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    Default Raukburhrum [Sharune-inspired Race]


    The pigmen, as they are called by humans and other small-minded races are a strong, noble race of warriors that have been touched with the features of wild boars. Nobility, strength and power are important to the raukburhrum race.
    Their numbers are however, dwindling due to their less than efficient mating habits and numerous death in glorious battle.
    The raukburhrum race is mostly located in heavily wooded mountains in cool climates, in houses built into the massive trunks of fallen trees as well as the stumps of cut-down trees.
    Your average raukburhrum looks like a seven-foot tall human with tan skin, thick muscles, round bellies and the head of a clean boar. Many rauks, in adulthood will decorate their tusks, anything from metallic plating, to runes or even just sharpening them, as they see it as a lucky charm to have sharp tusks.
    Raukburhrum are usually lawful or good with a vast majority as both. Strangely enough, considering their usual alignment, rauks aren't usually very pious, at most giving passing homage to lawful good deities.

    Raukburhrum in Nation of the Dead: The noble rauks are found mostly in the mountains and woods of Tanzen, living closer to the fist of the world in the highest concentration than anywhere else. They have developed a strong connection with the dwarves of these mountains and in many cities, there are fully combined raukburhrum/dwarf villages.
    In Nation of the Dead, a rauk's favored class is still fighter, but they more often use the martial fighter variant as their favored class. If this class is not used, they will most often chose to be warblades.

    - +6 Str, +2 Con, -2 Cha. The pig-men are strong and tough, but not too personable.
    - Medium: Raukburhrum are medium size.
    - A raukburhrum's base land speed is 30 feet.
    - Low-light vision.
    - Scent.
    - Racial Hit-Dice: Raukburhrum have 2 levels in monstrous humanoid. This gives them 2d8 hit points, a base attack bonus of +2, and a base Will and Reflex save of +3.
    - Racial Skills: Rauks start out with 5x(2+Int modifier). It's class skills are those given by the fighter class.
    - Raukburhrum have a +2 racial bonus against fear effects. They are particularly hardy in the face of fear.
    - +2 natural armor bonus.
    - Powerful build; Just as the goliath and half-giant racial feature.
    - Automatic languages: Common
    - Bonus Languages: Dwarven, Elven, Halfling, Terran, Abyssal, Celestial
    - Favored Class: Fighter
    - Level Adjustment: +2


    Note: This is property of Mythicscape and Sharune, it is not an original idea of mine, simply a D&D 3.5 adaptation.
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