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    Default Re: [IC] Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

    “Leave that to me,” Yikkol says confidently. “I’ve hurt him before and can do so again.”

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    Default Re: [IC] Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

    It was relief to finally enjoy some peace and quiet. From inside their Tiny Hut, it was almost possible for the fellowship to forget they were in the cursed land of Barovia, surrounded by creatures of the night and the dreadful Mist. Some howling could be heard in the distance, but after Ezmerelda put down and entire pack, even the wish to please their master wasn't enough to convince the animals to approach the camp. They enjoyed a long and peaceful rest, interrupted only by the feeling of duty towards the end of the Devil Strahd. Remaining in the safety of the Hut was tempting, but there was still a lot to be done, and their enemy grew stronger with every passing hour.

    Once they got to the courtyard of Castle Ravenloft, thin rain started to fall yet again. Dark clouds gloomed in the horizon, signaling another storm on its way.

    "This is where we must part ways." Ezmerelda faced the Main Entrance, am mix of anticipation and daring visible in her eyes. "If you find me in there, ask me exactly as follows: In the shadows, where moonlight fears to tread... and I will reply: Whispers dance with the forgotten, echoing in the cryptic silence. My master will also be able to identify you through this password."

    Her expression became sharp like a stone: "If I fail to answer correctly, no matter how trustworthy I sound, attack immediately. It will either be an illusion, or I my mind will be under control."

    Before finally parting ways, she offered the party a few flasks of holy water. "This is a concoction my master brews. It's just like holy water, but stronger." She smiled with confidence. "We shall meet again, on the other side."

    * * *

    At the back of the keep, behind towering buttresses and tall, boarded-up stained-glass windows, a small garden struggles to survive. Small flowers press skyward against the gloom. A pair of large iron gates blocks the way to some kind of overlook.

    Dark clouds overhead drizzle constantly. A flagstone avenue passes between empty outbuildings, leading to a stone-paved overlook. The overlook has a low stone wall adorned with outward-facing gargoyle carvings.

    A flash of lightning illuminates the dismal village of Barovia, its rooftops visible above a smothering blanket of fog one thousand feet below.

    Underneath the platform on which you stand, about one hundred feet down, a stone construction protrudes from the cliff face. Three dirt-caked windows are set into it.

    Going around the castle, the party finds:

    This courtyard northeast of the keep is enclosed by towering walls. A stone carriage house with hinged wooden doors stands silent in the corner where the outer walls meet. Across from the carriage house, a slender wooden door reinforced with iron bands leads into the keep.

    Spoiler: OOC
    At this point you can climb/fly down the overlook, go around the castle or make your way back.
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    Default Re: [IC] Expedition to Castle Ravenloft


    Bori signals to the others that he is going to check the coach house fiorambushes. He and Nethis ride up to the side of doorway quietly and listen out for anything lurking inside

    Spoiler: Actions
    Stealth (1d20+5)[7]

    Perception (1d20+6)[11] or (1d20+6)[19]

    Edit: but the fastieth's claws slide on the slick stone of the courtyard, breaking the silence with a loud scrabbling.
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