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    Default Character sheet as a deck of cards

    I am wondering if my memory is mistaken about this. I remember having an option of printing off my character sheet with the online character builder in the format of each power being the displayed in roughly the dimensions of a trading card. My d&d characters could go into the same storage container as my Magic the Gathering Decks.

    Instead of playing spells, I played powers?
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    Default Re: Character sheet as a deck of cards

    Yes, you could do that. Most players in my area printed it like that and then crossed out powers they used; I was one of the few that actually made a deck out of it. Especially for characters that don't have the same powers every day (i.e. wizards) that's very useful.
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    Default Re: Character sheet as a deck of cards

    I recall part of the beginner's boxes were card cutouts for each of the powers, but I dunno if there were bigger sheets available for purchase. I might even have one of those sheets still lying around.

    But as far as the modifiers, you'd probably have to keep track of that elsewhere.

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    Default Re: Character sheet as a deck of cards

    The character generator would spit out cards with all of a character's active powers, including their modifiers. There were also purchasable boxed decks of power cards by power source and class, which also included NEW powers unique to those boxed sets (which is great and horrible for completionists). I think those powers were included in the online chargen, but obviously not available now.

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