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    Default Re: Tomboys and Troublemakers pt 3

    Jasmine spread word that she'd opened up a small clinic to treat the sick. Whenever someone suffering from illness came, she'd done the best she could to help alleviate their suffering. While she worked, the actor she'd hired was hanging around wearing prop armor and holding an oversized fake sword. The actor was dumb as a brick, but was happily telling all her patients that he was 'Bruno Imperialis' and that he'd come to Mousillion with a magic sword to kill a plague demon. Her patients shied away from the man, but her little gambit worked. After a few days, late one evening, a horde of plague cultists attacked. The actor took one look at them and took to his heels running; Jasmine didn't bother to see if he'd escaped. For she'd chosen the spot her clinic was at very well; about midway down a hill on a very narrow street. So when she saw that a dozen diseased looking men led by a huge malformed brute were heading up the street towards her clinic, she gave the signal to release the dung-cart. Yes, the dung cart soaked in as much rotten grease as she'd been able to get from Ezekiel. Her thugs lit the cart on fire and gave it a heave out of its hiding place on top of the hill.

    The look on the cultist's faces when they spotted the flaming mass heading straight for them was priceless; and Jasmine scurried out of the top of the building and over the roofs away from the screaming. The brute lasted the longest, and began rolling in the muck to try and put out the clinging flames, so Jasmine put a bullet in him to put him down for good. "Sorry about the cart, I guess ya won't get yer deposit back" she told Ezekial later. He knew enough not to ask questions, and Jasmine found herself surprising unable to care too much about the actor's fate.

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    Default Re: Tomboys and Troublemakers pt 3

    Wighard is ready for the worst when he treats Bruno, especially as how his record with the former roadwarden isn't the best

    He is ready with rotgut and swabs to clean the thing out thoroughly, but when he gets a good look at it he realises that the wound is already clean and pristine like cutting into a raw steak

    He even calls over Bertelis and Jasmine to verify what he's seeing, then gives it a look over in magesight. There's a faint aura of the divine about it, which is a relief because that means its probably not a side effect from him

    For whatever reason you seem Blessed by Shallya, I don't know how long that will last, or why, but for as long as it does you get to take point against Nurglists


    Wighard is only semi-ironic, because he knows that if a Deity is bothering with a mortal, they've got a good reason and that usually means you are going to end up somewhere nasty and hostile.

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    Default Re: Tomboys and Troublemakers pt 3

    Bruno was quite philosophical about the whole thing. There was little he could change about it and any help in this forsaken country was more than welcome
    "Well, I have my own axe to grind with the nurglites," he said, "and any divine help is most certainly welcome. We'll worry about the rest as soon as we have gotten rid of this infection of chaos. If anything, it should prove to the Sigmarites back home that I'm not a follower of nurgle like some of my family members. Shallya would never bless me if I was."
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