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    d20 Re: Doom of Daggerdale 3.5 (IC)

    With a look of contempt, Nanes-Il outstretches a hand and readies to discharge magical energy at the foes...

    Out of Character: Actions
    Casting magic missile at the wood wose.

    Nanes-Il - Magic Missile - Fae Creature: (3d4+3)[9]
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    Default Re: Doom of Daggerdale 3.5 (IC)

    The party recovers from the initial shock of the attack and responds in kind. The enraged Ganzaya chops down one of his assailants, while Udro's fire, Delmuth's arrows, and Il-Nanes' magic accounts for the other. Faurgar trades vicious blows with his assailant, but the odd plantlike fibers of his opponent are less vulnerable than a human foe.

    Only one nightshade remains, but it fights on madly.

    Fuargar takes a total of 12 damage
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