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    Default Why you should never let the wizard drink....

    well basicly this is about todays events with roleplaying, i tohugh people might get a kick out of it

    firstly the wizard (who is half elf half feind, and prone to violence already) and the monk go into the tavern and the wizard demands a pint of the bars stongist ale (which was insedently 12x) and the monk partakes too.

    after a few drinks, and at the patrons horror that they are still standing the monk and the wizard start dancing on the bar,

    so the DM point out they knocked the keg off the bar and rolls to see if it explodes (it didn't) the wizards reply was:

    'y'know the dance i'm doing?'
    'dance of ruin'
    '..... your kidding?'

    incedently the tavern was leveled and the monk made his reflex save, so after emerging from the ruin they went to the magic shop, and the barkeep was gibbering from a stunt the wizard pulled earlyer, so the wizard cut his heart out and used preserve organ to keep it beating, and then hew and the monk looted a 'lot' of valuble gear.

    after finishing that stunt the wizard fireballed some houses he didnt like the look of, and charmed the blacksmith into giving him his third daughter's hand in marrage.

    the game was left after they sobered up, the monk rembers what happened but the wizard didn't, and not only woke up next to a strange woman but covered in assorted magical gubbins he dosnt know the origin of
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    Default Re: Why you should never let the wizard drink....

    Hah, interesting, I had a Monk and a Wizard in my campaign get drunk off of something we came up with called "Chaos Juice." Apparently this stuff is powerful beyond reckoning because Cyxod (the Wizard) and Chruxl (the Monk) each got hammered from just three drops of the stuff. In the course of the next few hours, they: started a bar brawl, torched the innkeeper, destroyed their room, and ticked off the silver dragon that was waiting for them. I even gave the Wizard a ridiculously high concentration check for the casting of the Fireball that torched the innkeeper because he was drunk. I set it at 30!. He beat it!
    Rolled a 18 + a concentration modifier of 13. So, now they're wanted, and the Monk is debating leaving the party because he doesn't wanna be seen with an outlaw.
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