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Thread: Humarin [Race]

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    Default Humarin [Race]

    Humarin were once humans but which have been living with such direct contact to the sea for so long that they have changed in physical form slightly over countless generations.
    Personality: Humarin are often somewhat playful, a slightly less serious race. They live in a more lighthearted manner than most other groups, and are sometimes seen as blithe by outsiders. They can be serious however when matters of concern arise.
    Physical Description: In appearance they are similar to humans, although upon closer inspection, their hands have short webs extending out between the fingers, as do the feet, which are somewhat flatter than in the common human. On the whole, Humarin are also slightly taller and leaner than humans, sometimes reaching almost 7 feet. Lastly, because they grow up and generally live entirely on The Oppidan Shoal, they spend almost their entire time around water, and as such not fully clothed, so most Humarin have very tanned skin. Humarin hair can range through all the common colors of humans, but many of them will dye their hair varying shades of green or blue.
    Relations: Generally Humarin are accepted happily by other races, seen as just humans with a closer connection to the water. Often they are received with more optimism than humans, as their cheerful nature leaves them as very encouraging and kindly companions. Humarin love company, and will often become part of groups quickly upon traveling. They are renowned for their skill as sailors, and are often looked for as crew, and are loved as crewmates. Humarin revere their elders, and will often be more polite and less wild in front of respected older citizens.
    Alignment: Humarin tend to lean towards a chaotic alignment, with their carefree nature leading them into more spur-of-the-moment decisions. Humarin also often tend towards good, as their patron goddess Deonopis is considered to be slightly good and society on The Oppidan Shoal is an amiable one.
    Humarin Lands: Almost all Humarin live on The Oppidan Shoal, a great raft city situated closest to Wangetsu. Those that travel to other places often are seeking adventure, and have varying or no lands to live on, but they often feel uncomfortable on solid land, and may even get ‘earth-sick’ due to their predisposition towards the floating rafts of their home. Many Humarin get their own ships, or a place on one, and make amazing sailors.
    Religion: The Humarin worship many gods, and are very free with religion, but they worship Deonopis, goddess of the circle of life and death, as well as the sea, as their patron deity.
    Language: Humarin speak common. They don’t often learn too many other languages, due to their secluded lifestyle, but Humarin which travel often pick up many pieces of other languages, and often intermingle their speech with others’.
    Names: Humarin names often feature ‘a’s prominently, as well as ‘m’ and ‘q’.
    Examples: Male: Quam, Alaquem, Aquenal, Halamari, Mariquen
    Female: Aquela, Alaqua, Amane, Marina, Ariqua, Thequa
    Adventurers: Quite a few Humarin may travel out of The Oppidan Shoal, and those who do do so almost exclusively for adventuring purpose. They will often try to get a place on a ship. They are almost always adventuring for the purpose of discovery and fun as they became bored back on the Shoal.
    Humarin Racial Traits
    • Medium: As Medium creatures, Humarin have no special bonuses or penalties due to size.
    • Humarin base land speed is 30 ft., and they also have a swim speed of 30 ft.
    • Humarin have a +8 racial bonus on swim checks due to having a swim speed.
    • Humarin can hold their breath for twice as long as a Human before they begin to drown.
    • 4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level. (The four skill points at 1st level are added on as a bonus, not multiplied in)
    • Automatic Language: Common. Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages such as Druidic)
    • Favored Class: Bard or Sailor

    This is a race for my new campaign world. Basically a sea-living human variant. The racial abilities are identical to human except instead of a bonus feat they get a 30 ft. swim speed, and 2x underwater breathing time, as well as having a somewhat more narrowed down favored class.

    I also have here an unfinished summary of The Oppidan Shoal, the Humarin city. (Wangetsu is another continent)

    A city of rafts, The Oppidan Shoal is situated just south of the western end of Wangetsu. The populace is almost entirely Humarin, as almost all others find the style of living awkward, except for some unusual people or sentient aquatic life. Oppidan society is very anarchic: there is no true government, and the economy functions primarily on a barter system, but most Humarin will also accept coins from other nations, although at a much higher rate than most places, as they have far less value on the Shoal. As there is no structured government, most decision-making that concerns a large portion of the Shoal is handed up to elders in society, who are respected a great deal. The community is a very cheerful one: despite its chaotic nature, there is little stealing or crime. Because of the carefree nature of its society and the barter economy, the form occupations take is an unusual one. Some people will just dive for anything that looks interesting, and trade it for food. Because there is generally no such thing as a steady income, Humarin with nothing to trade due to bad luck are often helped by other members of the society. Most Humarin excel in swimming, diving, and carpentry, which has a large function on the Shoal: expanding and repairing the rafts. Humarin will often do this in exchange for other things.

    The city itself is a tangled sprawl of rafts floating on the water, anchored in many places with light hooks into the sandbanks that stretch in lines under the rafts. There are no straight or orderly roads of any kind, adding to the chaotic feel of the place. There are also many large openings around the raft, opening into water that could be anywhere from one to dozens of feet deep, depending on whether the hole is over a shoal or an opening. Although the movements of the rafts is small, the location of the holes will move slightly if there are unusual currents or winds. Almost the entire raft is wood, but there is little serious fire hazard due to the water, and the fact that fire is not often used on the Shoal.

    Size: about 200 square miles.
    Population: 600,000 People.
    Humarin: 88%
    Human: 7%
    Other: 5%
    Density: 3000 people/sq mile.
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    Default Re: Humarin [Race]

    As water-people, maybe they should get Aquan as well as an auto-language? I know it's a tiny detail...just thought I'd mention it. It looks great though! And are they amphibious (can they breath above and below water?)?
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    Default Re: Humarin [Race]

    They kinda already have this in Stormwrack... You might want to check that book out for an aquatic heavy campaign.
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    Default Re: Humarin [Race]

    I know of Stormwrack. I dislike Stormwrack. Of course, that is a stupid bias based only on a reasonable hate of its ship-to-ship combat system. I am probably going to look into the book for some stuff on races and creatures and the like.

    The race has it's own interesting personality and city, which I assume Stormwrack has its own version of. Also, aren't the Stormwrack humans amphibious (which these are not)? It makes more sense to me that humans who have lived practically in the sea for so many generations would become genetically adapted towards swimming, but not to the point of developing gills.

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