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    Default Graphic oddities

    I'm seeing the [<down arrow>page x of x] box overlapping the [reply to thread] box on some pages, particularly in the case of the Gunnerkrig Court thread where x is currently 38, I think there have been others.

    I'm using the current Firefox on Windows 7, and my screen resolution is 1920 * 1200.

    <edit to add>

    There are definitely others, I think it's all threads over some length, Girl Genius does it, the others near 50 pages do it if I notice, I usually don't notice.


    The limit is really short, I saw it in a thread with 12 pages, it seems most threads don't become that long.

    This is a relatively new thing, I've definitely not seen it before, it could have started a couple of weeks before I posted about it, but I don't think much more than that.

    <edit 3>
    Okay, it's odder than that. 12 pages in a thread does it, 14 doesn't, 16 doesn't. It seems it's not just me not noticing, sometimes it doesn't actually happen.
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