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    Default Using a GiantITP image

    Hi all,

    Long (long) time reader, only just joined to forums...

    I've got a question about use of an image Rich drew, but isn't from the comics - is it legit to use such an image as a facebook background? To be clear I'm not a business, personal use, no profit, and of course I'll include the artist credit and copyright.

    I don't want to be "That person" who nicks images, on the other hand if there is a "fair use" policy then I'd love to use it.

    (Image in question is the "Love wins" image from 2015).

    Many thanks,


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    Default Re: Using a GiantITP image

    The Mod on the Silver Mountain: Thread moved to more appropriate forum.
    Cuthalion's art is the prettiest art of all the art. Like my avatar.

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    Default Re: Using a GiantITP image

    Hi, thank you for asking about this! I appreciate your respect for the art and the artist.

    Sheriff: Unfortunately, the default answer is, no, please don't do that. The line in the Forum Rules is: "Also, please do not take, alter, or use the provided avatar images, comic images, or other pieces of Rich's art without express consent." While the rules only apply here, they give Rich's default position on use of his work (here or elsewhere) without express permission.

    He might see this and grant an exception, and you can try to PM him to ask directly, but absent some express consent, our position is that you shouldn't reuse his art elsewhere.

    Whether legal principles like fair use would allow it anyway is legal advice and out-of-bounds for this forum (and not really our place to advise you).
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