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    Default Re: Works where you were surprised to learn you were in the minority of viewers

    Quote Originally Posted by Zevox View Post
    If you'd like some evidence regarding that theory, I would be evidence against it. Have played the first game plenty of times, including multiple times before ME2 came out, but nonetheless consider ME1 the weakest of the trilogy by a significant margin. Still good, but far less so than its sequels.

    I would imagine that's likely indicative of most people seeing the romances as only a minor part of what makes the games good, personally. Worth mentioning, but not something that will define which they think is best.
    Yeah. That. The Romance is more content with a character I like, and often very interesting and emotional content, but the sex scenes are all somewhere between totally uninteresting or actively cringey to watch. Overall, I'd say the Romances are on about the same level as the Citadel content in ME3: just more time spent with the characters, but having a drink or going to a party or shooting a Blasto Movie would be just as good or better.
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