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    Default FYI MotAO and Sorcerer members

    Occassionaly there will be disagreements regarding the sorcerer class taking the MotAO PRC based on the wording in the PRC and I ran across something to clear that up this morning.

    Page 181 Complete Arcane and Joining the Order says any sorcerer or wizard is welcome to join the order.
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    Default Re: FYI MotAO and Sorcerer members

    Yup, as long as he also has the feat "Arcane Preparation," to fulfill the requirement of being able to prepare and cast 2nd-level spells.
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    Default Re: FYI MotAO and Sorcerer members

    I could live with however it was ruled in a campaign since it could be used to meet the prerequisites but I believe it is a little gray with the Guild Wizard of Waterdeep PRC not requiring the Arcane Preparation feat to access the spellpool and designating it a spell like ability.

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