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    Default Forum display breaking down?

    I don't know reproducible this issue is, but I figured it would probably good to get Rawhide's eyes on this.

    This page is borked beyond belief in Firefox and Edge (don't have Chrome installed to test).

    Observed behavior across Firefox normal mode, private mode, and Edge:

    Code immediately preceding borked formatting:

    <div class="bbcode_container">
    	<div class="bbcode_quote">
    		<div class="quote_container">
    			<div class="bbcode_quote_container"></div>
    				<div class="bbcode_postedby">
    					<img src="images/sand/misc/quote_icon.png" alt="Quote" /> Originally Posted by <strong>glass</strong>
    					<a href="showthread.php?p=25911954#post25911954" rel="nofollow"><img class="inlineimg" src="images/sand/buttons/viewpost-right.png" alt="View Post" /></a>
    				<div class="message"></li><li style="">Also, I am going to need a citation on &quot;rounds are exactly six seconds long in 5e&quot; rather than the &quot;<i>approximately</i> six seconds&quot; they are in older editions. It's obviously bad if its true, but also pretty easy to ignore.</div>
    </div>I am AFB atm, and am not a 5E expert, so I could be mistaken about this one. I am certain the 3E PHB glossary defines a round as six seconds.<br />
    This is lines 2599 to 2612.

    Unsure if this is only on my end, but it seems fairly persistent. Just wanted to make sure that the bug report was logged.
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    Default Re: Forum display breaking down?

    I can confirm this happens for me on Edge too, so it isnt just you.
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    Default Re: Forum display breaking down?

    Fixed. .

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