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    Default Permissible content in PbP Games

    What content is allowed/not allowed in PbPs here? I'm specifically asking about the use of drugs by characters.
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    Default Re: Permissible content in PbP Games

    The Mod Ogre: Hi! I would suggest starting with the forum rules.

    If you search for "Inappropriate topics", you'll find that "Illegal Drugs" are explicitly noted as a forbidden topic.
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    Default Re: Permissible content in PbP Games

    Some helpful advice from a previous time this came up:

    Quote Originally Posted by Roland St. Jude View Post
    Sheriff: What your characters do in-game is entirely fictional and not, generally, a problem. The main thing is to keep such discussions out of the Out-Of-Character threads. The other thing to stay on the right side of the line is to borrow a concept from games and other media involving graphic sexuality - fade to black. There's no reason that a character, even IC, needs to spell out exactly how to make a drug or exactly where (in a RL city) to buy a drug. Use some abstraction, generalization, and other narrative tools to avoid spelling out criminal activity too explicitly. And, as with all IC games, be sure that all the participants are on the same page about the content.

    Now when it comes to discussing, say in the Roleplaying Games section, growing, producing, or selling drugs as a cash crop, that's probably not allowed. It's theoretically possible to discuss such a thing without discussing the real world, but practically speaking, a thread like that is going to cross the line so soon and so much, it'd probably be closed on sight. If the OP does a great job, that person might avoid violating the Forum Rules, but it's hard to imagine many responses that don't rely on the real world drug trade to answer.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rawhide View Post
    If I might offer a suggestion, it might be easier and better if in your fictional world you invent a new drug with a different name. In your world, it can operate in a similar way, but then it is not bound by people's expectations of real world knowledge, and further distances it from the real world.
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