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Thread: Rules question

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    Default Rules question

    If someone scrys, and sees a rune with the trigger of looking at, does the rune go off?

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    Default Re: Rules question

    I don't believe this is specified anywhere. I think it depends on your interpretation of how a Rune/Glyph/Symbol spell works. Does it automatically affect anyone reading it through any means (scry, telescope, x-ray vision through a wall)? Or does it only trigger on someone physically present? I would rule that anyone reading it with non-magical means within "Long" range (400ft +40 per caster level) would be affected while anyone reading it through magical vision or from beyond that distance would not trigger it at all (i.e. it's still on the wall, waiting to be triggered).
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    Default Re: Rules question

    I thought the rune doesn't go off if you're more than 60ft away from it?

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    Default Re: Rules question

    Which kind of rune? There are multiple types in D&D.

    If you are discussing those made in FR, the Runecaster prestige class specifies,
    Any attempt to study, identify, or fathom a rune's meaning counts as 'reading' the rune.
    Under the rune magic section it doesn't specify having a 'triggered when read' so I am assuming the rune was created by a runecaster, in which case the rules state that the rune would trigger if it is studied. The range of the spell, however, and line-of-sight rules must still be applied. If the target (the reader) is out of the range of the spell then the rune would trigger and find no target, thereby 'wasting' a use of the rune. If it is a one-shot rune, it is done. If it is a shots/day rune, it has used up one use. If it is a permanent/at-will rune, it will attempt every round to trigger for as long as it is being read.
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