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    Default Re: Completely Inconsequential Hot-Takes 2: People Take Too Long to Post New Threads

    Quote Originally Posted by Bohandas View Post
    Hot Take: While most people are astute enough to realize that the Imperium from WH40K is bad, I would go further with the take that the Imperium are THE villains, par excellance, of the setting, and that the forces of Chaos are the de facto heroes.

    All of the Chaos gods, except Khorne, embody a dichotomy of both bad and good. Slaanesh is the god of suffering but also of pleasure. Nurgle is the god of death but also of life. Tzeentch is the god of both dread and hope. The Imperium, conversely, doesn't have anything to offer except for hopelessness, pain, and death. The necrons and Eldar offer nothing but hopelessness and death, and the orks have nothing to offer but death. Only Chaos is of any good to anyone, and they are the galaxy's last, best hope against the evil of the Imperium.
    Similar take, but in regard to a different game series: In Fallout New Vegas, the Powder Gang, Fiends, Vipers, and Jackals are significantly better people than the Legion. While the game (and some of the players) occasionally tries to portray gangs, raiders, and bandits as worse than the Legion, the fact of the matter is that Vault 3, Vault 19, and the overthrown correctional facility aren't decorated wall to wall with torture victims the way most Legion encampments are. The closest thing any of the raider factions has to that is the leg on a meathook outside vault 3.
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    Default Re: Completely Inconsequential Hot-Takes 2: People Take Too Long to Post New Threads

    Inconsequential hot take: I should try out a Fallout game sometime.
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