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Ciao :)

Stereotypically, Southern Italian are more friendly and warm then Northern. This is not always true, of course, but it's easy to see happy smiling faces with strangers in Campania or Sicily then in Piedmont where I live. Then the most warm place after Campania is Romagna, for my experience. And immigrants to the states are all from Sicily just in the movie: I had a grand-uncle that went to Detroit from Turin ;)

BUT I need to say, Sigonella here is not always seen as a good thing. There are many prejudice, expecially in some part of the societ: I won't get political here, let's just say the ones that liked the big M don't like american people. And this is a lot less common in Campania or in the North West where I live.
Grazie Mille. We fell in love with Vera Pizza Napoletana while in Bella Napoli.

We can rarely find a place that has earned that certification. When we do, we patronize it.