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    Default Re: What is your Dungeon Master's Class?

    Paladin/Wizard multiclass
    Quote Originally Posted by OvisCaedo View Post
    Rules existing are a dire threat to the divine power of the DM.

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    Default Re: What is your Dungeon Master's Class?

    Barbarian/Druid/Wizard myself. I love details, worldbuilding and epic battles.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drakeburn View Post
    The reason I'm a stickler for RAW, and lean heavily into combat/point-buy systems than roleplaying is because of my high-functioning ASD.
    This made me smile because I'm also high-functioning ASD, but I'm exactly the opposite on the first point: I consider it one of the most important parts of being a DM to know when to adapt or entirely disregard RAW.

    Having said that, this is something which has come with long experience, when I was younger I treated the rules as something almost sacred.

    I still prefer numbers to roleplaying though

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    Default Re: What is your Dungeon Master's Class?

    I'd probably say I have some sort of druid/monk mix.

    I do love me some world building, and hate using miniatures unless its an in-person game; which I haven't experienced in years.

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    Default Re: What is your Dungeon Master's Class?

    Druid/Fighter/Barbarian, a lot of these. Big world full of nasty things that are good at killing :)

    Wizard some, I take a lot of notes, but I have learned to leave room for crazy decisions.
    Bard also some, I do the voices, they probably sound terrible but only one player has ever begged for mercy :P

    Artificer and Rogue a little, I like making maps and puzzles.
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