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    Default Need help with Seren Barbarian build

    Hi all,

    New to the forums and this looked like a good spot to drop this question. Feel free to correct me as necessary :)

    I'm starting a new Eberron campaign, and am going for a new milestone -- integrating the wife into my gaming group. After tossing some ideas around, she was interested in playing a human female barbarian, and being a Seren barbarian seemed to fit with her background ideas.

    The character as it stands is more designed from a roleplaying perspective, which is the emphasis of the group. I'm concerned with how to make a solid character for her to play. I've looked at the Draconomicon and some of the other draconic templates and prestige classes, but didn't see much that would work well for a barbarian. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm also interested to hear what feats you might suggest. I was looking at the Dragon totem and dragon rage feats from the ECS, but then started to wonder if I was just picking feats at random instead of building up feats that played well off eachother. We're starting at first level and are using a 28-point buy. All help appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Need help with Seren Barbarian build

    Nothing wrong with just picking up the feats dedicated to the concept in the ECS. Argonesson provides some very flavorful stuff for its barbarians. Why not choose a type of dragon that she might like and build the character around worshiping it in a manner expected of a tribeswoman?

    As far as optimizing...unless you really wanna go for the typical leap attacking shock trooper mentioned in plenty of other threads on this board, you really can't go wrong just power attacking with a 2-hander.

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