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    Default Re: Necessary Evil by Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition

    Sovereign is done, I believe, and ready for review. Reposting here for ease of location:

    Also, I didn't get any follow up to Improved Mass to Move Object, considering the ensuing talk. If you do accept her (big 'if'), could you give me your final ruling on that with the talk considered? And I'll edit it in.



    "In the end, all of my enemies will be mine. Mind, body, and if you'd like, soul."

    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 145lbs
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Green
    Age: Appears mid-twenties, but her longevity means she could be in her 30s or 40s.
    Distinguishing Features: Unusually tall for her gender.

    Her general, overarching goal in life: "Have you ever read Plato's The Republic? I was born in America which was fostered more along the Aristotelian lines of thought, but I think over-all Plato had the right idea about people and what they need. He wrote about Kallipolis, the perfect society helmed by Philosopher Kings, he just didn't ever wager it'd be someone like me that realised it."

    - To repel the alien invaders. This isn't their world to conquer.

    - To use their technology to build a network of Psychic Amplifiers across North America and become the Philosopher Queen of modern Kallipolis.

    Public Image, Recognition and Brief History:
    Sovereign is a publicly known and greatly feared Supervillain of the modern area. Her powerful psychic mind and ability to reach in to read and control peoples thoughts have been demonstrated to have potentially devastating consequences, while her invulnerability and regenerative powers have made her an incredibly difficult target of assassination. What makes Sovereign particularly dreaded is the unseen range of her mind, as she has been recorded neutralising enemies and reading peoples minds from dozens of miles away, without even being in the same state. After all, what's to stop her from plucking from the highest authority the location of ballistic missile submarines, traveling to their locations, discerning their positions and psychically dominating their crews into launching some nukes at a foreign country? Terrifyingly little. If ever there was a case for the vigilance and pro-active measures of meta-human super hero teams, supervillains like Sovereign are Exhibit A, so hopefully those teams don't go and get themselves mostly killed by, oh wait...

    Unknown to the public, Sovereign, or Zara Darrows, was a former up-and-coming Air Force Lieutenant and pilot with the callsign 'Sovereign'. However her life was forever altered during a routine patrol over the skies of Afghanistan, when the radiation of a close-falling, tiny asteroid downed her aircraft. The crash almost killed her, but radiation of the falling rock entirely seeped into her body and re-wrote whole regions of her genetic code, granting her psychic powers and near invulnerable physical body. However, the Air Force lost any jurisdiction over her as the shadowy Agency claimed her, citing its purview of military personnel coming into contact with objects of an extra-terrestrial variety. As far as the Air Force records go, Lieutenant Zara Darrow was KIA while deployed overseas. The real Zara Darrows, however, disappeared into the shadowy world of government-metahuman relations and international espionage, where a powerful Telepath like her could make or break entire operations. Using her abilities, the Agency was able to uncover whole networks of foreign intelligence operatives working within the continental United States, ripping them out of society root and stem. If the Agency had not been so callous and utilitarian with Zara herself, things might have gone very differently.

    So Sovereigns handlers, her desertion came as a surprise, and a particularly nasty one at that. But to those who had been paying attention, it was telegraphed for months. In her down time, Sovereign had taken to reading, as it was one of the few hobbies she could pursue that didn't interfere with her work. In particular, she resonated with Plato's The Republic, and Kallipolis, the ideal city-state that was helmed by Philosopher Kings who guided a caste society where the individual found contentment in their contribution to the whole. However, the book also touches on the themes of immortality, with Sovereign realising she would not out-live all human institutions, democratic, monarchic, authoritarian or otherwise, and in time she would accumulate the wisdom of the ages to guide, yet she was surrounded by self-interested people pursuing short-term benefit at the behest of their own immediate needs. Sovereign cast the Agency off from her and went her own way, and none of them had the power to stop her. Soon emerging onto the world stage as Sovereign, in her iconic black-and-dark green outfit with a half-cape cowl, the aristocratic looking telepath set about to destroy the political institutions of North America while gathering the technology to build a network of Psychic Amplifiers across the continent so that Kallipolis would be made manifest.

    Public Infamies:

    - Acted as a sort of Big Bad for the rogues gallery of an up-and-coming 20s something super team out of Seattle called G-Force, until she "neutralised" them all, first by mind-controlling the groups paragon and having him smash the team wizards face in, before crushing the rest in a psychic blackhole like a car compactor.

    - Publicly humiliated and destroyed the reputation of Nike, a national sweetheart and paragon whose private fantasies and secrets she plucked from her head and mentally transmitted to the whole nation, followed by psychically dominating her on live TV news into kissing her feet. Nike swiftly retreated into the anonymity of private life and has never been seen since.

    - Her noted battle with the energy manipulator Gravitex which pushed both combatants to their limits, until Sovereign retreated to orbit where she used her opponents gravity-manipulating powers to wrench a commercial satellite out of orbit and crush him beneath its trajectory.

    - Fought the reality-warping and drone producing supervillains Dr Aurora, with Sovereign having to rely on her Telekinetic powers until finally smacking off Dr Aurora's telepathy-resisting helmet, killing her, and destroying the wicked device by sending it on a trajectory with the sun.

    - Once transmitted the Presidents credit card numbers and highly sensitive Federal Reserve financial information into the minds of everyone in North America, just for fun. She didn't hold anyone to ransom, she didn't demand action from the citizen body etc she did it simply because she could and thought it would be funny.

    The Interview:

    A super hero couple agreed to give an anonymous interview on the nature of their interaction with Sovereign, following their experienced and successful teams encounters with the Psychic. It did not go well:

    Spoiler: The Anonymous Interview
    [Anonymous interview footage; unremarkable, dimly lit hotel room; two darked out figures sit on screen, one clearly male and slumped shoulders, head hanged in shame, the other a female, upright, arms folded over her chest, head looking away. Both are clearly wearing super hero costumes, but the identity is darkened out by shadow for anonymity.]

    Male, voice dejected: "I...yeah...okay, I spent a few weekends with her. In secret."

    Female, accusingly: "Oh just a few weekends? Those times you told me you were out of town at your mothers place because she was sick? And who's her?!"

    Male: "You know who..."

    Female: "Go on, say that bitches name! Say it to the camera right there, let people hear it."

    Male, sighing: "Sovereign."

    Female: "Ugh! Just the thought of you...with...her, that soulless, vile, disgust - "

    Male: "Hey - come'on! I know she's big scary 'I want to enslave you all!' in public, but in person...when she's had a few cognacs, she's actually kinda sweet, easy to talk to. She's actually a total dork, she loves sci fi, her favourite movie is Alien! I thought I could fix her, you know? Get her to stop being evil and stuff."

    Female, becoming visibly agitated: "Fix her?! Do you remember what she did to Nike? She's evil! Oh yeah, I bet you did a lot of 'fixing her' on those weekends! Ugh, just the thought of you...with her, like that, arrgh, *visibly shuddering* makes my skin crawl!"

    Male, also becoming visibly agitated: "Oh good, that's great, yeah I'm just so disgusting, aren't I? The idea that someone could find me desirable! Well maybe if you took a note out of her book I wouldn't have been tempted in the first place!"

    Female, oscilating in fury: "Whu-wha-wh....what?!? How dare you! So this is my fault now?! You cheated on me - several times! With that blonde cow, and yet you're the victim?!"

    Male: "'Not tonight, I've got a headache', 'not tonight, I'm tired', 'not now, I'm stressed' - funny how you don't have any of those problems when it's time to hang around with your boring, a$$hole friends! Gee I wonder why when she came along I actually felt wanted! Like I mattered!"

    Female: "Oh like you matter, bull****! When Liga de los Valientes, or whoever the hell they were, from Latin America came up to help us fight the cartels - what was her name?"

    Male, sighing, folding his arms and shaking his head: "Not her again, I told you - nothing happened!"

    Female, voice raised: "Aqua Doritos or something!"

    Male: "Águila Dorada - it means Golden Eagle in English"

    Female: "Ohh so it's been that long yet you still remember her name perfectly! You can't remember any of my friends from last week, but somehow you can remember Ms Golden Ass, or whatever the hell her name is! You and the rest of the boys couldn't take your eyes off of that part of her!"

    Male: "You and your insecurities, I told you, nothing happened! We chatted, she barely spoke English, she was just a nice girl!"

    Female: "Oh sure, so sweet, such a nice girl! She'd didn't need to speak English when you two were eye-****ing each other at every briefing!"

    Male: "I was the one giving the briefings - she was paying attention!"

    Female: "Oh bull****! 'Ohh she made me feel like I mattered!' You're just a dog with a bone, go and run off back to that blonde, mind-raping whore you pig, and boo-hoo cry in her arms! I know how quick you really are so you'll both have plenty of time to watch stupid movies!"

    Male: "Yeah maybe I will! What am I, you're fifth boyfriend in a year? Ever wonder why you can't keep a man? Where you going to find your next partner, when you're shopping for cat food, wine and frozen dinners for one?"

    Female, standing up abruptly and slapping the camera down: "This interview is over! Get the hell out! I hate you, I hope she turns you into a drooling imbecile!"

    Male: "Least I wouldn't have to listen to your nagging crap anymore - I hate you more!!"

    Female: "How dare you, bastard - I'll - " *Sounds of superpowers being used*

    [Interview abruptly ends]

    Since the Invasion:

    Following the V'Sori invasion, Sovereign was oddly quiet. Though never a regular world threat, whenever she took the stage, people noticed. It was for that reason her relatively quiet activity during and after the V'Sori invasion was noted. While super-heroes attempted to fight the invaders off with limited success, some supervillains joined them, or took opportunity of the chaos to crave out their own little fiefs that would inevitably be swallowed up by the aliens when they consolidated their power in the wake of their victory. Sovereign, however, watched. Unless slain, she would live forever - why waste her life now on such nonsense? Instead, the Telepath sought to leverage the situation as best she could, even considering approaching the Aliens and offering her services, in exchange for a commission and place in their victorious administration. However, Sovereign had noticed how the Fins were their pets, and the whole initial valiant rescue was all Kabuki Theatre that showed Sovereign the invaders were nothing if not duplicitous, so she could never trust them. Finally taking a side, Sovereign surreptitiously approached several hold-out cells in Europe where her telepathic abilities proved a fantastically valuable means of undetectable, instantaneous and uncrackable communication between resistance cells, granting them a massive boost in effectiveness that saw a string of successes. Sovereign continued this for two years, keeping her participation relatively low-key, but soon, as with everything, all good things must come to an end, and Sovereign was captured during a raid on a V'Sori production skip.

    However, she has a recording of "Vaporization Day", when the V'Sori turned the collection of cape-heroes and politicians to goo, and though regretting the loss of a number of handsome heroes, Sovereign still sometimes watches it with some popcorn if she ever needs a good, belly-aching laugh.

    ABILITIES (Super/Normal): (48 pp)

    AGILITY: 0
    STAMINA: 12

    DEFENSES (Super/Normal): (32pp)
    DODGE: 12
    PARRY: 12
    WILL: 14
    Initiative: +8

    POWERS: (87pp)

    "Metahuman Physiology" (Multiple effects, 13 pp)
    - Immunity 3: Aging, Disease, Poison.
    - Regeneration 5: Every 2 rounds.
    - ‘Hovering’, Flight 1: 4 miles/hour, 60 feet/round.
    - Protection 2: +2 Toughness.
    - Quickness 2: -2 time ranks, Limited to one type (Mental)

    "Apex Mind" (74pp, Dynamic Array)

    Main Power:
    - Alt. Power: "Group Mind Control" (Cumulative Burst Area Affliction 9, 56pp)
    1st Degree: Dazed, 2nd Degree: Compelled, 3rd Degree: Controlled, Resisted by Will, Burst Area 60 feet radius sphere, Cumulative, Increased Range 2 (Perception), Subtle 1: (Exotic Sense DC 20), DC 19.

    - Alt. Power: "Focused Mind Control" (Cumulative Mind Control)
    1st Degree: Dazed, 2nd: Compelled, 3rd: Controlled, Increased Range 2 (Perception), Cumulative, Subtle 1 (DC 20; exotic sense), DC Will 23.

    - Alt. Power: "Telepathy" (Linked Effects)
    - Communication: Mental Area Communication 4: Range: Anywhere on Earth, Area, Rapid, Subtle 2: Undetectable.
    - Comprehend 2: Languages - You’re Understood and understand all languages.

    - Alt. Power: "Mind Reading" (Cumulative Mind Reading 13)
    DC 23, Cumulative, Perception range, Sensory Link, Subtle 2 (Undetectable).

    - Alt. Power: "Psychic Perception" (Multiple Effects)
    - Senses 12: Mental: Counters All Concealment, Penetrates Concealment, Counters Illusion Awareness, Acute, Extended 2 (x1k), Radius, Mass: Counters All Concealment, Penetrates Concealment, Darkvision, Awareness, Acute, Extended 2 (x1k), Radius
    - Enhanced Trait 8: Perception +16.

    - Alt. Power: "Psychic Blast" (Damage 13)
    Increased Range 2 (Perception), DC 28, Alternate Resistance: Will, Affects Insubstantial 2 (Full rank).

    - Alt. Power: "Psi Storm" (Burst Area Damage 13)
    1,200 ft, Burst Area 2 (60 feet radius Sphere), DC 28 (damage).

    - Alt. Power: "Telekinesis" (Move Object 13)
    Increased Range 2 (Perception), Precise, Subtle 2 (Undetectable), Improved Mass 8, Advantages: Improved Grab, Improved Hold, 50,000 tons.

    - Alt. Power: "Mass Telekinesis" (Burst Area Move Object 13)
    1,300 ft range, 200 tons per item, Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, DC 23, Precise, Selective, Advantages: Improved Grab, Improved Hold.

    - Alt. Power: "Telekinetic Flight" (Linked Effects)
    - Flight 11: Speed 4,000 miles/hour, 8 miles/round, Stacks with ‘Hovering’ Flight 1 (8,000 miles/hour, 16 miles/round), Subtle 2 (Undetectable)
    - Immunity 10: Life Support.

    SKILLS: (25pp, 49 ranks)
    Expertise (Science) (Limited: Physical Sciences) +10 (+13), Insight +8 (+11), Intimidation +7 (+11), Perception +4 (+8), Persuasion +8 (+12), Vehicles +9 (+9) (Limited: Fixed-wing Aircraft), Technology +12 (+15).

    ADVANTAGES: (7pp)
    Attractive 1 (Free), Connected (Free), Eidetic Memory, Favoured Environment (Aerials), Fearless (Free), Improved Initiative 2, Inventor, Jack-of-all-trades, Move-by Action, Uncanny Dodge.


    OFFENSE (Super/Normal):
    * Movement (per round): 4 miles/hour, 60 feet/round, 4,000 miles/hour, 8 miles/round or 8,000 miles/hour, 16 miles/round.
    * Initiative N/A
    * Unarmed +2, DC 15
    * Grab +2, DC 10
    * Throwing +0
    * Psychic Blast Auto, DC 27.
    * Psi Storm Auto, DC 27.
    * Telekinesis Auto, DC 27.
    * Mass Telekinesis Auto, DC 26.

    Reputation: Criminal: Infamy: Sovereign is widely known to the public and is considered extremely dangerous as her mind control and mind reading abilities evoke particular fear. Telepaths are thankfully very rare, with most showing great restraint and respect for peoples right to privacy. Not Sovereign. She happily goes through peoples minds and uses it to her advantage. Think of every little action or thought you've ever had, especially the ones that are shameful, that you regret or are just downright cringe. You credit card numbers, accounts and passwords you think are safe? She knows. You cheated on your taxes? She knows. You looked things up on the internet and immediately regretted it? She knows. You cheated on your partner? She knows. You have silly personal fantasies or deviant lusts that you're ashamed of? She knows. There is no thought that is safe from her, and Sovereign has happily pulled those secrets from peoples minds and shared them with the world. The most infamous example was perhaps when she caused the breakup of the up-and-coming superhero team the Winters Family, who were a mother, father and their three teenage kids, all of them super-empowered in some way. It turns out that Mother Winter had been having an affair for three years behind Father Winters back and the eldest son was a kleptomaniac who had stolen thousands in credit card numbers. Ooops.

    Motivation: Power: All the heroes and mud-bloods of the world on all fours and kissing her feet. Everything will be so much simpler when the ‘free will’ of the world becomes ‘her will’.

    Motivation: Greed: Having grown up with very little, Sovereign can sometimes be rather covetous. Nice clothes, jewels, luxurious living, fine dining and wine, she developed expensive tastes during her days of freedom and greatly resents their absence in her apprehension. When the world surrenders its free will to her, it will have no use for the finest goods it can produce - but she will.

    Motivation: Thrills: However, Sovereign has a lot of fun doing what she does. It’s fun to mentally enslave a building full of civilians and put would-be heroes into predicaments concerning their safety. It’s fun to clash in battles with superheroes and government forces. It’s fun to fly at Mach 10.8 into the atmosphere. It’s fun to have a latte in a downtown cafe and pry in on everyone's thoughts, their dirty secrets, their salacious little lies, their hidden desires and shames and their credit card numbers. It’s fun to go to a casino and make hundreds of thousands of dollars at poker because no one can hide their thoughts. It’s fun to dig into the minds of a superhero team and turn them on each other because she can see each members dirty little secrets. It’s fun.

    Quirk: Mental Voyeur: See above. Having worked with team-mates in the past, she'll play good member and refrain from prying into those with whom she cooperates.

    Secret Relationship: Red Knight: In the past, Sovereign had a secret relationship with Red Knight, a prominent paragon and captain of the Enclave, a superhero team based out of New York. He was valorous, charismatic, that chiseled chin, green eyes and sandy-blonde hair won her heart, and for 2 years the two had a secret affair. Literally, as Red Knight was married to The Countess at the time - the female member of the team. The two don’t see each other any more ever since….

    Secret: Red Knight accidentally got Sovereign pregnant. She kept it, delivered a son and gave him up for adoption. Red Knight knows where their secret, illegitimate son is and he watches over him, while Sovereign willingly forsook any connection. It’s the most selfless thing she has ever done, and at her core Sovereign thinks this it is genuinely the best path for her son to not be involved with her. For his part, Red Knight keeps his side of the secret, both out of love of his illegitimate son and shame over how deeply he betrayed his wife, The Countess.

    He Wasn't the Only One: However, Red Knight wasn't the only one. Sovereign has had no less than 5 secret affairs with prominent amel heroes across the continent, all of whom have a public image as upstanding, law-abiding, decent men. Which, in their defence, they are, it's just, well, they're human beings too. That some were married or were in high-profile relationships with prominent super heroines is less excusable.

    Quirk: Model Collection and Quotes: Sovereign has little known, non-evil hobbies. She is a proficient model builder and painter, with a particular fondness for naval ships and science fiction movies, her favorite being Star Wars. In fact, Sovereign has sometimes even quoted some of her favorite lines from the Sci Fi opera (Emperor Palpatine is her favorite character), and a few from another of her other favorite movies, Highlander.

    Quirk: Flirtatious Soft Spot: Sovereign has a soft spot for handsome, confident male super heroes. That genuinely good-hearted, chisel-jawed, cool-headed, boy scout do-gooder, there's something idealistic about it all that cuts through her deeply cynical view of the world. She doesn't go gagga mindless, but she is noticeably kinder to them and gives them a bit more lee-way than she normally otherwise should.

    Quirk: Every Woman for Herself: By the same token, super heroines can expect exactly 0 mercy from Sovereign, as they're all rivals.

    Quirk: Surprisingly Forgiving: Being a telepath and having the worlds thoughts available to you, Sovereign has become very desensitized to the worst humanity has to produce. By experience she knows that even the most well-meaning people that have done a lot of good have or did have, harbored at least one dark impulse throughout their life, however they may have acted on it (or not). Because of this, if there's nothing in it for her one way or another, Sovereign can be surprisingly forgiving of an individuals short-comings.

    Enemy (Law Enforcement): Sovereign is a wanted criminal and considered an extreme threat. Interestingly, she hasn't killed any law enforcement or military personnel that have been sent against her.

    Responsibility (Teammates): Sovereign is surprisingly easy to get along with, despite her own ambitions and far-reaching plans.

    Disability: Half-deaf: A flight accident in the air force granted Sovereign psychic abilities, but it also damaged one of her ear-drums before her regenerative powers were granted. As such, Sovereign is partially deaf in her left ear.

    Power Points: Abilities 48 + Defenses 32 + Powers 87 + Skills 25 + Advantages 7 = 200
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    Default Re: Necessary Evil by Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition

    Antea, supposed vengeful demigoddess is ready to protect earth's children - even if they don't deserve her help.
    The name is "tonberrian", even when it begins a sentence. It's magic, I ain't gotta 'splain why.

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    Default Re: Necessary Evil by Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition

    Ready for Review

    Immunities: Mind Control, Mind Reading

    Spoiler: Concept

    Psychic Gish. I went with a combination of a martial/sword arts from feel from Overlord combined with some of the more traditional psychic style supers abilities. Asuka can fill the role for melee, utility and sneak, even while in the same party as other primary psychics or melee, since she split her points between roles and fights a bit atypically. Basically she is a close range combat psychic who uses stealth and wuxia moves to approach longer ranged foes. She also has a power up steroid in her sword, buuuut it can only be drawn against worthy foes I.e. not minions, unless the minions manage to harm her thus granting them ‘worthy status’, or if her ‘team’ is getting beat around a bunch first. I.e. its not a go to she can just always pull out.

    Spoiler: What sort of evil story do we have here?

    We certainly have a ‘bond villain’ combined with coming of age story. Most of the villain apps I have seen are well established characters, but exactly what does such a story look like for a ‘bond villain’ just starting out? Asuka will certainly need to keep doing the wrong things for the right reasons, both for her clan and for herself. And that does not imply the reciprocal where everyone in her clan, let alone the other clans, is necessarily 100% on board with her. Use and be used, loyalty and betrayal. Sometimes she is going to have a rough road ahead of her just on the home front. Will she be ruthless and cunning enough to navigate such challenges let alone address the aliens? And I am aware that aliens is the primary focus, so this is just some fun side stuff that the GM can employ to make Asuka suffer grow. We also have an exploration of the subjectivity of hero and villain. Kitsune and human views on various matters differ in some regards, as a hero for one is certainly, at least partially, a villain for the other. And, on an individual level there is also a bit of a personality conflict. Kitsune Asuka’s personality is competitive, tricky, outgoing and predatory. While her old human personality, that is still part of the mix, is the typical good girl... Polite, introverted, a bit naïve and studious. I will also mention that she will have instant motivation to work with the other villains as she needs to get her clan’s sword back pronto or lose face now that she was captured.

    Spoiler: Tall Tails: Asuka’s Kitsune diary of the Mundane and Magical

    See that image up there? That is me now, a Kitsune. But it gets really, really complicated. So, I am going to ask that you dear reader please bear with me. I will first give you my real time personal experience followed by a ‘data dump’ at the end of this so hopefully you would not only have been entertained, but also have most of your questions answered.

    Three years ago I was Asuka Aoki an 18 year old senior in high school living in Gunma prefecture. If it helps that is just barely in the greater Tokyo metro area and is fairly mountainous. My life growing up was actually pretty good, both parents were professionals, but they somehow still made time for my younger brother and me. We did catch some flack since we are a mixed family - my mom is Russian. There were some issues here sand there but it was really not too terrible or anything. I suppose it helped that she looked exotic in a good way, and that my dad is a pilot and comes from a well respected family.

    During the last semester of school I got progressively sicker and sicker until I had to be hospitalized. Two days after that I woke up to find myself restrained in a private hospital room with a different set of doctors and no signs of my parents, brother or any other family or friends, and absolutely no idea how I got there. Needless to say I promptly freaked out and a threw a fit. And almost equally promptly I was heavily sedated. Rinse and repeat this process several times over the next week or so. Hey, at least I am stubborn consistent right?

    Eventually I came too and decided to try a different approach. Besides I felt less pain, less fever and that sure helped. During my calm moment I noticed something quite odd even for my sitch, because I was lying on something really, really soft which turned out to be seven fox tails. And not just any tails. Oh no, these were my tails. I not only felt them, but I could also wiggle them each in turn which I did with a slight giggle. I mean you don’t see that every day now do you? Okay, so clearly I was still hospitalized back in Tokyo and was totes whacked out on something that could only have come from the controlled substances list. I was just having some drug induced dreams. This made real sense because I went to sit up and heard the sound of tortured metal restraints giving way with little resistance. Yeah, 100 confirmed this is some dream... Plucky girl or not, I was lucky to be able to get a B+ in phys ed. No way I was popping leather restraints let alone those that had once been made by the thick scraps of metal I saw now lying on the floor. Nor would there be any reason to restrain me. What was I going to do? Tickle them with my tails until they released me? Then again maybe so I thought as I recalled the metal scraps.

    In the meantime alarms were beeping on various medical devices and two nurses hurriedly entered. Each had two fox tails of their own of course. Now having read some hard sci fi and manga from time to time, I just rolled with it. I complimented them on their tails and as they did their thing one smiled said thank you my lady. But before I had time to process that particular response, two more people entered. A man with four tails and woman with three. They rushed over and hugged me while saying something about me being their daughter. And, I mean sure... Why not let things get even more surreal and have total dream strangers claim to be my parents? But by now even I was having trouble playing along, so I just sort of sat there in bed like a clueless lump not returning the strangers’ hugs. And then a tsunami of memories and feelings rushed in and the world spun in vertigo before I went out again. What a crazy nightmare right?

    Except dear reader it was not a nightmare. It was actually about as F-ing far from a nightmare as one could get as it turns out. I woke up sometime later, this time sans restraints, so... progress? But mentally it was like two me of had partially merged memories. I knew my father was the human Subaru Aoki. I knew my father was the Kitsune Kenji Hara. Both images appeared overlain in my mind when I thought about ‘father’ and so it went for a lot of memories. I was the human Asuka Aoki. I was the Kitsune Asuka Hara. And so on. It was very disorienting at first, but it did settle down over the next few weeks as my mind was gradually able to process and adopt to these sorts of seemingly conflicting memories.

    Anyway, once I awoke my ‘Kitsune parents’ soon rushed into the room and this time I hugged them back and cried. When I asked them about my ‘parents’ they understood what I meant without taking offense, and replied they knew those were humans important to me and thus were fine. They continued on allowing that as soon as I was situated and had mastered basic skills I would be able to see them again and even live there for a while. It would be good practice for blending in as human after all. That was a true relief as my new memories also related that there were still some strongly traditionalist Kitsune who were straight up villains in this regard. They eliminated the ‘surrogate’ parents and family as a matter of course to help speed up the new Kitsune’s acclimation. I had may reservations about that approach, and thankfully so did my parent’s and Council of Nine clans. But that was not the same thing as saying it did not happen any longer either.

    Remember waaaaay back at the start how I said this is me now, but that its complicated? Yeah so there was definitely Asuka Aoki the human in there… here? Or, so I thought is anyway. And, at the same time, I was also merged with Asuka Hara the Kitsune with a whole bunch of ‘her own’ preferences and ancestral memories, and to be fair this new part was more dominant. Say what? Its hard to explain but wait for the data dump and until then just roll with this… The Kitsune are rare, secretly among humans and actually a race of parasites that feed on emotions and more or less take over human children in utero and transform them into Kitsune. That is a lot to take in, so again skip for now and lets move on.

    The next two months were a learning experience. And a good piece of that was actually re-learning experiences from those ancestral memories. I would doing whatever and then bam these memories would pop up. Best way to describe it was being just like that Matrix movie. I would see something and say ‘I know kung fu’, and there it was. The hard part was done, just the recollection and integration needed to happen which was like a thousand or more times faster than learning something the hard way. Some of the other learning was not so easy though, and indeed was sometimes embarrassing. There was the time learning to move like a Kitsune and ended up plowing through a few tree trunks none the worse for the wear. Or, like morphing from Kitsune into human or vice versa. I know my parents were laughing silently behind my back when I would end up with say one fox ear, one human ear, spotty purple hair and three of seven tails showing. Anyway eventually I got it, but its not an easy process for any of us even after we have learned it. If it helps, think those painful looking werewolf transformation scenes from Underworld. They were so spot on I bet a Kitsune created the special effects. But the thought of being able to body double some of my friends and eventually prank them was almost worth that pain and the wait while I mastered it. Almost.

    I am more or less recounting this in a semi-humorous manner, but I was all too aware of the suffering my human family was going though. The cover story was that I was missing from the hospital and the supposed reason was human trafficking. The police investigators were ‘doing all they could’, but that did not stop my family form trying to move heaven and earth to try to locate me on their own. I was deeply touched, and worked very, very hard to master the skills I needed so that I could be ‘rescued’ and returned to human society to tie up lose ends. However, until I passed my parent’s and the clan’s tests, I was not going anywhere as it was just too risky. Kitsune move secretly in, through and manipulate human society while feeding on the emotions they give off. In no way could we definitively reveal ourselves to humans because we would quickly become the hunted instead of the hunters. There were just too many humans with all their technology and supers versus several just thousand Kitsune in toto.

    Almost two hard months later and I passed the tests. I was dropped off at an uninhabited island off the Malaysian cost and then promptly rescued by local police forces. The story was that I had ‘escaped my captors and jumped ship’ while on the way to somewhere in the middle east, laid low until I could signal a vessel I felt was not also a pirate, and then was rescued. My human parent’s were too relived to really do any sort of serious check, and even if they had, all the paper trail was legit there. Kitsune were not able to move human society like the old days, but this sort of ‘minor’ stuff was cake. I proceeded to spend a happy, if now vaguely odd feeling, month with my human family before heading off to college. They almost did not let me go, but I was insistent and the psychologist (also in on it natch) said it would be good for me, so in the end they acquiesced. It worked out well in that I had applied to Star City U, and that would be a convenient front allowing me to live away from home. In actuality I as attending remote while spending my non-college time adjusting to Kitsune society at a remote location in Gunma which was humorously only 200 km from where I had lived.

    The nutshell summary? Kitsune society was clan based and I was heir to the Logos clan whom my father lead, and we were tightly allied to the Conflict clan where my mother was from. Hence I had two titles Lady of Logos, sometimes referred to as Lady Green for our clan color. And a second title of Princess of Conflict, alternatively Princess of Red for the other clan’s color. Their were seven other clans of which a few were friendly, most were neutral and two others, Desire and Despair could be counted as hostile. Hostile did not mean bloodshed like it would have not even a thousand years ago, but it did mean that we were no more than brusquely polite with them, and worked at cross purposes more often than paired up. As heir apparent my duties were blessedly light, since my father would serve as my regent and do the heavy lifting for the next 50 to 100 years until I would have had time to settle in. And while I have not mentioned it, that was actually not that long at all by the way Kitsune counted time due to our lifespans.

    If it sounded like a sweet gig? It was, but life was not always so kind as to deliver constant good fortune. When the Fins arrived the early stages of fighting saw them conduct an orbital strike near Gunma as a demonstration to the rest to Tokyo. While my human family was untouched in this strike, both of my Kitsune parents perished. What they had not mentioned was that for about a year after procreation Kitsune were as vulnerable as humans since they were investing all their spiritual energy into protecting and merging the young kitusne’s developing spirit within the human fetus. This something ordinarily survivable

    This had several effects. First it pushed me into an early leadership role when I was inexperienced and still dealing with an emotionally charged event. I did move quickly to appoint two of my father’s long standing compatriots as advisors for internal and external affairs, and I largely listened to their advice. Still, that could not cover everything, and our clan did end up getting the worst of some deals with clan Desire, one of our enemies. For the most part no one in clan particularly held it against their new lady, but it was also certainly no cause for celebration. Second the Council of Nine convened to officially transfer leadership of clan Logos to me as per tradition. This would normally be a cause for celebration, but in this case instead it just served to understate the emergency session the council started over the alien menace. The following events with the X and death of human supers all underscored the fact that the invaders were an existential threat to the Kitsune. This was doubly underscored when it became clear the alien’s could not serve as hosts for young Kitsune. Essentially the council was gong
    to break with long tradition and push forward several simultaneous options, both radical and otherwise, to pursue.

    And, one of those options involved me. Specifically I was to actually go to Star City (versus pretend to) and try to determine why the alien’s were treating it specially. Further I was to investigate any resistance movement and lend aid and build alliances where I could. The superheroes were mostly gone, but the villains were not, and so that was an angle as well. It was obvious to me that the council had a goal to first push out the invaders, and then seize either direct or indirect control of Japan and any nearby territory they could grab and manage it for the benefit of all terrestrial species. For where there were Fins and X, there were bound to be others whom would now turn an eye to Earth. As part of this effort I was allowed to pose as a super powered being that just so happened to resemble a Kitsune. It was actually not the first time a super had looked like a Kitsune, but they had all been ‘quickly dealt with’ before now. And frankly I imagined if I messed up bad enough I could also be quickly dealt with as well.

    If you wonder how they came about choosing me for this role? Well, it actually makes sense. I was close with humans whom I would need to relate to due to very recent transformation. I had very strong reasons to not even entertain the idea of aligning with the aliens. I was immune to mind reading due to my clan. I had fewer political ties established yet, and thus was ultimately expendable. And, I was strong enough and had enough status if needed to make either diplomacy or conflict work.

    Spoiler: The Data Dump

    Will do if picked. Basically, if I take the time now to wrap this up before I get picked? I won't make the deadline. ;P Assume herein lies discussion of Kitsune physiology, psychology, personality, Council of Nine and clans. The really important take away is the Kitsune are spiritually infused beings that are, for all intents and purposes, parasites on humanity that feed on emotional overflow. While they do have a symbiotic relationship with humanity, they do not have such a relationship to the aliens - which makes them an existential threat to the Kitsune species.

    Spoiler: Complications and and Motivations

    Motivation: Survival! of herself and family (human and Kitsune), clans she is close with, other kitsune and humans in that order.

    Motivation: Power! She has just got a taste of it and she likes her precious yes she does.

    Motivation: Explore what life has to offer. She has led a relatively sheltered life until now but Kitsune have a tendency to hedonism.

    Complication: Keeping Kitsune and their secrets hidden for now, including her own identity.

    Complication: Her family and clan may cause 'interference', even if that is not the intent, and may periodically need protection or 'impose' tasks on her.

    Spoiler: Crunch

    Breakdown of powers is here because it fits. :P Also brief version listed on sheet. I used a MnM excel sheet for abilities, skills, advantages. So that part should be good! :P Powers? Well hope so.
    I want to point out that any changes you want are fine on my end... I.e. toned down, or up, or whatever. If I screwed up some of the complicated powers / array linking just let me know what is wrong and I will fix it I am sure something I am happy with can be made to work. I did assume will vs toughness was a '0' trade since all def would be on average PL level... but if not lmk

    Here are some comments on how things are they way are:

    * Strength and Stamina show 5 ranks of growth/density. This is on sheet as it is permanent, but only added in Kitsune form


    Aura Reading Senses 3 ( Detect Emotional and Physical State, Ranged ), Visual and Mental, Limit: Only Sentient Life - 2 points
    Kitsune evaluate their 'food' and this is how. Based on Aura reading from Power Profiles p130. Limit means no robots, animals, beasts, fish, birds, nor current 'health' of objects like spaceship, planes and tanks.

    Flight 7 ( 'Wings' -1/r, Subtle 1, Quirk: Must end move within 1" of Ground/Liquid since even a wuxia style martial artist is still not a bird -1 ) - 7 points
    As long as a kitsune is not restrained they can do all those wuxia movement things like: fly (for a while), jump from tree branch to tree branch, 'walk' on liquids, run up walls, and even stand on the tippy top of a church's spire as easily as if it is flat ground, etc.

    Elongation 2 ( Limit: only for attacks, Subtle 2 ) - 4 points
    Zone of Death. Anything inside here Foxy can shunpo/flicker over to briefly and hit with either martial arts, her sword or psychic abilities. Anything outside of there? Not so much. :P

    Immunity 3 ( Disease 1, Poison 1, Age and Eat/Drink [Limit: half each] 1 ) - 3 points
    As being's infused with spiritual energy, kitsune are not bothered by disease or poison. They also do not need to eat or drink as humans do, although it is pleasurable and they can consume as much as they want with no ill effect.
    What they do need for actual sustenance is emotion from other sentient non-kitsune. While being around populated town or city generally works just fine, it is a sustain versus grow tails kind of diet.
    To grow more tails a kitsune needs prolonged exposure to strong genuine emotional states, and the more tails a kitsune already has the exponentially more emotional energy is needed to grow another.

    Immunity 10 (Mind Reading 5, Mind Control 5) 10 points
    Courtesy of Clan Logos

    Morph 2 ( Activation: Std Action -2, Check vs Disguise: DC 17 -7, Innate 1, Quirk: Distracting during Change -1) - 1 points
    Like all kitsune, Foxy can manipulate both her spiritual energy and DNA to assume any human form of the same sex and approximate size.
    This is not the presto-chango superhero morph the power defaults too, but rather the comparatively 'slow', painful transformation of what is essentially a lycanthrope. Basically it will probably take a while to work and is thus usually an out of combat power.

    Comprehend 3 ( Speak and Write, Limitation: Only languages her kitsune anscestors knew, plus her own natch :P ) - 3 points
    This would include: Japanese, Russian, English, Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Cebuano, Latin, Arabic, Lithuanian, Mongolian, Italian, Vulgar Latin, Latin, Ancient Greek, LinearB, Sumerian, Babylonian, Ancient Egyptian and probably a few other misc dusty old ones.

    Growth [Density Increase] 5 ( Growth with no size change +0/r, Permanent +0/r, Quirk: only in Kitsune form -1 ) - 9 Points
    A kitsune can hold a much greater density of spiritual energy in its' native form than as a human. See Density Increase in Power profiles p161


    PsychiKali (28 points) - The psychic martial art of the Logos clan focusing on open hand, sword and psychic abilities

    Open Hand Maneuvers

    1 Damage 13 [parry/tough] ( strength based damage free, Autofire +1/r, Close Combat 13, Accurate Attack, Power Attack ) 28 points
    Rapid Strike. The basic Logos strike

    1 Damage 13 [-/will] ( strength based damage free, Custom Feature: Autohit +1/r, Area: Cone +1/r, Affects Insubstantial 2 ) 28 points
    Psychic Strike. Add +1/r Autohit is like ranged -> perception, except this is perception for close. p

    1 Damage 13 [dodge/tough] ( strength based damage free ) 0 points LINKED Affliction 12 [] ( grab based -1/r ) 6 points + ( Close Combat 14, Fast Grab 1, Easy Grab 1, Affects Insubstantial 2 ) 24 points
    The "Hello Kitty". Punch, grab and afflict your neighbor. Its the new way to say Hi! Not sure if I could get a limited grab based move for knock back after that on here too if I ditched the insubstantial, but if I can then lol sure...


    1 Mind Reading 13 ( Range is close perception -1/r, cumulative +1/r, subtle 2 ) 28 points

    1 Affliction [Mind Control<Dazed, Compelled, Controlled>] 9 ( Autohit +1/r, Cumulative +1/r, subtle 1 ) 28 points

    1 Sense 4 (Postcognition) 4 points + Enhanced Ability 4 ( Perception, limited to Postcognition ) +4 points, subtle 2 - 10 points

    Notes: Honorable Sword is a limit. Can't use this ability unless facing worthy foes. I.e. A) Enemy supers, B) Minions who rise to the challenge by hurting her first. C) Or the enemy landing 5 or more separate effects harming her allies first. In the case where minions are around enemy supers, then she must try to minimize collateral damage from area attacks on enemy minions unless o course they made themselves eligible. Willfully and knowingly breaching this cause dishonor which must be atoned for before the sword can be drawn again. It will cease to function as anything but an unbreakable sword until amends are made
    Sword Itself is an item indestructible and hard to take away ( so 4/5 costs round up + 1)

    1 Weaken (toughness) 13 [parry/tough] ( Autofire +1/r, Honorable Sword -1/r ) 13 points LINKED Damage 13 ( strength based damage free, Autofire +1/r, Honorable Sword -1/r ) 0 points + ( Close Combat 13, Accurate Attack 1, Power Attack 1, Affects Insubstantial 2 ) 17 points = 30 * .8 + 1 = 25 points
    Lightning Blade

    1 Weaken (will) 13 [-/will] ( AutoHit +1/r, Honorable Sword -1/r ) 13 points LINKED Damage 13 ( strength based damage free, Autohit +1/r, Honorable Sword -1/r ) 0 points LINKED Affliction ( []) 13 points + ( Affects Insubstantial 2 ) 2 points = 28 * .8 + 1 = 25 points
    Mind Lance.

    1 Damage 13 [-/Tough] ( strength based damage free ) ( AutoHit +1/r, Honorable Sword -1/r, Conex2 +2/r, Affects Insubstantial 2 ) = 28 * .8 + 1 = 25 points
    Rain of Swords

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    Been very sick all week including an ER visit. Getting better. More tomorrow 🤒

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwordCoastTaxi View Post
    Been very sick all week including an ER visit. Getting better. More tomorrow 🤒
    :( I hope you get well soon.

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    Aye what Naysmith said.

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    Yeah, hope you're feeling better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwordCoastTaxi View Post
    Been very sick all week including an ER visit. Getting better. More tomorrow 🤒
    Oh that sucks, hope you get better.

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    Yeah, looking forward to hearing back from you

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwordCoastTaxi View Post
    Been very sick all week including an ER visit. Getting better. More tomorrow 🤒
    Ooof. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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    Soras Teva Gee's Sol Invicta is ACCEPTED but I need the range on her sense powers dropped to Extended instead of Extended 2.
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    Offering to ditch Oblivion's alt power to teleport across dimensions (she's still very attached to this one), relegating it to a ritual if she wants to strand her enemies, and to lower the range on her regular teleporting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwordCoastTaxi View Post
    Been very sick all week including an ER visit. Getting better. More tomorrow 🤒

    Oof, yeesh man I hope you're doing better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SwordCoastTaxi View Post
    Soras Teva Gee's Sol Invicta is ACCEPTED but I need the range on her sense powers dropped to Extended instead of Extended 2.
    Oh my and thank you.

    Also no sweat, I'll swap it to Sense: Fire.

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    A) sorry to hear about illness.

    B) Foxy is ready for review / consideration. 1 hour later than I hoped for but still on last day.

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    Thanks everyone for a smooth recruitment. This thread is now closed and I'll PM selected players tomorrow with an OOC link.

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