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    Default Kingdom of Loathing Base Classes + Tokyo Arcana Advanced Classes (and more) in PDFs

    Hello everyone. I'd like to thank everyone for all the support and comments I've gotten while doing all this work. It was a lot of fun! And now I bring you a sort of bringing together of all that work. I hope you enjoy.

    Tokyo Arcana pdf This pdf contains my three advanced classes for D20 modern: The Mahou Shoujo, the Otaku, and the Idol. Both the Mahou Shoujo and the Idol have recieved some tinkering since you first read them. Plus, a little bonus material that never got on these forums...

    Kingdom of Loathing - Base Classes pdf Here you go - All 6 15-level Kingdom of Loathing base classes, all put together in one document. Of special note is the slightly reworked Pastamancer. Sorry, but no feats quite yet.

    Let me know what you think. Comments or ideas are always welcome, as are any proofreading criticisms. Those interested in seeing the original forums are free to find them in my signature. The response to these products has truly been worth the effort, and I appreciate all of you for reading.
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