determined for a rematch. Pulveriser's mentor Nobutoshi is considered an enemy by proxy, and has violated M.O.O.T. information dissemination protocols by attempting to discover what about the Pulveriser's mysterious past makes him a target for elimination.
    Arran Raintree is not himself considered an Oddity, but is in possession of powerful Oddities that make him a high-threat individual regardless. Director Kuball has agents in New Orleans monitoring Arran, and when the time is right she will apprehend him for questioning, and place his ancentral artifacts under quarantine pending incineration.
    Director Kuball views Miguel Toledo as a promising recruit to M.O.O.T., not only for his prowess in a fight, but for his excellent presence on camera. She would love nothing more than to document the Rising Star! in a battle against some powerful Oddities.
    Emile Fischer is a rare case for an Oddity in which its documentation is substantially more difficult than its elimination. The M.O.O.T. crew have bets on whether his bones will show up under X-ray.
    Included on Kuball's extensive payroll is, at times, the so-called Mista Ditch. As amateur photographers with a tendency to seek out trouble, Ding and Dong can pick up a rather substantial commission from M.O.O.T. coffers in exchange for any pictures of Oddities. What Kuball doesn't know is that the two children pinched a number of sensitive government documents from her during the last photo drop...
    Lastly, Benkei is a top priority elimination target for M.O.O.T., and Kuball has issued a kill on sight directive for the arachnoid abomination. Privately she hopes to be the one to see him first, so that she can test her mettle against it's battle form.


    Generic start of round interactions: (over radio) "Target spotted. Get those cameras rolling." (drawing axe) "Freeze!... Or don't. Suits me either way."

    Character specific interactions: (over the radio when she see Pulveriser) "Oddity spotted. Clear the area of civilians." "Ah yes, the amnesiac. Best to keep it that way." (hautily addressing Nobutoshi) "You ask too many questions, Mr Amari." (over the radio when she sees Arran) "Paranormal Oddities approaching. Activate EMF sensors." "You triffle with power beyond your understanding, Mr Raintree. (with a sinister smile at Miguel Toledo) "Oh yes. You'll put on a show for me, won't you..." (nervously over the radio when in the vicinity of Emile Fischer) "Pheromones detected. Lock down the perimeter - immediately!" "Come on, Mr Fischer. Let's make a deal. A man with your talents could make a valuable asset." (sternly at Mista Ditch) "Your photographs. I need them." "You two would make a useful addition to the crew... If only you'd end this foolish charade." (drawing her axe upon locating Benkei) "Oddity spotted. Excellent..." "Show me your battleform, creature!"

    End of round winning interactions: (wiping down her axe and talking over the radio) "Aaaand cut!" "No witnesses." "Call in the cleaners. We're done here."

    Character specific end of round winning interactions: (if the opponent is considered an Oddity, then Kuball's crew with gathers them up and shove them into the back of an unmarked black van, and Kuball will smile as it drives away) "Target eliminated."

    Other random quotes they say during the match: (after landing a big hit) "Gotcha." "Hahaha!" "You're mine..." (after finishing a combo) "Submit!" "We get that one on film?" (after her crew assists her) "Keep up the pressure!" "Good, good..." (after being hit) "You little..." "Not bad." "Gonna need better than that!"

    Any random tidbits: I thought this would be a good character to introduce who'll get some factions going. Sorta Chainsaw Man vibes. Also if you didn't guess her name is a play on Stanley Kubrick.
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    Spoiler: Anjali Prithvi I

    Name: Anjali Prithvi I

    Age: 26

    Nationality: India

    Backstory: Anjali had a dream, to serve her country proudly. Sadly, when she was old enough to apply for the Indian army she was turned down because she failed the sanity test. They deduce that she was off her ****ing mind. Anjali was a bit of a nutcase, she straight up said her first course of action when becoming part of the military was to blow up Brazil. The details on how, and why was vague, but it was obvious she was not fit for services. Never tell her that she was turned away by the army; she would probably blow you up.

    Undeterred, and wanting to serve her country she got to work building her own device. A rocket launcher, but not just any rocket launcher. This rocket launcher was designed not only for combat, but transportation. All she needed to do was shoot at her feet and she could go flying anywhere she wanted…

    She blew her legs off…you can see why she was not fit for the army.

    Undeterred, she constructed new, highly explosive resistant legs, and after that her rocket jumping experiment was a success. Now she proudly serves her country, and by country we really mean independent organizations. She's a pretty cheap mercenary considering you can just yell "For India!", And she will happily help.

    Height: 5.8

    Appearance: She is of course of Indian descent with long brown hair. While not a bodybuilder, she is more muscular than the average woman. She has a red beret on the top of her head, and decked out in standard Indian military attire. Hanging off her arms are metal chains which she lifts like nothing. Why is she wearing those chains you may be asking? Well, she thinks it makes a fall faster, even though that's not how gravity works, but don't tell her that, or she'll blow your legs off. Speaking of legs, she has robotic ones because she blew her real ones off. They are painted the same color as her military uniform.

    The rocket launcher is painted the colors of the Indian flag. She stores most of the missiles for her rocket launcher in a red backpack on her back.

    Fighting Style: Her fighting style revolves around her rocket launcher. Not only firing at opponents, but using it to rocket jump, and bounce around the arena. One of her more unconventional moves is a goomba stomp where she slams on an opponent's head with her feet. She can also fry grenades, and hit people with her rocket launcher like it was a sledgehammer

    In terms of fighting game mechanics, well she does have lots of range abilities, but the best damage comes when she gets close to the opponent, but this also makes her extremely vulnerable. The best way to play her is to be as manic, and crazy as her. Keep your opponent on their toes, and second guess themselves.

    Special move: She slams her rocket launcher onto the opponent stuffing them into it. She didn't point it at the sky.

    "Are you ready to fly!"

    She then slowly prepares to fire the opponent as said opponent starts panicking. She launches them into the sky where they explode and fall back down to the ground.

    Blood type: O

    Likes: India, firearms, explosions, violence, war.

    Dislikes: peace, unpatriotic behavior, any place that's not India,

    Relations to other characters:

    Director Kuball: Anjali is easily manipulated by the cruel director. However, despite Kuball callousness even she's very wary of Anjali, and used her as a last resort. The collateral damage she could cause would be not worth the effort.

    Pulverizer and Nobutoshi: on one of her missions by the director, once tried to fire a missile at their restaurant. Pulverizer just caught it in mid-air, turned it around, and blasted Anjali. She wasn't seriously hurt, but was surprised nonetheless. She also got reprimanded by the director considering it would cause any casualties if her attacks succeeded. Despite wanting to fight them, she's currently banned from getting anywhere near them. Kuball said she would deal with them herself, but the insane soldier is waiting for a chance to fight them again.

    Arran: once cornered this oddity, but was struck by his Trachea Crush. Despite it giving him enough time to escape, Anjali survived which shocked Arran. He now assumes that she's a demon. Although the real reason Anjali survived was her pure, undying, patriotic will.

    Miguel: was once asked by the director to try to recruit Miguel. It ended in a fight and it destroyed a building. Anjali is not allowed to do diplomacy anymore. The fight was a draw by the way.

    Emile: She was given the job to assassinate him, but after some explosive chemicals he disappeared. Anjali still has no idea what happened to him.

    Mista: The director has told her not to get anywhere close to this mysterious tall fellow. She said something about not wanting her to kill children, but Mista is obviously an adult. Her boss confuses her sometimes.

    Benkai: The main target was she was assigned to kill. They haven't met yet, but Anjali is excited for a real, patriotic fight.

    Generic start of round interactions:

    "I shall make my country proud!"
    "It's time for a lot of EXPLOSIONS!"
    "It's time for some fireworks."

    Character specific interactions:
    "Are you ready for round 2?"
    "Drinking on the job, how unpatriotic!"
    "You won't catch this one!"

    "Get out of the way Ninja, I want to fight a real man."
    "Cooking? How unpatriotic."
    "A warm up before the ultimate battle."

    "As you've seen before, your pathetic magic is no match for patriotism!"
    "You won't catch me high, and dry this time."
    "You didn't win last round, I was just tired that day!"

    "It's weird that you didn't find my missiles good diplomacy?
    "Do you want to join a super secret organization that doesn't exist?!"
    "That building was your fault, you got to pay for it.

    "I ain't afraid of no ghost."
    "A rocket doesn't need to hit its Target, it just needs to be close enough."
    "Well I guess I gotta kill this ghost to finish my job."

    "Ah yes the ultimate Target, the director can't stop me from taking you down!"
    "Time to kill an adult!
    "You are not having one of my rockets!"

    "I hope you don't take this as a vaccination?"
    "I'm going to be the director of India after this."
    "Are you sure you work for the Indian government? I just want to make sure."

    End of round winning interactions:
    "If the gods wanted you to live, they would not have created me!"
    "A glorious war story!"
    "You unpatriotic types can't handle explosive pride."

    Character specific end of round winning interactions:

    "Never touch my missiles again!"
    "You see, this is how my first fight was supposed to go."
    "Alcohol's also highly flammable."

    "Get back to the kitchen where you belong."
    "Nice ninja techniques, I have guns."
    "Why is a Ninja cooking in New York?"

    "Magic doesn't work this time!"
    "That's for my poor little throat!"
    "Voodoo has no chance against gunpowder!"

    "You see, that's how diplomacy is supposed to go!"
    "That's for property damage!"
    "So now you have to pay for that building."

    "I guess you're now super dead."
    "You see I never failed, I just sometimes have to do it twice."
    "Patriotic assassination successful again."

    "Oh yeah, I killed an adult and definitely not two children!"
    "Why did an adult split into two smaller people?"
    "Well, you technically got my rockets?"

    "So do I get a patriotic pay raise?
    "All right, I'm moving up in the world?"
    "Seriously, this is an Indian organization right?"

    Other random quotes they say during the match:
    "Watch out below!"
    "You can't catch true patriotism!"
    "Violence is always the only solution!"

    What a character says before being fired out of the rocket launcher. (A little bonus thing you can do if you want to add to past or future character sheets.)

    Pulverizer: "Wow, you think I'm going to be scared? Do your worst, but when I fall back down to the ground, and stop burning alive I'm going to beat the ever loving snot out of…

    Anjali(mirror match): "Oh I'm going to go flying into an explosive, patriotic firework in the sky. Well you better get it right, and my explosion better be excell…"

    Any random tidbits: Obviously, the character is inspired by the TF2 soldier. Also, her super move is a shoot out to May's Instant Kill from Guilty Gear Xrd

    Also her name (Anjali Prithvi I) comes form the common indian name Anjali meaning divine offering, and Prithvi I, the name of type of short-range missiles in India.

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    Default Re: Creating A Fighting Game Roster

    Spoiler: Captain Flamebrand

    Character sheet

    Name: Captain Flamebrand

    Age: Late Nineties

    Nationality: American

    Backstory: 1940 to 1950 was the era in which the medicinal practices of the modern age took over were pills, antiobitics and serums made they great splash in the western world. During this time the medicinal sector went a tiny bit crazy with so few laws and regulations leading to the small biotech company of Intolis creating what later would be know as the Atlas Serum. A rushed production to compete with other new brands entering into the world market many year before it should. With the product soon becoming illegal on the world stage not because only 99.9% of user suffered some debilitating effect or death but because of the 0.1%. Those who won a genetic lottery and gained a superhuman ability sparking a period of vigilantism.

    These Cowls humans with a strange ability would go on to cause quite the stir amongst the public for those who did attempt to gain these odd abilities were either stupidly lucky, brave or downright insane. The public was enamoured with superheroism until it was not, the Vietnam War in America was an example of why Cowls and military should not mix. Leading to many organisation like M.O.O.T which would deal with the remnant of this vigilante age capturing these oddities for study and possible use. The era of super heroics was strangled in it cribs before it could truly begin as those with common sense decided to retire before the government could get their hands on them. One of these was a small time hero Captain Flamebrand known for his ability to cover himself with flame and suffer no detriment.

    Leaving the spotlight for decades to live a quieter life in Colorado until 2002 when the Big One struck and the entire western coast was shook. In the chaos of drug cartels, warlords, corpos and other the retired vigilante decided to give it one last shot. Calling in favours from other retired vigilantes and some people he had saved in his careers he would construct himself a augment suit to be able to compete with all the new fancy bio-enhanced and technology of the modern era. One last romp into the broken state of California so that his death wouldn't be a whimper.

    Height: 5,9 Foot Tall

    Appearance: The Captain augment suit is a large scarlet behemoth with bright orange plating that cover his chest and lower legs.The overall designed being simplistic as if a luxury sports car was ripped apart and remade into something a little more sensible. Metallic exhaust pipes like of a truck erupting from his back and shoulder as piping black smoke drift from his suit. Cooling pipes flowing down from his face mask to his shoulder and coiling around the suit pumping cold liquid.

    His arms and legs are thick with many smaller plates allowing for movement designed so the Captain despite his weaker physique could use his now mechanically enhanced powers. Designed to allow his flame to erupt from his hands and legs with ease covering the suit partially. Flaming gauntlets with a mechanism allowing for a control over pressure to fire himself in a direction with a boost of speed. Apart from the mostly practical nature of his armour a simple vanity piece is that his gauntlets finger spell out his vigilante name, "Flamebrand".

    The Captain outside the suit is a man on the shorter side and were his armour tells of a massive and powerful physique it the opposite. A emaciated old man with far too many bones jutting out from his skin holding a stoic head. His hair cut near his scalp allowing for what lefts of his near pure white hair to shine. A large handlebar moustache and expressive eyebrows stand in opposition to his wrinkled face. Ragged, emaciated and covered with scars he walks as if he was ignoring his decaying older body even as he limps slightly.

    Fighting Style: The Captain fighting style encapsulates the idea of demolishing a foe with a barrage of powerful strikes enhanced by mechanical might and with supernatural flame. With a large focus on using the pyrokinetic abilities to enhance the speed of the suit with sudden explosive bursts for fists and feet. Relying on the mechanical power to compete with stronger, faster and more enduring opponents as the frail body cannot truly keep up only experience and the machine making it an equal fight.

    Special move: "Collie Branding"
    The Captain raises his fists spinning them around as fire follows leaving behind a glowing trail, with dark smoke erupting from his back. A flame erupting from his feet as he fires like a rocket towards the enemy delivering a few minor strikes followed by two great slugging blows. Each burning gauntlets spelling out the name as they burn the body of the foe branding them with it.

    Blood type: O+

    Likes: Indépendance, Heroics, Nachos, Self-Improvement

    Dislikes: M.O.O.T, Villany, Vegan Food, Child Endangerment

    Relations to other characters:
    Pulverizer: The Captain has interacted with the Pulveriser outside the suit rather than inside which has shaped his view of the man. Meeting in a park during one of his drunken escapades the two had an enlightening conversation with the Pulveriser reminding him of his own past. When organisation like the M.O.O.T hunted down former Cowls and done not so... moral activities against them pushing him to drink during these times. Their conversation cut short when Nobutoshi arrived but leaving the old man with some hope that the wandering vagrant would get his life back on track before he was in his late nineties.

    Nobutoshi Amari: The relation between the two is minimal with the Captain knowing him more by the fact he was apart of The Tenfold Shadow School of the Immortal Dragon. The interaction between Cowls and the School when they existed ranged between outright conflict and tense alliances so while the Captain is pleased the ninja has pursued his own passions he remains skeptical of their allegiance.

    Arran Raintree: The Captain is hoping to meet Arran and convince him that his Voodoo abilities could be a great help for his cause against M.O.O.T and crime. Despite his endeavour in the past he has limited understanding of magic and views Arran as far more powerful than he actually is.

    Miguel "Rising Star!" Toledo: Miguel is well just a cage fighter a rather successful one in California but he is just a loud bragging man child in his eyes with some skill in combat. The only thing that has made him slightly reconsider the ideas is seemingly M.O.O.T's agents interest in the man.

    Emile Fischer: Is a case of old nostalgia for the time of supervillains comparing Emile to other Cowls with stealth likes abilities which he had worked with or captured. His own experience with heroism has lead him to believe he is quite out of his depths... which has led to a bit of sympathy. As the Captain guesses the only reason he continues to do what he does is probably for personal reasons.

    Mista Ditch: He knows their two kids in a trench coat and no he won't take them on as a sidekicks. Quite frankly where the hell is child protective services?

    Benkei "Ben" Kazami: Hearing rumours of a monstrous biker riding the streets of the west coasts searching for a hero. Old assumptions die hard and the first meeting led to the Captain and Benkei battling it out assuming the tiger-man to be a hero-killer, corporate assassin, agent of M.O.O.T which unfortunately lead to the relationship being a bit banged up.

    Director Kuball: Is everything that the Captain dislikes about the concept of government control from the abuse of power against Oddities to the fact they can do whatever they wish with near legal impunity. The fact she is a sadistic Machiavellian schemer with a tendency to be extremely cruel in battle has not endeared her. Their is a large amount of pride that he has been able to snub her nose during his return, quite happily reminding her that he had managed to escape the organisation sight once and he can do it again.

    Anjali Prithvi I: His views of the mercenary is... she's one of those insane cheap merch you hire when you don't want to get your hands dirty. Someone who should quite frankly be in prison and their last interaction has cemented that she needs more then just a psychiatrist after she almost blew up a restaurant with people inside.

    Generic start of round interactions:
    "Have no fear Captain Flamebrand is here!"
    "Back in my day... Oh God I am getting old. "

    Character specific interactions:
    "You can break a car you can break your habit."
    "Good, slug. You leave your left side open."

    Nobutoshi Amari
    "So... how is your father? He seems to have mellowed if your here."
    "I have to say you've got a real talent for cooking."

    Arran Raintree
    "I have come to ask you for aid mighty wizard."
    "Hmm, your well trained but still got a ways to go."

    Miguel "Rising Star!" Toledo
    "A dog without a chain."
    "You could be something more, do you enjoy the peanuts they throw you?"

    Emile Fischer
    "You know I knew the Transparent Thief, you remind me off him."
    "Hands up! Drop the diamonds."

    Mista Ditch
    "No, you two should be in school."
    "Get back here, your going home."

    Benkei "Ben" Kazami
    "So who sent you? M.O.O.T? Mafia? Ghosts?"
    "You've got talent it a pity you never trained under a real master."

    Director Kuball
    "Director we meet again, hopefully for the last time."
    "I got a sucker punch for dam ugly face."

    Anjali Prithvi I
    "Dime a dozen sociopath."
    "You've got a talent for machines but you just explode things?!"

    End of round winning interactions:
    "The hero always win in the end... yeah."
    "I need to check my gears."

    Character specific end of round winning interactions:
    "Get up, your not done yet."
    "At this point the ninja must be feeding you steroids."

    Nobutoshi Amari
    "I can see why you chose cooking."
    "I thought the former heir would have more skill."

    Arran Raintree
    "I am disappointed there were no zombies."
    "You lack diversity in combat, such moves fail against augment suits."

    Miguel "Rising Star!" Toledo
    "What did I say? A dog."
    "Just another pawn for the corporates."

    Emile Fischer
    "Hmm... how am I going to handcuff you?"
    "I think this technically counts as excessive force."

    Mista Ditch
    "Finally you ran me ragged."
    Phone Dial Noises. "I found two runaway kids... under a bridge?"

    Benkei "Ben" Kazami
    "One ugly thug, why are they always ugly?"
    "Tough but not tough enough."

    Director Kuball
    "You deserve far worse. Far worse."
    "It not over, it never over."

    Anjali Prithvi I
    "Thank God it quiet again."
    "You have so much talent and your wasting it fighting a non-existent threat."

    Other random quotes they say during the match:
    "FLAME ON!"
    "Halt, in the name of justice."

    Any random tidbits: Emile and Benkei gave me the idea of super heroics, that making me think how can I combine a supersuit into a hero and not make them supermanish. So a super power of covering one body with fire and a mechanical suit that helps control the ability making it more useful then just burning an opponent.

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    So fighting game has characters, but does a mode usually in these games that have plenty of lore as well. Arcade mode
    Spoiler: prelude

    Over the post-apocalyptic ruins of San Francisco, A mighty tower 100 stories tall cast a large shadow over the ruined city. This was the Olympus Tower, a place where the rich, and powerful owners hanged out as the poor suffer. At the very top there was a luxury party going on, with most of the big wigs relaxing.


    The elevator door opened revealing a man in a black suit, a top hat, and had a long, white beard.

    As he walked out of the elevator, one of the security guards came up to him. "ID." He asked. The old man just kept walking, ignoring them. "Hey!" The guy yelled out as he put his hand on the old man's shoulder. "Show me your ID, or get ready for an ass whoo…"


    What seemed to be a nanosecond, everyone in the room stopped. The old man was suddenly holding a scythe in his right hand. "Gods don't need IDs…"

    Everyone in the room started bleeding at their midsection as the top half of their bodies slid off their thighs. Everyone in the room was instantly killed. The mysterious man looked at the bodies hitting the floor, a look of disgust on his face. "How pathetic…" he said as the concrete around him started to crumble. The slash of his blade also reached the walls, and like the humans in the room, it slowly started sliding off the rest of the building until it started falling to the ground.

    "This world will soon be cleansed of weakness…"

    (Hours later)

    A news helicopter flew over the tower. "Welcome to channel 24." A female news anchor told the cameraman. "We are investigating the strange terrorist attack that happened at the Olympus Tower." The cameraman then pointed the camera out of the window, seeing some of the bodies. "Authorities have tried to get into the building, but strange black goo has been blocking the way."

    "Look!" The cameraman yelled out pointing at the center of the destroyed party floor. Standing there was an old man with a scythe.

    "We need to get down there!" The reporter yelled. "There's a survivor." The helicopter slowly landed on top of the building. "Sir!" The reporter yelled running towards the man, the cameraman, and the pilot following close behind. "Are you okay? What happen…"


    At incredible speeds, the old man swung his sickle, cutting the helicopter in half.

    The news crew completely turned towards the helicopter before staring back at the man. "Ummm…" the news anchor shuttered.

    The old man looked them in the eyes, and then gave them a smile. "You are so lucky I need you alive!" He then pointed at the cameraman. "Let's begin the interview."

    People watching TV from all over the world were greeted with the face of the mad sociopath who destroyed the top of Olympus Tower. "Greetings worms!" The mysterious man said as he licked his lips. "You require an explanation that's about 20 years overdue." He then pointed to the ruined city below. "What you call 'The Big One' was simply my master starting to wake up."

    The news crew looked at the man in pure horror. "What do you mean by that?" The female reporter asked.

    "Are you thick?" The old man snarked, "The big one was because of my master." He then turned back to the camera. "And soon you will be referring to 'The Big One' as 'The Tiny Beginning'!" He then licked his lips. "However, I offer salvation to the strongest warrior." He then raised his hands into the air. "Climb this Tower, defeat my master's lower minions, and other contestants. If you manage to make it to the top you have a chance to become the arbiter of the Apocalypse." His smile became nightmarish. "Or you can attempt to stop my master. If you are so foolish. COME WARRIORS! CLAIM YOUR DESTINY! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

    Arcade story: fighting games have an arcade mode, they vary in plot, but most have a unique ending to them depending on the character you choose.

    Here's how the plot of these will work
    Spoiler: arcade sheet

    Character arcade intro: (An introduction to your character entering the plot, whether it be accepting the old man's challenge or some other reason.)

    Meeting the mysterious man after beating everyone else: (the dialogue sequence between your character and The Old Man before the battle begins.)

    Beating him (mid boss): (your character has beaten them but he's only the dragon to the true final boss, he will give you parting words of Doom before dying)

    Start to the final boss: (the dialogue that happens between your character and The final Boss) (ps. You'll get the basics on the final boss from my sheet I will post with this.)

    Ending: (what exactly happens to your character after the situation, this one can be pretty varied.)

    I want to note you don't have to do this, but I thought it would be a fun exercise.

    Here's an example:
    Spoiler: Pulverizer


    Character arcade intro:

    Pulverizer was sitting just outside of Nobutoshi Amari's restaurant with a drink in his hands. He looked up at the starry night sky, lost in his own self-loathing.

    "HOLY RICE BALLS!" Nobutoshi screamed from inside the restaurant.

    Pulverizer casually got up. "Looks like he's overreacting to a cooking mistake again." He then walked inside. To Pulverizer's surprise Nobutoshi wasn't cooking, he was watching television. "Why are you having a panic attack Nob?"

    He then turned to the TV. He saw an old man with a scythe being broadcast on the news. He then turned back to the chef. "I thought you were use to hobos at this point."

    Both of them watched as the madman explained everything. The second the man said 'The Big One' Pulverizer's eyes lit up with shock. Both the chef and the drunk listened carefully as the madman finished. The broadcast then cut out.

    Immediately, Nobutoshi ninja jumped to the phone in the back. "This is bad, this is really bad!" He said dialing a number. "We need help, every warrior we can call."


    Pulverizer pulled the small mini fridge out from the wall. "There's no time…" he said as he lifted the fridge over his shoulder. "Let's just quickly grab supplies, and head straight towards there."

    "What?! You think the two of us can just do it by ourselves?" Nobutoshi asked in a panic.

    "Yes…" Pulverizer bluntly said as he headed towards the exit. "It shouldn't be that hard."

    Nobutoshi watched his apprentice exit the building. He let out a big sigh as he put the phone back. "Wait…" he yelled as he ran after him. "... Can you at least wait until I pack my cooking equipment?!"

    Meeting mysterious man after beating everyone else:

    Pulverizer came to the top floor of the broken Tower. The only things in sight were a bunch of dead corpses and three terrified news crew members "All right, where are you?!"

    In a pool of black goo rose the mysterious man. "Oh, we have a winner…" the mysterious man said as he turned towards the news crew. "Turn on the cameras, the world's going to be in for a show." He then turned towards Pulverizer. The old man got a good look at the drunk, his face went from sadistic pleasure to shock. "I have to say this is a pleasant surprise…" he then pointed his scythe at him. "One of his glorious vessels has finally…"


    Pulverizer decked him, sending him flying across the disheveled room. "I'm not here to talk about bull****!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. "I'm here to beat the crap out of you."

    The old man slowly got up, wiping the blood from his mouth. "You have a second chance at a mighty destiny, and you are rejecting it again!" The man said, fury in his eyes as he pointed his scythe at Pulverizer again. "You will pay for your ungratefulness!"

    Beating him (mid boss):

    The broken, and beaten man laid upon the floor. The news crew knocked unconscious from the fight, the camera off. "Why do you reject the gift…" he said in agony. "... You were supposed to be something greater."


    Pulverizer punched the man in the face, slightly cracking the floor beneath them. "I don't know who the hell you are, or how you know anything about me, but that past will die along with you."

    "No…" the man mumbled. "... Only you will…" Suddenly, the building around them started to shake. Slowly, the dark goo from the tower started flying out, and going into the sky above them.

    Pulverizer grabbed the man by his collar, and pulled them up to his face. "What the hell's going on?"

    The man maniacally laughed. "You idiots fell into our trap…" he said with a wicked smile. "... My master could only awaken with enough energy from the toughest fighters in the world, and you all fell directly into our trap." The man continued to laugh "in your last dying breath you will regret ever rejecting his gi…"


    Pulverizer punched him so hard his body exploded into black goo all over the area. "Good! I can get rid of him as well!"

    Start to the final boss:

    The goo slammed upon the broken floor in front of Pulverizer. Slowly it started forming into a shape. It became 10 ft tall, grew wings that matched the devil's pair, claws about the size of a normal man's torso, and as sharp as saw blades, a scorpion tail, and the pure blank face with no features at all. "I am the Nothingness!" It said as it looked down upon Pulverizer.

    "I know who the hell you are…" Pulverizer responded with a cold stare.

    "You rejected the gift." The nothingness wheezed. "... Why did you reject the gift!"

    "Shut the hell up!" Pulverizer yelled as he lifted up his fist. "I'm here to end you, and my past."

    The Nothingness ready itself. "Die!"


    Pulverizer stood over the beaten gooey body of the nothingness. The being turned to Pulverizer. "Why reject the gift…"

    Pulverizer slammed his foot onto the monster's leg. "Your gift killed most of the people in this city!"

    "Why would that matter to a being who could have become a god." It asked. "The little kid who would have been nothing was given a chance to become something greater, to become my vessel." The creature then pointed at Pulverizer. "You were given this opportunity, you thought it would bring you fame, and riches. You thought it would give you a home, but you rejected it." the arm broke off from the body as the creature continued to melt. "When the ceremony began for my resurrection you took it with open arms…"

    "I didn't realize what you needed for that Resurrection…" Pulverizer added, his face turning to sadness. "... The second I knew it was going to happen I wanted out."

    "Everyone in California was going to be sacrificed…" the creature mumbled as it continued to melt. "But it was averted when you rejected the resurrection ritual."

    "People still died anyway…" Pulverizer said as he looked at his hands.

    "Despite your treachery you still gained power…" the creature then looked directly at Pulverizer. "... And when given a second chance you choose to stay as a drunk nobody…" the creature then started laughing. "... I will come back again, and again until I succeed. When that day finally comes, you will just be a forgotten piece of history, and I will be a God…" the creature then melted into nothingness.

    Pulverizer just stared at the goop, his heart aching. "I would choose this simple path over your destiny any day."

    (Weeks later)

    "Ouch!" Nobutoshi screamed as he tried his best to cook with one of his legs in a cast.

    "Sir, is it smart to cook like that?" Pulverizer asked.

    "I would take a break, but this is an opportunity." Nobutoshi said as he mixed rice together. "Everyone from all over the world is coming to see you, and while they're here they have to eat something."

    Pulverized grumble. "It's weird having people come up to me and not try to fight"

    "Don't let it get to you!" Nobutoshi commented as he furiously cooked. "You may have saved the world, but a warrior should not let fame get to his head." He then shrugged. "Besides, this is a classic 20 minutes of fame situation. People will get disinterested in you soon." He then went back to his cooking. "That's also the reason I can't rest right now, I have to take advantage of this."

    Pulverizer did something rare for him and smiled. "You know boss, you really do have the warrior spirit."

    "Don't remind me of that tower!" The ninja said in annoyance.

    "You got pretty far!" Pulverizer said.

    "Yes and it cost me my leg for a few weeks." Nobutoshi added as finished his rice balls. "Come on, you may be a hero, but you still got a job to do. Give those people some treats."

    Pulverizer grabbed the dish. "Aye, aye boss."

    (The end)
    Tidbit: I left who exactly the man and the nothingness are to allow their history to be expanded in the other arcade sheets.
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    Spoiler: #3: Raintree's Tale

    There are two things I do not like: demons, and binding them. That a demon exposed itself in the guise of a human legend is almost expected. That it professed to be a minion of a greater power was unexpected. But there it was, on television.

    Maname Terhune had some of what I needed. Mama had the rest. There was a lot of preparation I needed to do. Some of it involved the third thing I least like: asking favors of the dead.

    Within twelve hours I was on a flight to Vegas.

    The tower was predictable. Zombies. Corpses possessed by spirits were a drain on my energy, but little more. Zombies are easily broken.

    There was a cameraman and a reporter. Ridden by demons of fear: I would exorcise them later. And there it was: the cambion. Not a true demon, but a child born of a woman, sired by a demon. It was old. Ancient.

    "I know you," I told it. "You have a name."

    "I have a scythe, and its name is Death!"

    "No. You are wielded by the demon you carry. You are not the master, you are the slave."

    The dance began. The music was mine. I evaded, and wove the binding in silver dust. It attacked. Its demonic master was forged in pain, and its every glancing strike threatened to break my will, but I endured.

    Finally the banishment was completed.

    "Asseribus Falcatis obier a etre terminate!" I shouted.

    The scythe boiled, and I saw the demon's true form: a malignant serpent, its jaws fastened upon the cambion's hand, and its wickedly serrated tail the weapon's blade. It bit, it's last act as it boiled into black goo and mist. Bound in a magic circle of silver, it has nowhere to go. Its final scream faded to a whistle on the wind.

    The Old One was on its knees, cradling its ruined hand in great pain.

    "You will die quickly now: the Master comes."

    'Your master, not mine," I answered. "You can be freed of the horrors which bind you, if you want to be. You can die a man."

    "Fool! You will die, alone, in agony, as the world watches and learns from the futility of...Aaah! Futility of your... Aaaaaah! Defiance! Aaaaaaah!"

    I watched as the black goo absorbed its minion, rising up in streams from the ruined tower beneath. It took form.

    Like an idiot, it existed within a banishment circle. I invoked the circle and walls of blue light impregnated with silver sparks appeared around us.

    I regret that I obscured most of the fight from the audience watching the news broadcast. The entity fed on the attention, and I wanted to defeat it, not make it stronger. It attacked. Physically, spiritually: it even hurled its enslaved minions at me.

    I could have broken its body a dozen times. Indeed, it was breaking mine: wrist, neck, knee. But I wanted to defeat it. Link by link I forged its silver chain. Link by link I bound it, weaving its own power into each segment of chain. The harder it fought, the tighter it's bonds.

    As I knew, the task was greater than myself. By the time Pituite realized I had it bound, my strength was almost gone. It crushed my ribs: I looped a binding link around its wrist. With my last breath I completed the binding.

    "Grandfather, and all my fathers before, banish this foul being to the Other World from which it came! Grandmother and all my mother's before heal the wound it ripped between worlds. Bind and banish, restore and repair! Begone, foul creature! You do not belong here."

    The army I summoned was thousands strong. Individually none could have stood against Pituite. Together, no demon could stand against them. It now lies beyond the wall, bound within chains of its own power. Its struggles bind it tighter. Its slaves have fled.

    The humans? They must choose to be saved, or the demons I exorcised will leave a void another demon can fill. The cambion is gone: only its arthritic bones remain, sealed in a canopic vessel. Me? I am healing in St.John, on a beach. It will take a long time and many sacrifices to restore my ancestors.

    And I fear we have not finished: the last words of Pituite were, 'I am the first!'

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    Spoiler: Mista Ditch's tale

    Character arcade intro: the stolen Mazda MX-5 screamed down the interstate. With a full tank of gas and brand new licence plates, Ding and Dong were gonna take this one all the way to the west coast badlands.

    "Mista Ditch gonna find a buyer there, trust me," Ding said, full of swagger as he kicked up hia legs on the dash and sipped his Capri Sun (also stolen).

    "I dunno Ding," Dong mused from the driver's seat. "I kinda like this one. Think I wanna keep it."

    "Aw c'mon, Dong! You coulda mentioned that before we crossed the dang border!"

    "It's been growing on me!"

    Ding unfolded a large map with a huff of derision.

    "Well where we gonna go now then..."

    "Wait a sec Ding, what's this?"

    Dong twisted the volume knob, and a voice, flat with fear, spoke out from the radio.

    "...appears to be offering a gift on behalf of a 'master' of some kind. Some kind of great power, which the unknown man is offering to whoever can reach the top of Olympus Tower first. The police have issued a statement urging the public not to approach the tower under any circumstances, as it has become structurally unstable in addition to-"

    "A gift..." Ding gasped. "Great power?!"

    "You thinkin' what I'm thinkin' Ding?"

    "I think I am, Dong. But you know who else might be thinkin' what we're thinkin'?"

    The kid yanked open the glovebox, and withdrew from inside of it a false mustache and sunglasses. He donned them in a well-practiced flash, and turned dramatically to his partner.

    "Mista Ditch!"

    Meeting the mysterious man after beating everyone else: with his trenchcoat spattered with black ooze, Mista Ditch staggered out onto the demolished pinnacle of Olympus Tower. The mysterious man awaited him, his film crew hostages cowered off to the side.

    "How peculiar..." the man burbled through his barely-restrained form of bubbling ooze. "How... Interesting..."

    "Alright, Mista Man sir!" Mista Ditch hollered in an almost-adult sounding drawl. "I've beat ya silly little tower. So tell me... Where all the great power at?"

    "You have come to claim the gift of my master?"

    "Yep! Don't be a cheat now, mistuh."

    "But I think it is you who are the cheat."

    "Well how you gone and figured that?"

    "Because," growled the man, his patience wearing thin, "the gift is for one champion."

    "Ding I think he's onto us-"

    "Shhh-" Ditch straightened his tie and cleared his throat. "I couldn't possibly know what yer talkin' about, sir or ma'am. I am the one champion you so seek - Mista Ditch!"

    "Foolish children!" the man spat. "You think that I, the herald of my great master's will, cannot see through your disguise? You are obviously two small people concealed under one large coat. I should think that even one without such power as mine should find this fact obvious!"

    Mista Ditch was motionless a moment. Then he looked down at his midsection, whispered, nodded once, and then looked back up at the mysterious man. He cracked his undersized knuckles.

    "If Mista Ditch can't take your great power..." he announced. "Then no one can!"

    Beating him (mid boss): the mysterious man collapsed to his knees.

    "How... How could I lose... To mere children!"

    "There's more to Mista Ditch than meets the eye, pardner!" said Ditch, making a theatrical motion to brush dust from his shoulder. "Better hand over that gift now."

    "No..." muttered the man, though his did not appear to be speaking to Ditch. "No, please, give me another chance, I will end this mockery of your great power, please do not- Agh!"

    Great, ethereal claws suddenly pierced the man through his middle, impaling him in a fountain of disgorged ooze before ripping him in half.

    "Easy!" said Ding. "Shame about the gift being a bust but at least-"

    "Wait, look," hissed Dong. "What's happening now?"

    Start to the final boss: before Ding and Dong's horrified eyes, the shredded halves of their defeated opponent were drawn back together, twisted and stitched and bloated into a pair of conjoined monsters.

    "You have rejected the gift," growled the two monsters in unison. "And now BOTH of you shall be punished for all eternity!"

    "They never freaking learn do they..." said Mista Ditch, as his knuckles tightened once more around the handle of his briefcase.

    Ending: (Mortal Kombat narrator voice)

    The gemini forms of the so-called master lay in two, twitching heaps before their unusual conquerer. The two children, Ding and Dong, had slain the being of Olympus Tower. Though they were disappointed at not being eligible for its vaguely promised gift, they at least took pride in having taught another hauty grown-up a lesson in respect.

    And yet, as it happened, some power was bestowed upon the children as they stood triumphant atop the tower. In its humiliation, the slain entity used its dying breath to alter reality, to make it so that its killer had in fact been the single adult man. Ding and Dong gained the instinctual ability to merge into one body; a real Mista Ditch, with a real moustache.

    With the speed, the strength, and the intellect of two people, Mista Ditch was a powerful man, and a worthy champion of Olympic Tower. And, with this newfound ability, Ding and Dong became true masters of disguise and subterfuge. True masters, for better or worse, of sowing chaos throughout the world...

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    Default Re: Creating A Fighting Game Roster

    Spoiler: Miguel "Rising Star!" Toledo Tale

    Character arcade intro:

    The vehicle sped across the highway tearing across the empty tarmac. the Olympus Tower in it broken glory in the distance just jutting out above the walls constructed to pen the city in, it was lucky in a sense. Sure it meant getting out of the city was hell the massive traffic jam on the other side was proof but it kept the weird **** in. The radio blared at the driver of "zombies" that dead men and women were rising to attack the city and that some kind of black goo was spreading. Yet the driver was only half listening the shouts from his manager taking up his mind, "Your insane your a goddamn cage fighter no some vigilante or hero of a bl-"

    "Yeah, yeah but think of the PR? Lone hero saves the day when police and specs op couldn't? You can workshop that, kinda long."

    "That's not the point Miguel whatever that virus or nanotech **** that happening at Olympus. What are you gonna do punch it?"

    "Oh wow how did you know my super secret plan. Didn't you hear all I have to do is beat up one old guy dressed as Mr Hyde."

    "Last time you said that you were beaten to a pulp by a hobo... a ****ing hobo. You're lucky to still be in his good gra-."

    His mind was shaken from those memories as his phone bleeped signalling a call that he declined with practiced ease. Something he had done a thousand little times like tradition they called he made sure to ignore them. Before his hand grasped the little crucifix and fumbled for a bit, "Hmm." The memory of a giant hand grabbing his face and making sure he tasted the floor bringing a frown to the fighter face, he was better that was a fluke.

    Meeting the mysterious man after beating everyone else:
    When getting into a fight Miguel had always followed the three step process and as the elevator began to make it final dings he began to prepare. Rolling his shoulder and breathing in for a second to slip on a jovial yet testing smile had to look ones best for a grand entrance. What good fight starts without one?

    As the metal doors began to pull themselves open the sounds of the crazed lunatic made him smile, he was just insane what little charisma the zealot had was snuffed by his mad ramblings. Which was just perfect as the second step called for every fighter to set up the story and this one was simple. Crazed lunatic versus valiant underdog with a quippy side, the door finally fully open. He stormed out hand raised and smashing into the side of the elevator with a below, "Your champion has arrived! Also side note next time you want a funeral make it more accessible."

    The crazed lunatic paused his scythe no longer swinging three inches from the shivering reporters face as he turned, "Oh, I have displeased my master a failed flesh has reached the top." His scythe falling to the ground as if in disappointment?

    Miguel had expected many things to be called a failure when he was the only one to get here was definitely not on the list of expected reactions. What did he want any of the other here to fight was the ninja? The weird ass moustache man? Was if the ****ING HOBO?! The rage boiled as his pride flared like fire covered in gasoline but he kept the smile growing from testing to downright furious. The good sense of showmanship reining it in as his head bobbed to the side, the reporters took it in stride rushing to an overturned table.

    His hands growing a little tenser in preparation, "So you gonna keep babbling about whatever messed up satanic cult you belong to or we gonna fight? Cause I got other appointments."

    "Ha!" A sardonic laugh, "So many failed vessels all that effort you hardly know yourself failed meat. Go on lets see how a failu-"

    That's when the tense arms found their purchase as the third step of every fight came to mind, always start the fight off with something unexpected. The chair flew like a metallic missile at the zealots face forcing him to swing his edged weapon to cleave in two. The fighter tearing across the broken dance floor the shattered surface providing him an excellent way to leap into the air. His sandalled foot adding weight to the weapon forcing into the ground as his other foot swung. Like a footballer making a perfect goal it struck his old face sending him skidding back.

    "I got places to be, fight to win and old men to chuck off skyscrapers so let go." His new footstools began to shake and with a deft jump he landed, much to his surprise the weapon flew.

    Right back into the hands of the foe, "Maybe you'll just do."

    Beating him (mid boss):

    The last strikes of the tripping warrior had become desperate as Miguel dodged one after another with angelic ease, "COME ON? Is that all you got?" Before the old man could reply a scarred fist slammed right in between his eyes as black ichor spurted like a broken nozzle. Truly the old cultists was spent as a kick from the side sent him tumbling on the floor.

    "I guess it is." Eyes focusing on the crew still hiding as he gave his favourite smile, "I don't normally endorse beating the elderly but I think this is an exception." He hoped that gave them a chuckle it was always good for the crowd to feel comfortable... hope there were no kids watching him last time that happened well emulation is the sincerest form of flattery as they say.

    The bloodied form gurgling something, "It was a mistake to have mixed your flesh with the messengers... too many got out."

    "Well pity for you... I suppose. Yet this is the end so enjoy your last moments of freedom as I well enjoy my fame." The smile of boiling anger turning into a smugness as if the wound to his ego had been healed through the victory.

    As the dark blood almost seemed to swallow light he spoke again, "No this is just... the beginning."

    Start to the final boss:

    "I am the Nothingness."

    Those were the first words the towering creature spoke casting a shadow over the fighter tiny in comparison. The fingers of the beast as long and more dreadful than the scythe the fighter had dodged and eluded, he wondered if he could do the same again. It was like a demon the wings and it missing face not helping with the idea that something like it could exist, "Cause your nothing beneath my boot?" The insult felt weak on his tongue but it was almost like he had to deny it in every way he could.

    The clawed hand stretched out, "Arrogance does not suit your vessel, yet I am a forgiving god. I know what dwells in your mind I could feel it through the entire fight and you're much more deserving then my servant gave credit."

    "Really? I got money, I got cars and I get to go home drunk every night what could you possibly give me?" The cage fighter took a defensive stance as the itching in his muscle demanded him to strike but he held still. His eyes flickering to the crew who stood there in fright with a few steps he positioned himself between the camera and the monster.

    The devilish wings expanded casting a greater shadow like a reminder of the bastard, "I can see the burning desire to release your wings and bring that titan down."

    "That be cheating."

    The monster laughed, "You? Really you care for honour and all those tricks what were they for? Go on, one strike show me a good clean fight."

    There was a stillness in the air as Miguel shifted his weight balancing on his soles before with a practiced kick he struck. At the broken floor as the shards of blasted rock and powder covered block the view. Not truly for it would be pathetic if a demon relied on the sensory organs of meat creatures but it was an irritation ever so slight. The form of the cage fighter sprinting towards ten foot tall behemoth watching the muscle of the man tense for what he knew would be a leap, something the warrior favoured in battle.He had no desire to allow even a single hit on his perfect form, lulling the warrior into a false sense of confidence with inhuman speed his claws raked at the man.

    They missed by inches the tense muscles obscured ever so slightly by the grime were not preparing to take flight but to speed across the floor. Sliding on the sticky surface of the darkened ooze gathering force as they went with a powerful kick to the demonic creature, avoiding a strike from the monsters own limbs. A cocky voice rang in the monsters ears, "One strike!"


    Olympus Tower would be shut down for the foreseeable future and much of the streets affected by the black ooze and the many strange creatures that had emerged from it quarantined. Another region of San Fransico would be walled off after the events for the sake of "public safety" at least that was the official story by the government and the petty corporate kings of the west coast. Miguel would find himself being thrust into the limelight gathering applause for stopping the horrific disaster from worsening which may have been the reason he wasn't thrown into a prison for the quite obvious law breaking.

    The hero of San Francisco would spend a good few weeks enjoying the great glory all the new sponsors. Then he'd quit everything all the fights that he promised to be at, all the contracts to the sponsors and all the promised events he come too. Gone in the Californian wind with the fancy house left wide open and car gone, seeking something more. It all happened so suddenly with the only words that seemed to give a clue, "I am not good enough... not yet."

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    Spoiler: Director Kuball's tale

    Character arcade intro: the thrum of the helicopter blades pulsed in her chest. Waves of pressure, quietened by the headphones but felt nonetheless. She closed her eyes, focussed on her breathing. A click of static in her ears.


    Her pilot, hailing her. She remained silent. Just a couple seconds longer.

    "Director Kuball."

    Stranger opened her eyes. Checked once under her jacket, felt the handle that was hidden there. Then she responded.

    "Drop us four blocks down from the tower. Maintain a minimum distance of five hundred metres from the top storey."

    "Roger that, Director."

    She changed channel.

    "Film crew check. Standing by?"

    "Film crew standing by."

    "Good. Someone got a coffee waiting for me?"



    Two minutes later and Director Stranger Kuball was descending to street level on a rapelling line. Her crew flocked to her. Someone handing her a coffee as they walked. She took a sip, handed it back.

    "Satellite data indicate an omega class Oddity has taken up residence in Olympus Tower," Kuball briefed her entourage as they approached the pillar of seething darkness together. "Media quarantine is in effect, for now. We have one chance at doing this right. Stay close, follow my orders, remember your training."

    She drew her axe, and pushed open the front door.

    "And now... Action."

    Meeting the mysterious man after beating everyone else: the mysterious man chuckled maliciously, as Director Kuball stepped out into the open air at the ruined peak of Olympus Tower.

    "Got a visual on the Oddity," she radioed in.

    "Is that what you think I am?" the man guffawed. "I can promise you both my master and I are much, much more than that..."

    "Agents," Kuball called out, speaking past the man, "mark!"

    Suddenly, the hostage film crew fanned out, taking cover behind rubble and aiming cameras. The man looked about in confusion.

    "But... What is this?"

    "You've been gamed, freak," Kuball informed him dispassionately. "No one has heard your message. No one knows about your master or your gift. Everyone who did has been taken care of."

    She straighened out the cuffs of her jacket, then twirled her axe, glaring at the man with cold impartiality.

    "Now it's your turn."

    "The impudence! Try me, mortal. We'll see who cuts deeper..."

    Beating him (mid boss): the mysterious man collapsed, coughing up blood. He steadied himself on his scythe, tried to push himself upright.

    "This... This isn't ov-"

    Director Kuball took a step forward, swung, and the man's head hit the ground with a thud.

    "The subordinate Oddity has been eliminated," Kuball informed her crew, as they peeped in from the wings. "Standing by for the Omega Oddity."

    Start to the final boss: the man's corpse roiled with black ooze, pushing itself upright. Where once had been something approximately humanoid, there now stood a towering, demonic monstrocity. The Nothingness.

    "Di... Rec... Tor..." it growled.

    "Thank you for not wasting my time further, freak," said Kuball. "Shall we end this?"

    "Your hubris is... Impressive," the demon lauded her. "You and I could go very, very far, human. Why do you not accept my gift?"

    "You think I believe this 'gift' nonesense?"

    "Of course it was. For them. But you... You have ruthlessness. You have malice. Perhaps for you... My gift is real."

    Kuball held out her axe in a challenging motion, a rage creeping into her demeanor.

    "The only gift I'll be taking from this place is a sample of your guts on a Petri dish," she informed the master. "Now are we going to do this, or are you going to crawl back where you came from and save me the dry cleaning?"

    The Nothingness snarled.

    "A shame..."

    And then it lunged.

    Ending: (Mortal Kombat narrator voice)

    As Director Kuball knelt on the floor, hacking the master of Olympus Tower into bloody, oozing chunks, the rest of the world... Did nothing.

    Heard nothing.

    Saw nothing.

    Under the Director's supervision, no word of the Olympus Tower incident escaped San Francisco. The media lockdown was total and complete. An exclusion zone was created around the affected area, and a small thermonuclear device deployed to clear away the evidence. With so much geological instability in California, a few more collapsed buildings weren't going to raise questions.

    Within M.O.O.T. headquarters, Stranger Kuball was awarded a first class commendation for her work with the Olympus Tower incident. Anyone who had questioned her before was now silent. Anyone who had doubted her was mollified.

    For whatever reason, it truly appeared to be the case, that Director Kuball would stop at nothing to rid the world of undesirable deviance, uncomfortable query, and identifiable oddity. In her own right, Kuball was a god of pure, uncompromising order - operating from the shadows, documenting as she went, sharing nothing. Information was her host of angels. A sharpened axe was her lightning bolt. As long as there was a director at M.O.O.T., nothing else would change.

    A new age had dawned, and the world was none the wiser.
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    Spoiler: Nobutoshi's Tale
    Character arcade intro: Nobutoshi was in New Orleans when he heard the news, and now, here he was at a truck stop. He was one of the few cars going towards the California as he made his way across the country. His mental and physical preparation for the fight were interrupted when he heard someone talking from the adjacent stall. "The hawk is free when he snatches his prey."

    "Yet always returns to his master's hand." Nobutoshi finished.

    "I take it you are the favored son of the favored son?"

    "And I take it that you are my replacement. Are you here to alter my path?"

    "Originally, the master had wanted it so. He fears for your safety, even though he respects your skills..." He hesitated. "Is your pupil here?"

    "No, he possesses great skill, but his mind is muddled. A victory sought for oneself is no victory at all."

    "I am glad this is so. I would not want to have him hear such praise heaped upon his master, lest he forget the humble way of the ninja." The two got up, flushing at the same time. Greeting each other with a deep bow. "Even when we were both students, I could recognize you are my superior in every way." The two began diligently washing their hands in the same motions. "So I prostrated myself before my master. So that you may have the honor of this mission, as you and you alone are able to take on such a task."

    "I humbly accept this honor, Tenfold brother. Though we may have been rivals in the past, I am glad to see, we have made peace."

    The two dried their hands and quickly, the lesser ninja brought out a short but long black box. "I know you detest violence, but I entrust to you, the ancestral blades. They are rightfully yours as favored son of the favored son. I hold them only through your say so, great master of the great masters."

    "May we find each other again under the sakura trees." Nobutoshi said with a small and curt bow as he took the box.

    "Where the dragon contently watches his sons." And the two departed ways.

    Meeting the mysterious man after beating everyone else:
    Nobutoshi stood atop the lightning rod of the skyscrapper. Patiently waiting as his opponent formed from mist on the stones of the tower. "Another lamb to the slaughter!" He said, brandishing his scythe.

    Nobutoshi jumped down, straight as a rod as he fell. "That is no way to treat an opponent. Please, as a worthy opponent to the heir of the mantle of immortal dragon, we should first share a meal." And with a flourish in swift motion, set out a picnic before the two with carefully prepared bento boxes.

    "Your immortal dragon is a false idol. And even if he were real, he would be no match to my power."

    "Are you so arrogant as to turn down a delicious meal that has been prepared for you simply because your lesser makes it?"

    The man smirked. "Well, I'm glad to see at least someone recognizes my power. All this killing is hungry work."

    Beating him (mid boss)
    : "Are we out of the sake, now?"

    "Hmm... It seems so."

    "It was a fine vintage. I appreciate this gift. But let us begin ou-" As he tried to get up, he simply fell back to the ground. "What! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!"

    "Ah, I was beginning to wonder if that would affect you. That was every single seaborne poison known to the human race."

    "But... How! We ate the same food! Drank from the same cup!"

    "Ah, poison is only poison if not properly prepared. Some were poisonous, others not but they were both from the same fish. A true master chef can pin point the toxic parts of his meal to a minute detail. So fine that even god himself would not know. As for the sake. Ahahaha." His laugh was dry and mirthless. "I was surprised that fooled you. Oldest trick in the book, an assassin's bottle." He pressed on what seemed just like an imperfection on the bottle to have a small amount of sake still pour out into the small cup in front of them. "I was saving one more cup for my victory."

    "You... Bastard! This won't make any difference! I'm just a herald! His... Reign... Will come... Soon." The skies darkened above the skyscrapper as he started to convulse."

    "And I am ready for it." For the first time, he unsheathed his birth right. "That is the mission given to me."

    Start to the final boss: "Do you think the power promised could be so easily obtained! It was meant only for one strong enough to beat my herald in battle! Not the parlor tricks of a flea bitten peasant!"

    "Of course not." The ancestral blade shone a bright blue on it's ornate decorations. The blade said to be the last celestial gift ever given to man. "The beneficent dragon does not need to show his power to be respected. You are but a child playing with matches compared to that of the immortal dragon." He swung his blade, sending out rippling waves of energy that snaked out of it. Replacing the darkness in the sky with a blue as bright as the noon sky. "Now let me show you the power of my school."

    Ending: It was a spring day.
    A pleasant breeze in the air.
    Flowers in the sky.

    "Hey Nob! You'd said that you would reveal why we're here when we got to where we needed to be! So are we there yet?" Pulverizer shouted

    Nobutoshi brought out a pocket watch and checked the time. "Hmm... Yes, I believe so."

    A young ninja falls.
    He extends a humble hand
    "A new path awaits."

    Pulverizer looked confused. "Hey, this guy's wearing pajamas. I think he might be one of those crazy people."

    Nobutoshi gave a light laugh. "Young pupil, do not say such things to your fellow students. I am returning back to my dojo." He held up a hand when it looked like someone wanted to interrupt with a question. "Only for a while. I believe some of my skills may aid my fellow tenfold brothers. You will train with them here for a time. They will rely on you and you with them. It is time we take your training more seriously. No master can teach all things alone. If you wish to stay, you may stay. If you do not, you may leave."

    "... There free food?"

    "I mean... You will have to work, but food is provided."

    "Eh, might as well."

    "You gonna tell him there's no alcohol allowed in the dojo?" the ninja whispered to Nobutoshi.

    "... It's better for him to learn at his own pace."
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    Spoiler: Anjali Prithvi I's Tale

    Character arcade intro: Director Kuball's started packing up her equipment.

    "Boss!" Someone yelled behind her.

    The cruel director sighed. She knew this was going to happen, but she prayed to wherever God existed this maniac would miss the broadcast. She slowly turned around, and saw Anjali giving her a big smile.

    "We're going to kill some people for the glory of India!" The insane mercenary screamed out.

    Kuball just gave her employee a cold dead stare. "I want you to listen to me…" she said, putting her hands on the mercenary shoulder. "... I want you to stand back, and let me handle it, okay?"

    Anjali pulled out her rocket launcher. "Right, we must slay the demon…" she then pointed her rocket launcher at her feet. "... For the glory of India!"

    Kuball's face shrunk into despair. "WAIT! NO! STOP!"


    The mad mercenary launched into the air and crashed through the ceiling. "I'll see you there!"

    Kuball sighed as she looked at the hole in the roof of her secret base. "I really hope she dies."

    Meeting the mysterious man after beating everyone else:

    The old man waited atop the broken rooftop. The camera crew shaking at the side of the building.


    Suddenly, a part of the floor exploded as a figure flew up into the air, and landed beside the old man. "Greetings, crazy man!"

    The old man just raised an eyebrow at her. "Someone has finally come?" He then raised his scythe towards the missile launching lunatic. "... Will you except the gift, or will you throw your life away in defiance?"

    She raised her missile launcher. "I will never bow to Brazil!"

    "Well let's…" the old man then stopped himself. "... Wait what?"

    Anjali pointed at the man. "You can't fool me, this is all an elaborate operation by the Brazilian government!" She then pointed her rocket launcher at the man again. "... All in a convoluted plan to destroy India."

    The man looked completely baffled at the patriotic maniac in front of him. "Why would a Brazilian conspiracy involve attacking San Francisco? And why the hell would Brazil want to destroy India in particular?"

    The mad woman gave the demon man a look of determination. "Everyone knows that Brazil and India are ancient enemies."

    The man continued to look completely baffled. "No, they are definitely not!"

    Anjali grinded her teeth. "Stop lying Brazilian!" She yelled in determination. "You will never take the innocent souls of this world to Brazil!"

    The old man just looked at the mercenary in front of her. "I'm just going to enjoy killing you a lot…I feel like it will be my one good deed in this world."

    Beating him (mid boss):
    "How could I lose to a moron!" The old man said as he clenched his chest.

    "Bolsonaro's evil plan has been thwarted!" She yelled out as she jumped up and down and in excitement.

    "What the hell are you talking about?" The old man yelled out, coughing up blood. "Granted, he is pure evil, but he's no longer president, or in Brazil!"

    "That's what the media wants you to think!" Anjali yelled as she pointed her rocket launcher at her enemy.

    The old man just gave her a blank expression. "Just kill me now!


    The man exploded into a bunch of gooey bits on the floor.

    Start to the final boss:

    The nothingness formed from the dark skies above before landing in front of Anjali. The being looked the soldier in the eyes. "If you reject my gift then you must die!"

    "You will pay for your crimes against India, Bolsonaro." The soldier screamed as she pointed her rocket launcher at the demon.

    The demon didn't even humor that with a response, only lunging at the crazy woman.

    Anjali Dan dances atop the corpse of the nothingness. "Go India!" She screamed as she fired a missile onto the floor causing it to shake.

    "Go India!" She blasted the floor again
    "Go India!" And again
    "Go India!" And again


    Anjali immediately stopped as she heard the building below her cracking. She then slowly turned towards the news crew. "I just want everyone to know what is about to happen is Brazil's fault."


    The entire building immediately started crumbling down. "DAMN YOU BRAZIL!"

    Slowly, she lifted the concrete off of herself, and the news crew she tried to shield. "Everyone fine?" She asked as she threw off the concrete.

    The three of them nodded yes.

    With a big smile on her face she stood among the broken concrete. "The glory of India has been preserved once aga…"

    "ANJALI!" A familiar voice yelled behind her. "You dumb little bastard!" Turning around she saw some rubble starting to move. Bursting out was very pissed off Kuball. She was grinding her teeth. "What the hell did you do!?"

    Anjali, unable to read the room, gave her boss a smile. "I saved India…and I guess the rest of the world."

    Kuball stomped towards her employee. "You nearly killed me!" She then pointed at the rubble. "And more importantly made it impossible to cover this up!"

    Anjali was still smiling. "Sacrifices need to be made to stop the evils of…"

    The mad director pulled out her ax. "I'm going to cut you into little pieces!" She swung her ax, barely missing the patriot.

    Anjali started sweating bullets before she turned to the camera people. "Don't worry, she's usually like this. She'll calm down in due time. You just need to out run her for long enough!" She then started rocket jumping away.

    "Get back here you patriotic nutball!" The director screamed as she ran after her dumb employee.

    Both women running, or rocket jumping off into the sunset.

    (THE END!)
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    Spoiler: A Phone Message On A Forgotten Land Line

    My friend Emile, you know my voice, (says the voice of Raintree.) You know I am not interested in forcing you to complete your journey before you are ready. But we both face a foe who is.

    You must know, by now, that I hear things, and there are some things I have heard recently which cause me some distress. Without being too direct I want to warn you that your career may soon be axed if my point is not already moot.

    I risk contacting you this way because most people have long forgotten that the old telephones exist, much less that some deceased grandparents continue to maintain them. Forgotten, they have become as secure a means of communication in this age as the public pay phone.

    Listen carefully: there are three items which can help you in the near future:
    The first is an EMF cancellation device in the laboratory of Dr. Furenhurst at BioMech Ag. This will eliminate your paranormal signature, and confound uhf radio signals nearby. It is portable but hardly invisible.
    The second is an experimental crowd-control foam grenade. It will fill a one thousand cubic foot, umm, that's twenty-seven cubic meter volume with extremely fast setting foam.
    The third is in lock-box 744 in your old stomping ground. It is a biogel. When I asked why a ghost would need biogel the reply was laughter. The gel was intended to be a rapid-healing treatment for wounds. Perhaps it will interact with your ectoplasm in a beneficial way.

    I am told that these items will prove beneficial to you. I am not told when, or how, they should be deployed.

    May your spirit guide find you and bring you home.
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    Sorry it's been awhile but we're moving on to the next phase. The sequel. Any new characters introduced after this point comes into the plot after the Olympus Tower incident.

    Spoiler: Zola Dumisani
    On a quiet evening at Nobutoshi restaurant, what seemed to be an ordinary girl walked into the joint. She stomped her way towards the register, and started frantically smashing the bell over and over again.

    Nobutoshi, who was already at the register, just gave the little girl a funny look. "So miss…" he asked as the girl kept frantically smashing the bell. "What can I get for you?"

    Suddenly, the girl turned to the chef, her face filled with determination. "I want training!" She yelled out.

    Nobutoshi gave the girl a curious look. "Oh you have come here for my training?" He said with a smile. "... I am not the one to put teaching as my main priority, but I guess I can take one more…"

    "Not you, you sissy cook!" Bad girl yelled out as she continued to ring the bell. "I'm here to get training from the world's greatest champion!"

    Nobutoshi had a realization. "Oh no…"

    "I want to be trained by the one who beat that old bastard, and that pile of sludge!" She said with enthusiasm as she continued the ring of the bell. "

    Nobutoshi shook his head. "Look, there's no way Pulverizer is ready to train any…"

    "Who keeps ringing that ****ing bell!?" Suddenly, from the back came a familiar hobo. "I swear to christ if I hear that bell being rung one more time…" he then noticed the source of the agitation. "... Oh, it's just a dumbass kid." Both of them just stare at each other. The girl slowly raised their hand towards the bell. "... Don't even think about it, pipsqueak."


    Late at night, with the restaurant closed, the chef, the hobo and girl all sat down at the dining table.

    "So you want me to train you?" Pulverizer asked as he laid back in his chair.

    "Yes!" She screamed with enthusiasm. "I'm your biggest fan, it would be a dream come true."

    Pulverizer and Nobutoshi turned to each other. "Look here…um…"

    "Zola!" The little girl shouted out.

    "Zola…" Pulverizer continued. "... My fighting style is not exactly pleasant, and I'm terrible with kids." He then pointed at Nobutoshi. "... He's much better as a teacher than me, he'll get you the results you want."

    "No!" Zola yelled out as she jumped to her feet. "I am being trained by you, and I won't take a scrawny chef as a consolation prize."

    "Scrawny?" Nobutoshi mumbled, his feeling slightly hurt.

    Pulverizer also got up. "Look kid, I'm not a trainer." He then pointed at the door. "If you don't want Nobutoshi training then you should just lea…"

    "Let's fight!" Zola yelled as she prepared her fists. "I'll show you what I can do."

    Pulverizer looked at the kid. He had to give her one thing, she had spunk. "Look, I don't want to beat up a child. Even I have standards."

    "Don't underestimate me!" Zola yelled as she pointed at him. "If I can knock you to the ground once then you have to train me. If I fail, I leave and never bother you again."

    Pulverizer gave the kid a smile. "Alrighty then…" he said as he readied his fists as well. "... I'm feeling generous. I'll give you the first…"


    Zola kicked the mighty Pulverizer in the **** with an incredible force for a 16 year old girl. Pulverizer's face went white as he opened his mouth in shock. He immediately grabbed his groin. "You little bitch…" before he could finish Zola kicked the hobo in the face. The force of the kick caused him to lose his balance. He fell to the ground losing the challenge.

    Nobutoshi looked on in disbelief. "Huh, would you look at that?"

    "I won, I won, I won, I won!" Zola screamed in joy as she jumped up and down. "I'm the greatest the world has ever seen!"

    Nobutoshi walked towards his student. "Well, I probably should give you the basics on training people."

    "Little brat…" Pulverizer grumbled on the floor as he held his crotch.

    Character sheet

    Name: Zola Dumisani

    Age: 16

    Nationality: South Africa (specifically Zulu descent)

    Backstory: Zola was a normal girl with not much special about her. She lived a comfortable middle class life with loving parents. She did so well in her education she graduated high school at 16, and had a promising future. And that promising future was probably working a boring desk job.

    But then she saw it, the broadcast of the Olympus Tower incident, specifically the battle between the old man and the nothingness versus Pulverizer. It lit a spark in her, a will too beat the crap out of people. She started to crave violence.

    Overtime she began beating up random jackasses whether they be criminals, punks, or anyone else she could convince to throw the first punch. She was knocked down quite a lot, but she learned how to fight from those beatdowns. Eventually, she became competent enough to meet her hero, Pulverizer

    After convincing her parents to let her study in New York she got the chance to meet Pulverizer. All it took was breaking some nuts and she was able to begin her training.

    She currently works at the restaurant between her school work, and training with Pulverizer.

    Height: 5 foot

    Appearance: she wears a short sleeve blue shirt with a red jacket, long beat up blue jeans, Red sneakers. Her hair is dyed a fiery red, and tied into a single bun on the back of her head. Lastly, she wears a chain as a belt. Overall, her look screams "trying too hard."

    Fighting Style: Zola's inspired by Sakura, and as such as a move set that's similar to the main protagonist character, in this case Pulverizer. The main difference between the fighting styles is because of Zola slimmer body because of her age, and some begrudging training from Nobutoshi, she is not as strong as Pulverizer, but is faster.

    Special move: She does a bunch of flips, kicks, and punches in front of the enemy as they patiently wait for her to throw the first punch. And then WHAM, hit them in the groin causing them to scream in pain. She then kicks them in the face, causing them to fall to the floor. She then jumps up and slams her feet upon their stomach.

    Blood type: O

    Likes: Violence, Pulverizer, slacking off

    Dislikes: studying, cooking, people who are not Pulverizer are trying to train her.

    Relations to other characters:

    Pulverizer: The man she idolizes, and currently training under. Well, the best of a drunken hobo can train a little girl.

    Their relationship can best be described as constant friction, with them constantly pushing against each other, both verbally and physically. While Pulverizer sees her as a kid over her head, Zola loves all the violence they get up to.

    What Pulverizer doesn't like to show is that she's getting somewhat attached to the kid.

    Nobutoshi: He is somewhat agitated by Zola who in turn looks down upon him as a simple chef. He has tried to train her in the ways of cooking and fighting but she thinks ninjutsu is just a waste of time, and cooking is too girly.

    She's one of only characters that can actually make him raise his voice in anger and their bickering wouldn't be out of place in a sitcom. Despite her resistance she has learned some things from Nobutoshi teachings.

    Arran Raintree: While they haven't interacted that much, she finds his sorcery pretty cool. I mean, like most people she didn't know magic existed until she saw this random person throwing magical spells. She wonders if she can use that magic to help her punch things better.

    Miguel: One day, walking home from school she was stopped by Miguel. He heard about Pulverize's new student. He thought she deserved better than that drunken hobo, and offered to train her. She politely declined, and walked away. He said it was fine, he didn't care, she could make her own mistakes. Then the next day he asked again, and then he asked the next day, and the next day, and…you get the point. Every single time he asked, he tried a new scheme to have her be his student to more embarrassing degrees. Eventually, she caved because she kind of felt bad for him. While it was supposed to be training, it turned more into hangouts together, as she fed his ego. And she does learn a little bit from him.

    Emile Fischer: Never seen him before on the count that he's invisible.

    Mista Ditch: Once stole her Nintendo switch. They came to regret it. After an ass whooping the two kids have been more wary about going to New York.

    Benkei: Another warrior she knows very little about besides what she saw on television that fateful day. Pulverizer seemed to know who they were from a past experience, a warrior that gave him one of his toughest experiences. This would be a great person for her to fight one day.

    Kuball, Anjali Prithvi I and Captain Flamebrand: Zola was once targeted for kidnapping by M.O.O.T. The plan was to use her as a hostage to get Pulverizer to turn himself in. Zola was a fierce fighter, but could not handle the director and the insane soldier at once. She was beaten into near unconsciousness by Kuball specifically.

    When all seemed lost, someone came at the last second. Captain Flamebrand appeared from the rooftops and battled the two women. He was luckily keeping an eye on M.O.O.T. and caught on to what they were doing. It took all of his might but he managed to get them down for long enough to get Zola out of there.

    She woke up in the hospital a few days later, weekend but alive. She didn't know who saved her, but the incident was so traumatizing to her. Pulverizer, Nobutoshi, and Miguel were shocked at what happened. When she told them who attacked them, Pulverizer recognized them from previous instances. They would regret doing this to his student.

    Generic start of round interactions:
    "I'm going to give you a good schoolyard ass kicking."
    "Feel the wrath of Pulverizer's pupil."
    "Time to make you eat concrete."

    Character specific interactions:

    Zola: "Are you ready teach?"
    Pulverizer: "I'm not giving you a free punch this time."
    Zola: "I won't need it this time"

    Pulverizer: "For the sparring match remember what I taught you."
    Zola: "You didn't teach me anything today, you did nothing but sleep."
    Pulverizer: "Yes, because sometimes it's better just to lay down."

    Zola: "I have to train with the chef today?"
    Nobutoshi: "If you prefer skipping the fighting I could teach you some cooking
    Zola: "Blegh, I'm not preparing raw fish."

    Nobutoshi: "All I'm saying is cooking is a valuable life skill
    Zola: "Only losers focus on that stuff."
    Nobutoshi: "Then you will show you with a loser can do."

    Zola: "Cool magic trick, you want to teach me?"
    Arran: "I'm sorry you don't have the fortitude for it, or the humility."
    Zola: "I could beat the lesson out of you."

    Arran: "You are a well educated, well off child. Why do you look for fights?"
    Zola: "I don't want a boring life, I want to be something special."
    Arran: "Never take for granted your boring life, you'll never know when it's gone."

    Zola: "Um Mig, what are you doing here?"
    Miguel: "Come on, you think I forgot about your training."
    Zola: "(Sigh) Okay, let's do this."

    Miguel: "Time to show you what that hobo can never do."
    Zola: "I would love to train with you Mig, but I am…have homework, yeah pretty tough homework.
    Miguel: "Come on, you can take a 5 minute break."

    Zola: "So what are you, and why can't I see you?"
    Emile: "Well, I was exposed to various amounts of chemicals the change the pathogenic particles in my ski…"
    Zola: "You're a ghost, got it."

    Emile: "You're telling me you don't know who I am?
    Zola: "Nope!
    Emile: "Can't tell if I'm insulted or relieved."

    Mista Ditch:
    Zola: "What did I tell you about being within a 100 mi radius of me?"
    Mista Ditch: "We, I mean, I can explain!"
    Zola: "Too late!"

    Ding: "Oh no, it's the scary woman."
    Zola: "Oh look, it's Tweedledee and Tweedledum."
    Dong: "We need to fight our way out."

    Zola: "Cute Kitty, want to play."
    Benkai: "Please don't patronize me."
    Zola: "Come on, can't have a little fun."

    Benkai: "You are a Spoiled brat who doesn't understand what they have."
    Zola: "I want to live for excitement not fade into mediocrity."
    Benkai: "You have no idea how much I would give for that fate.

    Zola: "You won't get the drop on me this time you freak!"
    Kuball: "Do I hear a twinge of fear."
    Zola: "No, that's actually anger and hate."

    Kuball: "It's time to finish what I started."
    Zola: "This time will be different."
    Kuball: "I wouldn't have come if I didn't know I was going to win."

    Zola: "You won't get me this time you crazy bastard."
    Anjali: "That's what they all say before they get the legs blown off, honey."
    Zola: "Well, I just got to keep on my toes then and make sure that doesn't happen."

    Anjali: "I want you to know mini-pulverizer, I would prefer to fight one-on-one."
    Zola: "You're still a coward."
    Anjali: "Well, let me make it up to you then."

    Zola: "Wow, that outfit is kind of excessive."
    Flamebrand: "Kids these days don't respect the classics."
    Zola: "I prefer simplicity like a fist of the face."

    Flamebrand: "How are you feeling?"
    Zola: "Why exactly would you care?
    Flamebrand: "It's just nice to be kind to others."

    End of round winning interactions:
    "I won, I won, I won, I won."
    "Don't call me a simple kid ever again."
    "Back to homework I guess."

    Character specific end of round winning interactions:
    "I got you onto the ground again."
    "I know you're pulling your punches, take these fights seriously."
    "I want more training now!"

    "The warrior always beats the chef."
    "Stop holding back chef and fight me with everything you got.
    "Foods on you tonight."

    "Magic can't beat fists."
    "Now teach me that crazy voodoo."
    "Hocus pocus, you're unconscious."

    "That's enough training for the day. Now please leave me alone."
    "The beating may have been bad but I think ice cream will cheer you up."
    "That was fun but um…I got to do homework"

    "I just beat up a ghost!"
    "Try explaining the complexity of that ass whooping."
    "You may be invisible, but your groin is in the same place as everyone else."

    Mista Ditch
    "Fight me when you're older."
    "Never touch my switch again."
    "Go back crying to Mommy."

    "It's okay kitty cat, I'll give you some milk."
    "All right, it's time for your bath."
    "Stay off Twitter Tony the tiger."

    "Cut, and that's a wrap for your ass."
    "Can't take me in a fair fight."
    "Your calculations were wrong."

    "Looks like you were a bit of a dud!"
    "We're even now!"
    "Nutcase has been diffused."

    "Caps are overrated."
    "Your flames don't burn harder than my heart."
    "Maybe you should just retire."

    Other random quotes they say during the match:
    "Show me what you got."
    "Time to go low."
    "Don't underestimate me."
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    Spoiler: Arran's Defeat
    After a week in the cool green waters of the Caribbean, the warm, brown brackish waters of Lake Ponchartrain were calling. Arran smiled as he drove past the fog-shrouded giant crawfish in Arabi; it had been there all his life. He was home.

    The rutted, muddy road he turned on was rough on his LTD, but it lead to Daigle's Boat Repair and the Texaco Fuel Dock where his boat was stored. He had called last night, not long after leaving Mama's place in the Quarter, and Old Man Daigle said he'd get his boy Ernest to launch it and gas it up. Ernest would be at church by now; his new wife didn't allow any backsliding!

    A rut in the limestone gravel revealed the clamshell base that the roads in New Orleans had been built on. Clam dredging was illegal now, and the lake water was clearing up. Oysters tasted better each year, and the sea grass was growing again. Fishing had never been better on the lake. But nothing beat a clamshell road through the sawgrass marsh that surrounded the tidal estuaries of Louisiana.

    Thinning fog slowly drifted over the road as he came up to the gate. It was locked, but the worn brass key to the rusty old Master lock was in his glove box. He retrieved it and left the engine running as he got out to unlock the gate. Someone had oiled the lock. Old Man Daigle wouldn't have done that.

    "Use a Master lock every day, you don't need to worry about it," he would say. "Cheap locks rust, buy a lock you can trust."

    Grampa would ask him if he was doing commercials for Master locks at that point, and the clay jug would pass between them.

    There was a drop of oil on the ground, giving a broken clamshell a slimy appearance. Ernest must have had trouble with the lock this morning. His key worked, smooth as always.

    He drove through, relocked the gate, then drove under the old willows that lined the driveway, their branches squared off by the big trucks that drove the route almost every day. He parked in front of the office and looked around.

    There were a dozen oyster boats along the old pier, and one up on the skids behind the boat shed. There was a sad tug on his heartstrings as he remembered better days, when Ernest's Dad was still working. Four of the six skids had been salvaged to keep two operational, and their pilings were sinking into the mud. The old wooden warehouse had blown down in a storm, and its remnants were rotting in the mud. And where was Jethro?

    The old yellow hound that had replaced Turly, who had replaced Mean Joe had still not come out to greet him. He almost didn't want to know. He barely remembered Mean Joe, but he had been twelve when Turly died. Jethro, Ernest, and Arran had poled a lot of backwater channels together in a pirogue back then. But hounds rarely lived a decade, and Jethro was ten.

    He sighed, locked the car, and retrieved his kit from the trunk. Something snagged his attention. A flash from the boat shed? A sense of dread? He stopped and focused.

    Four living beings. Two in the shed, one behind the fuel pump shed under the Texaco sign. One behind him.

    Without turning he said, "Hello, Director."

    "Wizard, your crimes against the natural order have earned you a death sentence. But I will allow you to live if you submit to arrest. Once we learn how to neutralize your power, you will be free to go."

    "An unsatisfying proposal. I am no wizard, and I have no power. Everything I am and everything I do is as natural as the breaths you take."

    "Note that the subject has refused to cooperate."

    A tomahawk appeared in her hand and she threw it in the same moment. He dodged as it approached, then reached out and caught the weapon. Fully extended in his catch, he hurled the tomahawk back at the Director, without her precision.

    She already had a second tomahawk in hand and was throwing as the first awkwardly twisted and turned toward her. Arran could see a mild flicker of surprise in her eyebrow followed by an annoyed tightening of her mouth. The disruption to her otherwise stoic mask revealed a humanity in her that was unexpected.

    With his pack he deflected the second throw and drew a rod from the side of it. He triggered the rod which created a puff of white smoke in a cone that engulfed her.

    She caught his throw and returned it, shouting, "You cannot poison me with your potions, Wizard!"

    Her throw hit his left shoulder, and bit deep enough to cause him to lose his grip on the pack. He dropped the rod and drew a smoke capsule from his belt. As the smoke cloud grew he heard the Director cough. He smiled. There was worse to come!

    "You cannot escape!" The Director said as her coughing increased. "I have disabled...ah! Aaaah! The itching!"

    He moved within the cloud, not to his car, but towards the giant gasoline and diesel tanks which fueled the shrimp and oyster boats. Behind a control panel he paused.

    Fire was spreading from his shoulder, and the hatchet was still embedded there. Removing it could prove worse than leaving it. He refocused. The Director's itching would intensify. If he could stall her long enough... yes, the old pirogue was there. If he could get out into the sawgrass, he could disappear.

    He refocused his mind and mumbled under his breath. Hopelessness, defeat. Weakness. He projected these thoughts onto the spirit of Director Kuball. The itching would be magnified by the emotions he was projecting.

    It was a mistake. The mind of the Director was far too disciplined. It recognized thoughts from the outside, and locked down. Discipline. Control. She would win that battle, and time was on her side. He shifted, quickly, intensely, to pain.

    He heard her groan as she shrugged off the distraction. And as he broke the connection, he realized that that, too, had been a mistake. In defeating her imaginary pain, she was also minimizing the effect of the very real severe itching and burning his tarantula-hair and cayenne powder mixture was causing.

    He moved, then, keeping the fuel tanks between them, but her coughing had stopped and she was moving again.

    Closer to the old pirogue, he saw that it would not serve. The plywood he and Ernest had used to build the little flat-bottomed boat was marine grade, but a decade in the Louisiana marsh had allowed the seams to rot. He had no choice.

    Removing the tomahawk from his shoulder was more painful than he imagined, and he almost blacked out then. He had no way to stop the bleeding.

    He focused again and projected his thoughts.

    "Granmama, be ready."

    She gave no reply.

    A quick inventory: mosquito repellent, two distraction pellets, and rotten fish oil to confuse alligators. He had not prepared for a fight.

    He sensed where the Director was as she stalked toward him and he lobbed one of the pellets over the tank to land behind her. It snapped like a small firecracker or a .22 pistol. He was moving, then, and he hurled the second one to impact the tank beside her. Drawing the bloody tomahawk as he ran, he was still too slow. She deflected his swing with the second weapon.

    They sparred, and he quickly shifted to defense against her furious attacks. In close quarters he could have fended her off and used her attacks against her if he had any use of his left arm. Blocking again, then again, he ignored the agony washing in waves from his shoulder, and with his left hand he tossed the fish oil at Director Kuball's face.

    Instinctively she batted it away with her tomahawk, which was her first real mistake. The egg-sized clay jar shattered, as it was designed to do, covering her with slimy mucus that overwhelmed the senses with the odor of rotten fish. Her gag-reflex gave him the opening he was looking for, and he struck.

    His target was the wooden handle of her tomahawk. He chopped deeply into it, and hit it a second time with his own handle as she tried to block his swing. The head of the broken tomahawk flew away.

    "My hawk!" she screamed, in her first emotional outburst of the fight.

    She threw the handle at him then charged in to grapple. She was slimy, obnoxiously foul-smelling, and she was grappling for the tomahawk. Blood loss was weakening him, and to make matters worse, her flailing attacks jarred the wound, which had never really stopped bleeding.

    With footlocks he brought her down, but she never lost her grip on the weapon, and he went down too. He tried to twist, but he landed on his left shoulder. He heard a snap. He felt her wrench the tomahawk from his grip.

    He saw darkness.

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    Spoiler: Frankie Fry

    Name: Frankie Fry

    Age: Late Twenties

    Nationality: Australian

    Backstory: The Tenfold School of the Immortal Dragon was born in the 4th Century AD, persisting past all the struggles of Japan for the last 1600 years of human history. Like many old societies that preserver they experience schism and while most do not last for the Tenfold School quickly subsumes them back in the fold or they perish by outside force. Some do last and the Sevenfold School of the Pearl who birth came from the years of the Shibimara Rebellion, it seeds planted by the rise of Amakusa Shirō and the Shogun demanding his end. While the religious doctrine of his ideas did not stick some ideas off opening to the wider world did. The descendants of these shinobi harbouring different ideas would abandon the Tenfold School migrating to the continent of Australia during the 1860s.

    Settling on the North-West Australian coast with many of the Japanese settlers of the time the School grew naturally with the developing pearl hunting industry were it got it name. Unlike it predecessor the organisation was small, fresh and now open in a foreign country leading to a small trickle of local influence upon their ancient traditions. One that would mark he gradual change from it humble origins as a new school of ninjutsu outside the umbrella of it parent organisation. As Spiritualist ideas emerged amongst the occult side of the Australian settlers and the Aboriginal people own myths began to enter the Schools original purpose was changing.

    An attempt to syncretise or at least bring these disparaged groups together was overtaken during WWII when the Australian government expelled the Japanese population. While not a peaceful event what remained of the School were not it original founders but those accepted during their interval on the continent. Morphing the school from it proud martial arts and traditions into a strange illicit creature a hybrid taking bit and pieces from all without truly appreciating it. Much the way the American government and many populace look upon Scientology so too those Australia in the modern age view the Sevenfold School of the Pearl.

    This School if one could call has become obsessed with a prophecy of THE IMMORTAL DRAGON who would in a very vague way change the world. How true this prophecy is of a chosen one.... is well... okay it may be entirely fabricated as the Pearl School simply wishes to eclipse the Shadow School as the greatest of them all. Frankie Fry is what the majority of this cultish organisation believe to be THE IMMORTAL DRAGON coming from a deprived area she and her family were inducted after the discovery of her strange abilities. Frankie is a telepath an immensely gifted one at that the trouble is the Pearl School has no idea how to train such an individual and in fact most of their pseudo-science is entirely wrong. Of course, when you're raised in such a place from the young age of twelve you will likely not emerge completely functional in normal society.

    Frankie Fry is the face of the School and it so called chosen one, THE IMMORTAL DRAGON.

    Height: 5,2 Feet Tall

    Appearance: The heir of the School of Pearl is not a very tall or particularly imposing women in any sense of the word. Thought healthy and trim she falls more on the lithe category then that of a more athletic individual. She had large knowing bulging dark blue eyes with a flat nose and small ears. Her face never without a foundation that gives her the slight appearance of a corpse. Brown hair cut short and neatly braided dangle with a pair of steely earrings. Her clothing mostly light blue and white coloured yet quite immaculately dressed, a uniform can be seen if not understood it exact purpose.

    Fighting Style: Frankie's fighting style revolves around the remnants of the Ninjutsu the school had passed down with agile quick movements of an assassin. Striking fast not to do damage but to ensuring a grappling contest for her strength does not lie in fast strikes or powerful holds but her natural ability. Despite the inability to properly train her telepathy through instincts she has learnt how to use her power to force shock, fear and confusion by touch. Her unused powers are limited by distance and the more she's able to get in contact the more powerful her strikes can get.

    Special move: The Bite - Is Frys special technique a move which she has been training to master her own ability by trying to resemble a Dragons Bite. Her fingers curl with her index and little fingers straightened as the rest curl before striking the neck of an opponent. Her fingers momentarily covered with a translucent energy like a venomous snake, blood pouring down them as they enter the side of the throat. With a pulse the worst memories and trauma of the victim come to the fore front with her telepathic abilities running wild through the warriors mind.

    Blood type: O+

    Likes: Pearl School, Diving, Gothic Mascara, Sharks, Sight Seeing

    Dislikes: Shadow School, Competition, Birds, Crowds

    Relations to other characters:

    Pulverizer and Nobutoshi Amari: One of Frankies main goals is to become THE IMMORTAL DRAGON and a big obstacle in this are the duo who after all are proving to be quite the trouble. With the Pulverizers inhuman strength and durability and Nobutoshi own experience in the arts of Ninjutsu she has a very worthy rival to her Schools prophecy. The simplest solution is of course murder, that is how they met with a bunch of zealots barging down the door and her at the head. Wether it was great skill or maybe just luck her natural telepathic strikes proved to be a weakness for the man who didn't wish to remember.

    Arran Raintree: The Pearl School influence has always been on collecting the strange and esoteric even if 90% is baloney and the School certainly has interest in Arran. His aptitude for spirits and the immaterial is something that they view as valuable and because of that Frankie views him as valuable. Oddly their first interaction would come from the heiress attempt to in essence save the "asset" from possible danger. It was unsuccessful of course with M.O.O.T involvement forcing her and her zealot back across the waves.

    Miguel Toledo: Miguel has popped up in the reports as a target of interest his origin as one of the many children orphaned in the Big One and no matches is interesting enough. Yet what drives Frankies interest is less the mysterious nature of his origins but the fact he is a rival to the Pulverizer and she is more than happy to pull at those strings. Even her untrained abilities can pick up meters away the pure angry stubbornness demanding a rematch against his one sided rival.

    Emile Fischer: The Invisible Man is a rumour. That is all he is and Frankie if she ever meets him will be in a for a great shock.

    Mista Ditch: A strange freakishly tall moustached man with a camera, running around getting into all sorts of trouble. Assuming him to be a rouge agent of the government her offer of asylum was rebuffed in a very childish way... her forehead veins pop out when she thinks of Mista Ditch. A personal slight that she is nursing, not realising it is a bunch of kids and while they deserve a spanking throwing them to the sharks is probably a bit much.

    Benkei: The stranger who travels all across the coast in search of a hero to overthrow the chains of tyranny. Well isn't she one? She is destined to be the Immortal Dragon and what greater hero could there be than her? Frankie in this case had managed to secure a talks with the artificial hybrid and gave him time to think if he'd work with her for she would gladly bring down the corrupt order and replace it with a more enlightened one.

    Director Kuball: M.O.O.T is a very dangerous organisation and Director Kuball even more dangerous, it would not be unfair to say that the Director is more leashed by the organisation then the other way around. Despite the strange esotericism of the Pearl School it prominence in Australia and it surprisingly well funded legal team have beaten the M.O.O.T. Even the Director cannot bomb a School of "civilians" on sovereign soil that just a bit too much especially if they can't actually prove the School is shady. Frankie has had many run in with Kuball and her telepathic abilities prove to give her the slight edge in their social battles. How one on one combat would go is really anyone guess.

    Anjali Prithvi I: If one was supposed to sum up there relations it would be, "Oh God I just stopped having nightmares and were is that music coming from?" Anjali insane behaviour and well nature has meant that Frankie on the few occasion they have met has experienced her unfiltered mentally unstable mind. To say the least she's not terrified of her but anytime the Indian women moves too quickly, she's grabbing a knife.

    Captain Flamebrand: The C-List hero of the vigilante era in world history has peaked her interest with his action to curb crime in the United States and the recent events bringing the Schools eyes upon him. The greatest interest is his supernatural gifts gained through the injection of the Atlas Serum and hoping to create a better strain or at least one that would make her own abilities more potent. The combination of spiritual science and her own fantastical abilities fed to her by the School. She is awaiting any chance to capture the old vigilante and deliver it to her elders.

    Zola Dumisani: Is like Miguel surprisingly powerful fighter for someone with no esoteric abilities, no biological augmentations, no mechanical ones at that and yet able to spar with the Pulverizer. On one hand she reminds her of herself when she was younger bright eyed a surprising talented girl but also a possible competitor trained by the former heir of the Shadow School. She's muling over the decision if taking out the Pulverizer would be enough or she's has to break her legs before she abandons her dreams.

    Generic start of round interactions:
    "You stand before THE IMMORTAL DRAGON."
    "Every time I leave the Schools grounds the world seems to get worse."

    Character specific interactions:
    "Your a poor claimant for the role."
    "I ain't claiming ****."
    "This is why your unworthy."

    "So many sharks in your mind."
    "Your not getting in there again."
    "Keep telling yourself that."

    Nobutoshi Amari:
    "So you too understand the Shadows folly?"
    "Hardly it just not my passion."
    "Yet you still teach."

    "I thought you would be my rival."
    "Disappointed in my student?"
    "You throw away a legacy."

    Arran Raintree:
    "Your talents and skills could do so much, for us."
    "I'm not for sale if your asking."
    "There are other ways to get what you want."

    "I regret not saving you."
    "Why is that?"
    "Personal failure, mostly."

    Miguel Toledo:
    'You've got talent, I'll give you that."
    "What can I say, it a gift."
    "Still he's so much better then you."

    "Where did you come from?"
    "Oh, want to get to know me?"

    Emile Fischer:
    "I don't need to see you to find you."
    "Well it kinda looks like you do."
    "Very clever."

    "I know your there. I'm not crazy."

    Mista Ditch:
    "I have a shark tank ready for you."
    "He- wait hold on, what!?"
    "Get over here!"

    "Have you thought it over?"
    "I need a little bit."
    "Join us, we can overthrow the old order."

    "A hundred seconds really?"
    "There more clever then you think."
    "Oh, I know... personal experience."

    Director Kuball:
    "Directors it been so long, did you finally get permission?"
    "If I did we'd be cutting you open."
    "Threatening a civilian is grounds for a case, Director."

    "This isn't official channels Director."
    "You were there."
    "Unless you have evidence I was not."

    Anjali Prithvi I:
    "I will buy you a therapist."
    "I've got seven."
    "Are you collecting them?"

    "Your mind is filled with madness like a..."
    "No, a seagull. Loud and annoying."

    Captain Flamebrand:
    "How hot do they burn?"
    "I once set water on fire."
    "Your joking."

    "It either the School or M.O.O.T."
    "Neither, it'll self-destruct before that."
    "All I need is a touch."

    Zola Dumisani:
    "I was once like you."
    "Awesome. Cool. The best!"

    "I don't want to break your legs."
    "As if you could."
    "As if I wanted."

    End of round winning interactions:
    "Every victory is one step closer."
    "I should get a postcard."

    Other random quotes they say during the match:
    "Think on your mortality."
    "I wish you were good enough to fight."

    Any random tidbits: The intention of the idea is bastardisation with Frankie School basically being an inferior organisation pulling from different sources rather then creating something new. I originally had a more Aboriginal Spiritual bent but went with a Telepathic Scientology idea.

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    Default Re: Creating A Fighting Game Roster

    Spoiler: Airgead, The Wolf

    Name: Airgead

    Sex/Gender: Unknown/Agender

    Age: 1,500+

    Nationality: Irish

    Backstory: The gods aren't the only ones to have returned to the world. When they came, they blazed the path for other, smaller beings to follow. One of these is Airgead, one of the werewolves cursed by St Patrick over a thousand years ago. Unlike many of the other supernatural beings, Airgead has taken to modern life like a duck to water, rapidly settling in as a high-end bodyguard and occasional bounty hunter.

    Height: 6'6'' (6'9'' counting hair)

    Appearance: Tall, heavily muscled, and with a wild mane of silver hair that wouldn't be out of place in on an 80s rocker. Airgead dresses in expensive suits cut to keep their figure deliberately androgynous. The first time Airgead transforms (see below) in a fight, the arms of their suit are destroyed. Their canines are unusually long, but the bottom left one is a golden replacement.

    Fighting Style: Berserker. Airgead attacks with wild and savage swings of their fists/claws. They have high damage, high knockback, high movement speed, flinch resistance, and slowly regenerating health. To balance these privileges, they are completely unable to block, their few dodges require both set-up and perfect timing, and their move-set is unsuited for trapping their opponent in a combo, forcing Airgead players to constantly close the distance and trade damage.

    Special move: The moon shines on the battlefield, and Airgead howls, bursting open the torso of their suit and growing patches of silver fur on their arms and face, as well as enormous claws and a mouthful of fangs in their suddenly more lupine muzzle. All their stats increase for the duration of the transformation, most visibly their movement speed and flinch-resistance. When the transformation ends, Airgead takes a moment to readjust their suit. Receiving lots of damage rapidly will charge up Airgead's special move much faster. The arms of their suit are destroyed by the first transformation in a fight, leaving their arm muscles exposed (and fur if they're currently transformed).

    Blood type: Exotic

    Likes: Expensive food and clothes, fighting, silver.

    Dislikes: St Patrick's Day, The Pulverizer, broken contracts.

    Spoiler: Relations to other characters:

    The Pulverizer - Airgead attempted to collect a bounty on Pulverizer. Almost equally matched in strength and toughness, Airgead was able to surprise him and gain the upper hand with their werewolf transformation. The Pulverizer might have lost, but Zola and Nobutoshi happened upon the fight, intervening and forcing Airgead to retreat. The werewolf would have been happy to leave things at that... but then they realized that Pulverizer had taken one of their fangs. They want it back! (Not only has the Pulverizer already lost it; he doesn't even remember taking it. Airgead refuses to believe this).

    Zola and Nobutoshi - Despite the hostility of their initial encounter, Airgead actually quite likes these two. Anyone who cooks a good crab is alright in their books. And anyone who punched Pulverizer in the nuts is more than alright.

    Benkei - Airgead is fascinated and a little offended by Benkei, regarding him as a copy of werewolf powers. They're very curious what and how the battlecat will do in the future. For his part, Benkei regards Airgead as far too mercenary to be trustworthy.

    Director Kuball/M.O.O.T. - A mutual relationship of mixed professional respect and hatred. M.O.O.T. was one of Airgead's first clients (Airgead still being new in the world and not understanding the depths of M.O.O.T.'s hatred for the supernatural). It was of course all a set-up, and M.O.O.T. betrayed the werewolf at the first opportunity. Airgead and the Director respect each others' competence, but she hates them for being an Oddity, and they hate her for breaking the contract.

    Captain Flamebrand - Another failed attempt at a bounty collection, complicated by an attack from M.O.O.T. on the aging superhero. The Captain briefly hired Airgead to help survive and contain the ensuing chaos. Flamebrand still harbors a mild dislike for the mercenary, but is willing to work with them. Airgead thinks Captain Flamebrand is loads of fun.

    Mista Ditch - The two/three haven't actually met, but Airgead has heard the stories from the other characters. Mista Ditch is the only fighter that genuinely intimidates them; Airgead can heal from basically any injury and no one's yet managed to kill them (obviously), but Mista Ditch has the potential to humiliate Airgead, and that actually scares them.

    Spoiler: Quotes:

    Generic start of round interactions:
    "The gods aren't the only ones who've come back."
    "Now that I'm back in the world, I have to admit: I love what you've done with the place!"
    "[howls like a wolf]"

    Interaction 1 with Pulverizer:
    A: "My fang. I want it back."
    P: "Your what now?"
    A: "Stop playing stupid!"

    Interaction 2 with Pulverizer:
    P: "Holy cow, an actual werewolf!"
    A: "Your friends can't save you this time."
    P: "...Who are you again?"

    Interaction with Zola:
    A: "My client's paid good money for protection. That means no nut-shots."
    Z: "Unacceptable. I have rights, you know!"
    A: "My condolences for your loss of freedom."

    Interaction with Arran Raintree:
    A: "You smell like old magic."
    AR: "And you positively reek of it!"
    A: "Thank you... I think."

    Interaction with Mista Ditch:
    MD: "Ooh, this guy's gotta be guarding something good."
    A: [suddenly wary] "Wait... I've heard of you."
    MD: "Oh yeah, something real good."

    Interaction 1 with Director Kuball:
    A: [nods politely] "Director."
    K: [nods politely] "Monster."

    Interaction 2 with Director Kuball:
    K: [nods politely] "Airgead."
    A: [nods politely] "Oath-breaker."

    Interaction 1 with Benkei:
    B: "Wolf, huh? What kind of biotech are you even running?"
    A: "Technology? As if that could ever match my powers."
    B: [fighting stance] "I regret to inform you that it already has."

    Interaction 2 with Benkei:
    A: "[growling] Caaaaat...."
    B: "I do not like the sound of that."

    Interaction with Emile:
    E: "[whispering] There's no way they know I'm here."
    A: [sniffs] "I know you're here, shadowed one. You can't hide from me."
    E: "Gopfertammi."

    Interaction with Captain Flamebrand:
    A: "I like your style, old man!"
    CF: "Pity. I hate yours."
    A: "...You'd better be talking about my mercenary work, and not my look."

    Generic end of round winning interactions:
    "Your bounty is going to buy me so many nice things."
    "[howls at the sky]"

    Character specific end of round winning interactions:
    Benkei: "On the one hand, imitation is the highest form of flattery. But on the other hand, they made you a cat."
    Pulverizer: "[muttering] Where is it, where has he hidden it?"
    Zola: "Wow, I actually feel really bad about this. Ah, well, it'll pass."
    Nobutoshi: "Crap. Now I have to change my dinner plans."
    Director Kuball: "I always get even."

    Other random quotes they say during the match:
    "[laughs maniacally]"

    Airgead doesn't have relationships or dialogue with everyone because they've been around for a comparatively short time, so it makes sense they wouldn't have met the whole cast yet.

    EDIT: Oh, feel free to ping me if you don't like your character's quotes in the interactions. I'm guessing more than a little at their personalities and vocal patterns.
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    When you combine the two most devious, sneaky, manipulative, underhanded, cunning, and diabolical forces in the known universe, the consequences can be world-shattering. Those forces are, of course, players and GMs.
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    Default Re: Creating A Fighting Game Roster

    At the request of the player, I assume control of the characters in this post. The owners of the characters are invited to request additions, alterations, or corrections where they feel it is necessary.

    Spoiler: Arran's Rescue

    The Director, in her moment of triumph, raised her tomahawk high.

    "You have only yourself to blame for your fate!" she cried dramatically, as if reciting a line for an unseen audience.

    Arran lay unmoving in the mud mixed with crushed clamshells.

    The Director screamed, dropped her weapon, and tore the concealed earbuds from her ears. As she flung them aside, a thrumming roar fell from the sky at the head of a tail of smoke.

    It was an augment suit. A piece of ancient history brought to life by an insane geriatric.

    "Flamebrand!" she hissed as she retrieved her ax and assumed a fighting stance.

    "Director Kuball, we meet again, hopefully for the last time."

    "Code 3, positive ID Subject 0092, report and deploy."

    "Funny thing about electronics: they can be jammed. This little piece of Earth is off the grid. But hydraulics and internal combustion engines work just fine."

    The director stepped back, putting Arran's body between herself and the flaming exosuit.

    "Director, I remind you that you stand between two vessels containing 20,000 gallons of high octane gasoline and a 40,000 gallon diesel fuel tank. You kill the boy, and I have no reason to not light them up. Won't hurt me even a little."

    "You wouldn't! You're a hero! Heros don't kill!"

    "Depends on what I'm killing. A corrupt government bureaucrat that has assumed the role of judge, jury, and executioner? Young folks today would have far more sympathy for a slimy rattlesnake than for you."

    "Snakes are not slimy..."

    "It's a metaphor!" The Captain's shout was accompanied by a flare from the joints and interfaces of his armor.

    With uncanny grace Director Kuball dodged between the tanks and Captain Flamebrand shot skyward over them.

    From a hiding place behind the rusty Texaco sign a white ceramic bowl with a lid floated toward the inert body. The bowl landed on Arran's belly as shots rang out in the background. The lid flipped off and a glob of red-brown paste scooped itself from the bowl and smeared itself into the bloody wound on Arran's shoulder.

    Arran grunted and tried to raise his head.

    "Guten tag, Hexendoktor. We must move quickly now, I shall help. Do not use that arm. A moment, the medicine... And the axe, warum nicht? Here we go!"

    Arran's right arm appeared to be floating up and pulling the half-limp, staggering young man toward the swamp at the end of the fuel dock. With difficulty the arm pulled him onto the dock and let him sit with his legs over the edge.

    A rippling in the air caused a low, long boat to appear. The bow rope raised and tensed, the flat bow bumped Arran's legs, and he slowly fell forward onto the boat, once again lead by his right arm. The rippling air wrapped around the nearly inert body causing Arran to vanish. The bow rope flipped onto the deck and the boat bobbed violently.

    Two outboard motors with Evinrude stickers above very large 85s roared to life, first one, then the other, and the boat rumbled backwards into the broad canal. As the bow turned more or less into the channel, the engines roared, the bow shot up to a thirty degree slope, and the boat rapidly gained speed, kicking white froth over the brown water. As the boat came to level, it's bottom hydroplaning with only the lower sections of the outboards under the water's surface, it appeared as though the boat drove itself down the canal towards Lake Bourne at reckless speed.

    A moment later a comet shot up from the old boatyard ahead of a tail of black smoke as a series of shots from large caliber weapons punctuated its departure.

    Arran woke in a strange place. Sunlight filtered by cambric curtains printed with tiny white flowers lit a room with decidedly feminine decor and the scent of lavender and talc. And another scent: pan-fried fish.

    A twinge reminded him of his wound. It didn't hurt, but there was a rigidity to the scar. He had been out long enough for the wound to heal.

    His medicine bag was on its thong. It felt heavier. Inside was a one-ounce Carmex pot, and inside that was a red-brown paste which smelled of rust. He put it back. How it got there he did not know, but he felt that it belonged.

    His clothes were clean, and lying on the back of a chair. He dressed, then opened the bedroom door. A long hallway had a stairway down. Voices, a sizzling sound, and the smell of fried fish came up from below.

    A large foyer, a much larger parlor and dining room to either side, and a grand double door were all decorated in a feminine style that Mama would love. The voices came from an open door beneath the stairs.

    Grampa was at a very large stove tending a cast iron skillet. And a man older than Grampa was perched on a stool at the kitchen table.

    "He is risen," Grandpa said before he turned with a scrub-beard and a smile on his face. "Breakfast?"

    "Bathroom," Arran said.

    The old man with a fringe of white hair and a white handlebar moustache just made for twirling pointed, then said, "The toilet is backwards. Flush twice."

    Spoiler: The Plan

    A much refreshed Arran came out of the restroom, his hair restored to its usual puffball appearance.

    "I suppose you have questions?" the old man asked as he twisted an end of his moustache. "Where do you want to begin?"

    "With what I know. Then you can fill in the rest."

    "What do you know then?"

    "You are Captain Flamebrand, he is my Grampa, and The Ghost is somewhere near."

    "I am here, Hexendoktor."

    A white ceramic bowl slid on the table, its lid came off, and the goo that was in the lip balm pot in his medicine bag was smeared on the inside of the mostly empty bowl. It swirled around, and a small glob came up to smear itself on an invisible surface.

    The surface took on definition, then color. A long, thin face, clean-shaven, and pale white with pink cheeks, nose, and chin revealed itself, as did the fingers used to apply the goo. With a final rub, pale blue eyes were revealed, blinking away the excess ointment.

    "Take a good look, it only lasts an hour or so," Grampa said. "Sit and eat, boy."

    A plate with two small fish slid across the table.

    "How did you get here, Grampa?"

    "In an airplane. Herr Emile needed me to fly it while he got you settled in. You put up something of a fight before we finally got you settled in."

    "You haven't flown since the war."

    "Korea was long ago, and his plane wasn't an O-1, but it all came back to me."

    "Why an airplane, and where are we now?"

    "Switzerland, about forty clicks East of Baden. I thought the Director might try to question your groBvater about your destination, which I had not given him, and for now this place is as safe as anywhere."

    "The Director isn't the kind to care much for borders," Captain Flamebrand muttered.

    "What is that stuff you used to make yourself appear, Ghost?"

    "You should know, Herr Doctor. You sent me for it. I found a few other things as well. I was curious why you sent for very specific items, so I went to ask, and discovered that others were interested in you as well. So I called for help and I watched. Your ability to see into the future is flawed."

    "I don't see into the future."

    "I do," said Grampa, "And I see that your fish are getting cold. Eat, boy!"

    He picked a lump of meat near the tail and ate. Another, then another bite followed, and then he only paused to retrieve tiny white bones from his mouth. As he ate he learned how to avoid the little bones, and in minutes two fried fish were gone, with only breadcrumbs and bones to give proof of their passing.

    As Arran munched the crispy tails, Grampa said, "Seems this Director has bones to pick with all of you. And it seems like you might be better off not getting caught. And it seems like you each have something the others lack. From where I sit, it looks like you three should work together."

    Grampa pulled a heavy object from his pocket and set it on the table. The head of a tomahawk with a chunk of the handle still in it. "Shame I never taught you the ax, but it was not a traditional weapon of our people. Fishing spears, hunting spears, bird point arrows, yes. Tomahawks are Northern folks' tool. About time I corrected that oversight."

    "Herr Raintree, you appear to be suggesting an alliance."

    Captain Flamebrand said, "We tried that back in the day. MOOT and corporate security infiltrated and killed or captured most of us with the support of the bureaucracy of several governments."

    "So don't advertise. Call on people when you need their talents, use yours to help people like you, don't ask for real names."

    The four sat around the table talking as the color slowly leeched from Emile's face. And they were still talking when he had gone completely invisible.

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    Working on another story section. Not done yet, but posting to keep the thread from dying before I finish. Also got another character ready to go that ties into the story section, and this one is a little spicy!
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    When you combine the two most devious, sneaky, manipulative, underhanded, cunning, and diabolical forces in the known universe, the consequences can be world-shattering. Those forces are, of course, players and GMs.
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