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Thread: rules for 4.0

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    Default rules for 4.0

    My apologies if this has already been posted

    So what are the new rules in 4.0? I know it hasn't come out yet, but they have let some stuff out.
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    Default Re: rules for 4.0


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    Default Re: rules for 4.0

    There's a LOT that's already out, is probably your best bet for the canonical list.

    Some highlights:
    All classes will be balanced by their access to "powers" that will have one of three recharge speeds: either at will, once per encounter, or once per day. Every class's powers will be standardized on this scale, whether they're arcane spells, divine prayers or martial maneuvers (a la Bo9S) so every class will follow approximately the same power curve.

    You don't roll saves anymore, Reflex, Fortitude and Will are passive defenses that the attacker must roll to beat, like AC in 3e.

    Levels 1-30 are covered in the PHB.

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