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    Default Reincarnation Wars Setting Vote(s)?

    So, there's this role play called Reincarnation Wars that I host on various different websites now and then. Usually these are set in modern times or the near future.

    Recently I've come up with a list of nine themes, in addition to the Weird West theme in the role play I'm a player in right now. They are:
    Age Of Piracy
    Atom Punk (Maybe in the Fallout universe.)
    Medieval Fantasy (Anything from faux Athurian up to the end of the Middle Ages, just overlapping into the early Renaissance.)
    The New World Frontier (Think New England territories/French Indian War, Or The American Revolution, probably in a setting similar to the real world history of those days.)
    Age Of Myth (Heroes set in an all new world inspired by Greek myth(s).)
    Cyberpunk (Whether Shadowrunnish or not. Could have magic like Shadowrun or not.)
    Stone Ages (Neolithic, Mesolithic and Paleolithic Tribes.)
    1940's Noir (I gotta try this out some time. Maybe the players could be detectives from this era, with a setting like the 1940's in America.)
    Sword And Sorcery (Like Conan The Barbarian's era.)

    I have a question, which do you consider the most interesting for a Reincarnation Wars role play, where the player characters are people from these settings that are reincarnations of fictional characters from our own world? Maybe cast a vote for which one you'd most like to see, and why?
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