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    Default Pre-Order Bonuses For 2024 Digital & Physical Core Rulebook Bundle (UK/EU)

    Just thought I'd note as I'd not seen it anywhere. Folks outside of the USA aren't able to buy the 2024 Digital & Physical Core Rulebook Bundle from DnDBeyond and, at least in the UK (possibly also the EU?) we get directed to another site (the I was a bit frustrated that there are specific pre-order perks for people who order the bigger bundle, as that isn't available on the site, only the physical+digital bundle for each of the three books individually. I reached out to support and they confirmed that anyone who buys all three physical+digital bundles (PHB, DMG, MM) will get the pre-order perks as if they had bought the bigger bundle. I'm not sure what the difference in savings is (I suspect a lesser discount on the three individual bundles than the single bigger one) but I thought it was worth mentioning in case anyone else was wondering.

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    Default Re: Pre-Order Bonuses For 2024 Digital & Physical Core Rulebook Bundle (UK/EU)

    I noticed the same, in EU. And not only are there no bundles, the individual prices are ridiculously steep compared to US prices, even in euros. I guess they already included taxes, but still. I'm having serious concern if I'll have the money to buy the books right away. As for the perks, I'm inclined to believe they are indeed the discounts only. And maybe the digital art for VTT play.
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    Default Re: Pre-Order Bonuses For 2024 Digital & Physical Core Rulebook Bundle (UK/EU)

    They're working on updating the EU/UK store pages but you should get the same bonuses the US customers do.

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    If you need more information (e.g. timing, support) I highly recommend starting a thread over on that forum as WotC and DDB employees post there and can give you the most accurate information or assistance.
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