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    Default Re: Scion: Hero (IC)

    Mateusz was taking deep breaths. The fight was quite tiresome and he felt like he could not perform good enough. Thanks godness, the friends of his were better at fighting enemies.

    - Hm... what do we do now? - he asked, looking at the mess they have done - We have the dagger, right? So... to our benefactor, then? - he wondered aloud.
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    The fight was... over? Brand swallowed down what was probably a berserker laugh brewing in his chest; there was a time and place for that, and this was neither. Still, he allowed himself a small smile. The brawl had been challenging, and by extension satisfying, in a way that scrapping with mortals simply couldn't provide for him anymore.

    He let the others take point on talking with their unexpected allies, the Satyrs, and relaxed against a nearby wall. He'd fronted negotiations the first time because an ambush had been a very real possibility, but this time perception was called for more than being built like a tank.

    Quote Originally Posted by Liliana
    "Max, Brand, I hate to ask more of you when you're already tired, but there'll probably be one last angry cultist through the door over there." She pointed through the door she just came through. "I could put him down, but my way would be a lot more final." She held up her gun demonstratively.
    She clearly didn't mind asking more of them at all, and he suppressed another chuckle; what with the talk of needing to murder a mortal victim, that would hardly be appropriate or diplomatic. Not that it would ever have come to that, but the Satyrs didn't know that.
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