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    Lightbulb GITP Monster Competition XVIII - Of the Rising Sun (Closed)

    Of the Rising Sun

    New year approaches,
    Where the sun rises each day,
    What beast warms itself?

    _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/

    The contest begins with the posting of this thread and will continue until Midnight of February 20th (EST).

    Soon after a poll will be opened for everyone to vote for their favorite that will last until midnight of the 30th.

    Vote Now!


    1. You will be creating an 'original' D&D monster. A creature with a strongly oriental theme in whatever way you wish to interpret. Keep in mind that statting your favorite anime creature does not count as an 'original' creation. And no kitsune or fox-folk either. Get the gist?

    Light of the Ancestors
    Spitfire Cockerel

    Special Requirement
    In addition, to have a little bit of fun, you also need to include a haiku about your monster. For those of you not in the know, a haiku is a type of poem that is three lines. The first line must have 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables, and the third line 5 syllables. An example of a haiku can be seen above, below the picture.

    2. The entry must include name, complete stat-block, physical description, basic background information, and detailed combat behavior if any. A plot hook or similar in addition is optional. Incomplete entries will be disqualified upon the deadline.

    3. Entries must be 3.5 edition, using the standard format listed below (not that new one seen in the Monster Manual IV, except for a lore section which is encouraged).

    4. Post all entries on this thread. Do not post conversation here. Any and All Comments and discussions will take place on a separate thread here.

    5. One entry per participant. No double-teaming.

    6. Entries copied from some other source (splatbook, alternate website, etc) will be disqualified. All entries must be a new creation, not one already posted. Merely adding class levels or templates to an already published or posted creature does not count as a new monster.

    7. No reserving posts. Feel free to post a creature and tweak it, but you have to have the basic beast already done.

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    Thumbs up Re: GITP Monster Competition XVIII - Of the Rising Sun

    Vorpal Tribble's Guide To Making Monsters

    As well, here is the standard 3.5 monster format. Only complete entries will be accepted. If there are any questions feel free to ask me or post queries in the GITP Contest Chat Thread.



    - Haiku -

    <Size> <Type>
    Hit Dice:
    (# squares)
    Armor Class:
    (), touch, flat-footed
    Base Attack/Grapple:
    Full Attack:
    Special Attacks:
    Special Qualities:
    Fort +, Ref +, Will +
    Abilities: Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha
    Challenge Rating:
    Level Adjustment:





    Plot Hook/Story if any
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    Default Re: GITP Monster Competition XVIII - Of the Rising Sun


    In the bags of rice
    You will not find today's lunch
    But they will have theirs

    Size/Type: Fine Plant (Swarm)
    Hit Dice: 3d8+6 (19 hp)
    Initiative: +2
    Speed: 15ft. (3 squares)
    Armor Class: 15, touch 12, flat-footed 13 (+2 dex, +3 natural)
    Base Attack/Grapple: +2/+3
    Attack: Swarm (1d6)
    Full Attack: Swarm (1d6)
    Space/Reach: 10 ft./10 ft.
    Special Attacks: Dendou
    Special Qualities: Plant Traits, Swarm Traits, Raisaku, Nanten
    Saves: Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +1
    Abilities: Str 12, Dex 15, Con 14, Int -, Wis 10, Cha 10
    Skills: None (mindless)
    Feats: None (mindless)
    Enviroment: Temperate Marsh
    Organization: Lone, Infestation (2-10)
    Challange Rating: 3
    Treasure: None
    Alignment: Always Neutral

    Raisuden is a type of carniverous rice grain. There is some debate over whether it evolved naturally or owes its existance to a wizard (or perhaps druid) but either way it is considered a pest (and sometimes a hazard) by rice farmers. At first glance an individual Raisuden appears to be a grain of rice, however on closer inspection one can see a tiny pair of jaws. If a Raisuden has fed recently it is usually blood red as its transparent body reveals its last meal. The life cycle of a Raisuden is rather simple: its parent plant (which reselmbles a normal rice crop, apart from the Raisuden growing on it) will grow among normal rice plants, 1d4 days after they are harvested with the rest of the crop they will become active and form swarms. These swarms will then try to eat as much as possible before seeking out more rice and seeding the ground. Raisuden move by rapidly opening and closing their jaws to propell themsleves along flat surfaces, however in swarms they will move by pushing and grabbing each other, the swam is basically pulling itself along. The average life span of a single Raisuden grain is 2 days however some specimens have survived for a full week in controlled conditions. Ingesting a Raisuden has no ill effects as they will become inactive upon contact with water.

    Plant Traits/Swarm Traits
    This type comprises vegetable creatures. Note that regular plants, such as one finds growing in gardens and fields, lack Wisdom and Charisma scores (see Nonabilities) and are not creatures, but objects, even though they are alive.
    • A plant creature possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).
    • Low-light vision.
    • Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects).
    • Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, polymorph, and stunning.
    • Not subject to critical hits.
    • Proficient with its natural weapons only.
    • Proficient with no armor.
    • Plants breathe and eat, but do not sleep.

    A swarm is a collection of Fine, Diminutive, or Tiny creatures that acts as a single creature. A swarm has the characteristics of its type, except as noted here. A swarm has a single pool of Hit Dice and hit points, a single initiative modifier, a single speed, and a single Armor Class. A swarm makes saving throws as a single creature. A single swarm occupies a square (if it is made up of nonflying creatures) or a cube (of flying creatures) 10 feet on a side, but its reach is 0 feet, like its component creatures. In order to attack, it moves into an opponent’s space, which provokes an attack of opportunity. It can occupy the same space as a creature of any size, since it crawls all over its prey. A swarm can move through squares occupied by enemies and vice versa without impediment, although the swarm provokes an attack of opportunity if it does so. A swarm can move through cracks or holes large enough for its component creatures.

    A swarm of Tiny creatures consists of 300 nonflying creatures or 1,000 flying creatures. A swarm of Diminutive creatures consists of 1,500 nonflying creatures or 5,000 flying creatures. A swarm of Fine creatures consists of 10,000 creatures, whether they are flying or not. Swarms of nonflying creatures include many more creatures than could normally fit in a 10-foot square based on their normal space, because creatures in a swarm are packed tightly together and generally crawl over each other and their prey when moving or attacking. Larger swarms are represented by multiples of single swarms. The area occupied by a large swarm is completely shapeable, though the swarm usually remains in contiguous squares.


    A swarm has no clear front or back and no discernable anatomy, so it is not subject to critical hits or flanking. A swarm made up of Tiny creatures takes half damage from slashing and piercing weapons. A swarm composed of Fine or Diminutive creatures is immune to all weapon damage. Reducing a swarm to 0 hit points or lower causes it to break up, though damage taken until that point does not degrade its ability to attack or resist attack. Swarms are never staggered or reduced to a dying state by damage. Also, they cannot be tripped, grappled, or bull rushed, and they cannot grapple an opponent.

    A swarm is immune to any spell or effect that targets a specific number of creatures (including single-target spells such as disintegrate), with the exception of mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects) if the swarm has an Intelligence score and a hive mind. A swarm takes half again as much damage (+50%) from spells or effects that affect an area, such as splash weapons and many evocation spells.

    Swarms made up of Diminutive or Fine creatures are susceptible to high winds such as that created by a gust of wind spell. For purposes of determining the effects of wind on a swarm, treat the swarm as a creature of the same size as its constituent creatures. A swarm rendered unconscious by means of nonlethal damage becomes disorganized and dispersed, and does not reform until its hit points exceed its nonlethal damage.

    Swarm Attack
    Creatures with the swarm subtype don’t make standard melee attacks. Instead, they deal automatic damage to any creature whose space they occupy at the end of their move, with no attack roll needed. Swarm attacks are not subject to a miss chance for concealment or cover. A swarm’s statistics block has “swarm” in the Attack and Full Attack entries, with no attack bonus given. The amount of damage a swarm deals is based on its Hit Dice, as shown in the table.

    A swarm’s attacks are nonmagical, unless the swarm’s description states otherwise. Damage reduction sufficient to reduce a swarm attack’s damage to 0, being incorporeal, and other special abilities usually give a creature immunity (or at least resistance) to damage from a swarm. Some swarms also have acid, poison, blood drain, or other special attacks in addition to normal damage.

    Swarms do not threaten creatures in their square, and do not make attacks of opportunity with their swarm attack. However, they distract foes whose squares they occupy, as described below.
    {TABLE=HEAD]Swarm HD|Swarm Base Damage
    21 or more|5d6 [/TABLE]

    Distraction (Ex)
    Any living creature vulnerable to a swarm’s damage that begins its turn with a swarm in its square is nauseated for 1 round; a Fortitude save (DC 10 + ½ swarm’s HD + swarm’s Con modifier; the exact DC is given in a swarm’s description) negates the effect. Spellcasting or concentrating on spells within the area of a swarm requires a Concentration check (DC 20 + spell level). Using skills that involve patience and concentration requires a DC 20 Concentration check.

    Dendou As the individual grains in a swarm rub together it causes a static charge to build up. When a creature comes in contact with the swarm the discharge will deal 1d4 points of electricity damage. It takes 1d6 rounds for a swarm to build up another charge and any contact with a conducting medium (e.g. metal, water) will disipate the charge harmlessly.

    Raisaku From a distance Raisuden is completly indisinguishable from normal rice. From 5 feet (after a successful DC20 spot check) it is possible to see that half of the grain consists of a tiny pair of jaws with jagged teeth. After a swarm has fed it takes on a pink tinge due to the blood present in the grain's system and the DC drops to 10 with the check being possible from up to 30 feet.

    Nanten Because of their life cycle (which involves hideing among normal grains of rice) Raisuden becomes dormant on contact with water. If a swarm becomes wet then all members will become inactive (treat them as helpless) until they are dry and 2d12 hours thereafter.


    Raisuden are completly mindless. Once they are active they will move towards the nearst creature and attempt to eat it no matter how unlikely they are to succeed. After they have eaten enough (by causing damage with their swarm ability equal to twice their HD) they will avoid combat and attempt to plant themselves among normal grains of rice to continue their life cycle.



    5|They are a species of carniverous rice known as Raisuden which hides amongst normal rice. They will attack any living creature that they can find.
    10|Once they have eaten enough meat they will attempt to plant themself in a rice field to continue their life cycle.
    15|If a swarm is exposed to water then it becomes dormant for a while.[/TABLE]

    Plot Hooks

    • The PCs stumble across a deserted rice farm and decide to investigate
    • A rice farmer is having trouble with Raisuden and hires the PCs to find a way to get rid of them
    • An assassin plans to kill a patron of the PCs by hiding soem Raisudenin his kitchen. Can the PCs put a stop to this bizarre murder?
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    Default Re: GITP Monster Competition XVIII - Of the Rising Sun

    also know as Baital

    Anchored eternal
    To birth ground held, Vetala
    A maddening soul

    Medium Undead [Incorporeal]
    Hit Dice: 10d12 (65 hp)
    Initiative: +0
    Speed: 30ft fly (perfect) (6 squares)
    Armor Class: 16 (+6 deflection), touch 16, flat-footed 16
    Base Attack/Grapple: +5/+5
    Attack: Incorporeal Touch +5 melee 1d2
    Full Attack: Incorporeal Touch +5 melee 1d2
    Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft
    Special Attacks: Maddening Touch, Animate Dead, Spell-like Abilities
    Special Qualities: Turn Resistance +8, True Sight 60ft, Undead Traits
    Saves: Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +12
    Abilities: Str 10, Dex 10, Con -, Int 24, Wis 20, Cha 22
    Skills: Bluff +19, Concentration +19, Hide +13, Intimidate +19, Knowledge (Religion) +20, Knowledge (Arcana) +20, Listen +18, Move Silently +13, Sense Motive +18, Spellcraft +20, Spot +18
    Feats: Improved Turn ResistanceLM, Positive Energy ResistanceLM, Ghostly GraspLM, Ability Focus (Maddening Touch)
    Environment: Urban
    Organization: Solitary
    Challenge Rating: 12
    Treasure: Standard
    Alignment: Usually Lawful Evil
    Advancement: by class level
    Level Adjustment: +7

    The Vetala is an evil spirit of one who died but was not given the proper burial rights. The spirit haunts cemeteries and slays children (even those in the womb) as well as driving men insane. The Vetala is cursed to protect its village while destroy its people through insanity and the murder of innocents.

    The Vetala prefers to kill by surprise, hunting children to slaughter. It will always flee from opposition outside of its cemetery home. When in the cemetery the Vetala fights viscously, animating corpses as it sees fit and preferring to drive its opponents insane via its Maddening Touch. The Vetala will use corpses as shields and heal itself with inflict light wounds to stay alive, but otherwise will fight to the end.

    Maddening Touch (Su): As a standard action a Vetala may make a melee touch attack that deals 1d2 wisdom damage. A successful DC23 will save negates this effect; the save DC is charisma based. A creature whose wisdom becomes 0 or less does not receive the normal effects, instead he becomes insane and gains the Tainted Raver template (Heroes of Horror).
    Note: if you do not have access to the Tainted Raver template, instead the creature has no wisdom score and thus is immune to anything requiring a will save. The creature is also insane and acts as if under a permanent insanity spell.

    Animate Corpse (Su): At will a Vetala may use enter a corpse of any humanoid creature causing it to animate as a full round action. This corpse becomes a zombie of the appropriate creature. The Vetala is contained within the body and acts through it, however the Vetala may not use any of its spell-like abilities and loses its true sight ability. The Vetala may remain inside the corpse indefinitely, however, if the corpse is destroyed while a Vetala inhabits it, the Vetala takes damage equal to 50% of its current health. A Vetala may leave a corpse while it is intact and thus take no damage as a full-round action and immediately appears in an adjacent square.

    Spell-Like Abilities: A Vetala has a number of spell-like abilites as listed below. A Vetala's caster level is equal to its hit dice and all saves are intelligence based.
    At will - inflict light wounds, detect magic
    3/day - protection from good, obscuring mist, ray of enfeeblement
    2/day - fog cloud, detect thoughts
    1/day - dispel magic

    True Sight (Su): A Vetala can see as if effected by a permanent true seeing spell as a supernatural ability. This ability does not effect the Vetala while it is animating a corpse (see Animate Corpse).

    LM = from Libris Mortis

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    Default Re: GITP Monster Competition XVIII - Of the Rising Sun

    Gorin No Oni
    or Spirit of Five Rings

    waiting in shadows
    craving for stirring challenges
    their blades are thirsty.

    Medium Undead, Incorporeal

    Hit Dice:
    8d12 (52 hp)
    Environment: Any
    Organization: Solitary or group (2-6)
    Challenge Rating: 7
    Treasure: None
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Advancement: 9-15 HD (Medium)
    Level Adjustment: -

    Gorin No Oni are the spirits of dead samurais. They lived only for the battle, for improving their techniques to reach the perfection, to fulfill their lust for victory. And they died.
    Gorin No Oni were followers of the Five Rings discipline, and their devotion to this school of fighting was too strong that even in death they are at its service. Therefore, they change their aspect constantly, adapting themselves to the style required to kill everything represent a challenge for them. Many adventurers have died just to satisfy the Spirits need to test their blades.
    Spirits of Five Rings appears as regular wandering living samurais, with the exception that they are incorporeal and can pass through solid objects.They often travels in disguise from place to place, but passing through trees, houses and even people, like they didn't notice. They attack without a reason and without warning, as soon as they notice something that could be a challenge for them.
    Their main characteristic is to shift their appearence and abilities to become one with the Ring they are representing. Everything in their appearance changes, their weapons, armor, clothes, colours... They move continuously through their aspects, adapting to the opponent, until they kill everything or are destroyed.

    Spirits of Five Rings are good fighters, and they also rely on the special abilities they gain when they shift throug the Rings aspects. They rush to attack or wait until they are close to their opponent before starting the combat. While is more common to meet them at night, they can also be found during the day.
    Aspect Shift (Sup): A Spirit of Five Rings can change his Aspect shifting to an another one every 1d4 rounds. They can choose the Aspect to adopt, and they change it often to contrast their opponent abilities. Their initial Aspect is random.
    Phantasmal Weapon (Sup): The weapon that the Spirit of Five Rings wield is to be considered part of their body, and therefore passes through shields, armors and natural armors. They cannot be disarmed. This applies for every weapon they use. The attack bonus and damage dealt by a phantasmal weapon is determined by Dexterity instead if Strength.
    Turn Resistance (Sup): Spirits of Five Rings have a turning resistance of +2.

    Air Aspect
    Initiative: +11
    45 ft. (9 squares)
    Armor Class:
    23(+7 dexterity, +6 deflection), 23 touch, 16 flat-footed
    Base Attack/Grapple:+4/+11
    phantasmal tachi +15 (2d6 +10/19-20) melee
    Full Attack:
    phantasmal tachi +15 (2d6 +10/19-20) melee
    Special Attacks:
    Burst of Speed
    Special Qualities:
    undead traits, incorporeal traits, immunity to electricity, aspect shift, phantasmal weapon, turning resistance +2
    Fort +2, Ref +9, Will +7
    Str -, Dex 24, Con -, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 22
    Hide +17, Intimidate +15, Listen +12, Ride +15, Spot +12
    Blind Fight, Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus (tachi)

    Brust of speed (Sp) : In this aspect, a Spirit of Five Rings can make two attacks at his full attack bonus in a single action. This can be used just 1/day.

    A Gorin no Oni in his Air Aspect.

    Earth Aspect
    Initiative: +7
    30 ft.(6 squares)
    Armor Class:
    23(+7 dexterity, +6 deflection), 23 touch, 16 flat-footed
    Base Attack/Grapple:+4+11
    phantasmal bow +11 (1d8+3/x3) ranged
    Full Attack:
    phantasmal bow +11 (1d8 +3/x3) ranged, or phantasmal bow +12 (1d8+4/x3) melee
    5ft. /5 ft.
    Special Attacks:-
    Special Qualities:
    undead traits, incorporeal traits, improved resistance, aspect shift, phantasmal weapon, turning resistance +2
    Fort +4, Ref +11, Will +9
    Str -, Dex 24, Con -, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 22
    Hide +17, Intimidate +15, Listen +15, Ride +15, Spot +15
    Alertness, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot

    Improved resistance (Sup): In this aspect, a Spirit of Five Rings has +2 to every saving throw.

    A Gorin no Oni in his Earth Aspect.

    Fire Aspect
    Initiative: +12
    30 ft.(6 squares)
    Armor Class:
    23(+8 dexterity, +5 deflection), 23 touch, 15 flat-footed
    Base Attack/Grapple:+4/+12
    phantasmal katana +12 (1d10 +8/19-20) melee
    Full Attack:
    phantasmal katana +10 (1d10 +8/19-20) plus phantasmal wakizashi +10 (1d6 +4/19-20) melee
    Special Attacks:
    Fire Bite
    Special Qualities:
    undead traits, incorporeal traits, immunity to fire, aspect shift, phantasmal weapon, turning resistance +2
    Fort +2, Ref +10, Will +6
    Str -, Dex 26, Con -, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 20
    Hide +18, Intimidate +15, Listen +10, Ride +16, Spot +10
    Blind Fight, Improved Initiative, Two weapon fighting

    Fire bite (Sup): In this aspect, if a Spirit of Five Rings hits with both his katana and his wakizashi in a single turn, he can add 3d6 point of fire damage to the attack (Reflex halves DC 18). This can be used just 1/day.

    A Gorin no Oni in his Fire Aspect.

    Water Aspect
    Initiative: +10
    30 ft.(6 squares)
    Armor Class:
    23(+6 dexterity, +7 deflection), 23 touch, 17 flat-footed
    Base Attack/Grapple:+4/+10
    phantasmal naginata +14 (1d12 +9/19-20) melee
    Full Attack:
    phantasmal naginata +14 (1d12 +9/19-20) melee
    Special Attacks:
    Understand Opponent
    Special Qualities:
    undead traits, incorporeal traits, immunity to cold, aspect shift, phantasmal weapon, turning resistance +2
    Fort +2, Ref +8, Will +8
    Str -, Dex 23, Con -, Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 24
    Hide +16, Intimidate +17, Listen +12, Ride +14, Spot +12
    Blind Fight, Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus (naginata)

    Understand Opponent (Sup): In this aspect, a Spirit of Five Rings can observe an opponent for a round. In the next round, he has a cognitive bonus to +6 to the AC for every attack or special attack, or to a saving throw against that opponent spell or ability. This can be used just 1/day.

    A Gorin no Oni in his Water Aspect.

    Void Aspect
    Initiative: +8
    30 ft.(6 squares)
    Armor Class:
    23(+4 dexterity, +9 deflection), 23 touch, 19 flat-footed
    Base Attack/Grapple:+4/+8
    slam +8 (1d4 +4/x2) in melee, or touch +8 melee
    Full Attack:
    slam +8 (1d4 +4/x2) in melee, or touch +8 melee
    Special Attacks:
    Void Touch
    Special Qualities:
    undead traits, incorporeal traits, spell resistance 19, aspect shift, phantasmal weapon, turning resistance +2
    Fort +2, Ref +6, Will +11
    Str -, Dex 18, Con -, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 28
    Hide +15, Intimidate +20, Listen +14, Ride +15, Spot +14
    Blind Fight, Improved Initiative, Iron Will

    Void touch (Sup): In this aspect, a Spirit of Five Rings can deliver a touch attack that deals 1d4 negative levels (Fortitude negates DC 23). The Save DC is Charisma based. This ability can be used every 1d4 rounds.

    A Gorin no Oni in his Void Aspect.

    Undead Type

    Undead are once-living creatures animated by spiritual or supernatural forces.
    An undead creature possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).

    * No Constitution score.
    * Darkvision out to 60 feet.
    * Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects).
    * Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, and death effects.
    * Not subject to critical hits, nonlethal damage, ability drain, or energy drain. Immune to damage to its physical ability scores (Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution), as well as to fatigue and exhaustion effects.
    * Cannot heal damage on its own if it has no Intelligence score, although it can be healed. Negative energy (such as an inflict spell) can heal undead creatures. The fast healing special quality works regardless of the creature’s Intelligence score.
    * Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless).
    * Uses its Charisma modifier for Concentration checks.
    * Not at risk of death from massive damage, but when reduced to 0 hit points or less, it is immediately destroyed.
    * Not affected by raise dead and reincarnate spells or abilities. Resurrection and true resurrection can affect undead creatures. These spells turn undead creatures back into the living creatures they were before becoming undead.
    * Proficient with its natural weapons, all simple weapons, and any weapons mentioned in its entry.
    * Proficient with whatever type of armor (light, medium, or heavy) it is described as wearing, as well as all lighter types. Undead not indicated as wearing armor are not proficient with armor. Undead are proficient with shields if they are proficient with any form of armor.
    * Undead do not breathe, eat, or sleep.

    Incorporeal subtype
    An incorporeal creature has no physical body. It can be harmed only by other incorporeal creatures, magic weapons or creatures that strike as magic weapons, and spells, spell-like abilities, or supernatural abilities. It is immune to all nonmagical attack forms. Even when hit by spells or magic weapons, it has a 50% chance to ignore any damage from a corporeal source (except for positive energy, negative energy, force effects such as magic missile, or attacks made with ghost touch weapons). Although it is not a magical attack, holy water can affect incorporeal undead, but a hit with holy water has a 50% chance of not affecting an incorporeal creature.

    An incorporeal creature has no natural armor bonus but has a deflection bonus equal to its Charisma bonus (always at least +1, even if the creature’s Charisma score does not normally provide a bonus).

    An incorporeal creature can enter or pass through solid objects, but must remain adjacent to the object’s exterior, and so cannot pass entirely through an object whose space is larger than its own. It can sense the presence of creatures or objects within a square adjacent to its current location, but enemies have total concealment (50% miss chance) from an incorporeal creature that is inside an object. In order to see farther from the object it is in and attack normally, the incorporeal creature must emerge. An incorporeal creature inside an object has total cover, but when it attacks a creature outside the object it only has cover, so a creature outside with a readied action could strike at it as it attacks. An incorporeal creature cannot pass through a force effect.

    An incorporeal creature’s attacks pass through (ignore) natural armor, armor, and shields, although deflection bonuses and force effects (such as mage armor) work normally against it. Incorporeal creatures pass through and operate in water as easily as they do in air. Incorporeal creatures cannot fall or take falling damage. Incorporeal creatures cannot make trip or grapple attacks, nor can they be tripped or grappled. In fact, they cannot take any physical action that would move or manipulate an opponent or its equipment, nor are they subject to such actions. Incorporeal creatures have no weight and do not set off traps that are triggered by weight.

    An incorporeal creature moves silently and cannot be heard with Listen checks if it doesn’t wish to be. It has no Strength score, so its Dexterity modifier applies to both its melee attacks and its ranged attacks. Nonvisual senses, such as scent and blindsight, are either ineffective or only partly effective with regard to incorporeal creatures. Incorporeal creatures have an innate sense of direction and can move at full speed even when they cannot see.




    10|Gorin no Oni are wandering samurais with terrifying abilities.
    15|Gorin no Oni are spectres that were powerful warriors in the past. They are able to change their shape.
    20|Gorin no Oni were disciples of the Five Rings Path. They can adapt their abilities and weapons to the opponent they are fighting and they have powerful supernatural attacks.

    Plot hooks:

    - The players are hired to get rid of a powerful ghost.
    - Passing by an ancient battlefield, the players are attached by a group of Spirits. They propose them a challenge: if the players will be able to beat one of the spirits in a fight, they will let them go.
    - The players are followed by a strange samurai. It will reveal himself later.


    REFERENCES: Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi
    VISUAL REFERENCES: 36 Ghosts by Taiso Yoshi-toshi

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    Default Re: GITP Monster Competition XVIII - Of the Rising Sun

    I’m a warrior
    Thus, this is embarrassing -
    Tied up by a bug.

    Something large moved in the shadows off to the left. There was always some new foul beast in these accursed eastern lands, and Krugg readied his greataxe in hopes of getting an attack on it before it got to him or the rest of his fellow adventurers. When he saw what it was, he lowered his weapon, calling out, “It’s okay, it’s just big caterpillar! Don’t worry ab- HEY! Get this stuff offa me!”

    Monstrous Silk Worm

    Medium Vermin
    Hit Dice: 3d8+12 (25 hp)
    Initiative: +0
    Speed: 30 feet (6 squares); climb 30 feet
    Armor Class: 14 (+4 natural), touch 10, flat-footed 14
    Base Attack/Grapple: +2/+3
    Attack: Slam +3 (1d6+1)
    Full Attack: Slam +3 (1d6+1) and bite -2 (1d3+1)
    Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Attacks: Silk web
    Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft.; metamorphosis; silk adaptation; vermin traits
    Saves: Fort +7, Ref +1, Will +1
    Abilities: Str 13, Dex 10, Con 18, Int --, Wis 10, Cha 5
    Skills: --
    Feats: --
    Environment: Temperate to tropical forests
    Organization: Solitary, cluster (2-5), or colony (10-50)
    Challenge Rating: 2
    Treasure: None
    Alignment: Always neutral
    Advancement: 4-7 HD (medium); 8-12 HD (large); 12+ HD (metamorphosis)
    Level Adjustment: --

    If it were not for the size, you would think the creature in front of you nothing more than a white bug or caterpillar of some sort. However, being nearly as big as a man and possessing clicking mandibles the length of your forearm, it seems much more dangerous than that. The hairs covering its body look soft to the touch, almost silky, and as it notices you it turns its body towards you, looking, oddly, like it’s preparing to defend itself against you…


    Monstrous Silk Worms are usually docile creatures, content to feed on leafy plants (or the small creatures that get caught in such plants) and roam about their forest home. When threatened, however, they use their natural silk as means of stopping potential predators (or adventurers) in hopes of escaping. If cornered, they slam the opponent with their long body or attempt to bite the opponents with their mandibles

    Metamorphosis (Ex): When it is old enough, a Monstrous Silk Worm spins a cocoon of its own silk and undergoes metamorphosis. When it reaches 13 HD, the creature spends a cocoon (a process taking 1d4 days), and stays within the cocoon for 2d4 weeks. During this time, the creature is still vulnerable to attack, and is considered helpless (and it is for this reason that most suspend their cocoons from the highest branches of trees). The process, assuming it is completed, changes the creature into a Monstrous Silk Moth, which uses the same statistics of a Monstrous Silk Worm of its HD, with the following exceptions: it gains a fly speed of 60 feet with average maneuverability, its Dexterity increases by 4, and its Charisma increases by 2.

    The silk produced by a Monstrous Silk Worm undergoing metamorphosis is of exceptional quality. A single cocoon can produce up to 500 feet of silk rope, or can be used for any number of other normal silken products. Alternatively, the silk can be used to produce a special silk version of padded armor, usually called silk worm armor. This armor weighs half as much as normal padded armor, grants an additional +1 armor bonus to AC (for a total +2 armor bonus), is always considered to be of masterwork quality, and has no arcane spell failure chance. However, due to its high demand and its rarity, silk worm armor is expensive, usually costing around 200gp.

    Any attempt to use the silk of the Silk Worm’s cocoon is fatal to the creature inside. Assuming the Monstrous Silk Moth is able to complete its metamorphosis, it secretes a weak acid to weaken the cocoon and gnaws its way out. If subjected to this acid, the silk cocoon breaks down in 1d6 days.

    Silk Adaptation (Ex): Due to its inherent interaction with silk, through both the silk web ability and the cocoon that it eventually has to spin (and break out of), a Monstrous Silk Worm has mandibles adapted to affect such material. If using its bite attack, a Monstrous Silk Worm ignores the armor bonus of a character wearing silk worm armor (though magical enhancement bonus to armor still apply), and it ignores hardness when gnawing through silk rope or other items made of the material.

    Silk Web (Ex): As a defensive mechanism, a Monstrous Silk Worm can let loose a volley of silk to entrap dangerous opponents. As a standard action, the worm can let fly strands of silk that entangle those in the area; this functions as the web spell (DC 15), but it is an extraordinary ability and the Silk Worm’s caster level is equal to ½ its HD. After using this ability, the Silk Worm must wait 1d4 rounds before doing so again. The save is Constitution based (DC 10 + ½ HD + Con modifier). A Monstrous Silk Worm cannot be affected by its own silk web.



    Characters with ranks in Knowledge (Nature) can learn more about Monstrous Silk Worms. When the character makes a skill check, the following lore is revealed, including the information from lower DCs.

    {table=head]DC | Result
    10 | This creature is a Monstrous Silk Worm, a large insect that poses only a slight threat to adventurers. This reveals any Vermin traits.
    15 | The Silk Worm has, as its name implies, a close association with silk, being able to produce high quality silk as a byproduct of its metamorphosis.
    20 | Besides producing silk to make a cocoon, a Monstrous Silk Worm can also use this silk defensively, creating a morass of silky strands to stop would-be predators.[/table]


    Plot Hooks

    • The local empress has decreed that all Silk Worms within her kingdom belong to her and her alone. Anyone caught harming, harassing, or even touching one is subject to execution.
    • A local merchant has been recruiting young adventurers to go “procure” silk for him from the far eastern lands. He refuses to tell anyone of the process of doing so unless they sign a contract agreeing to work for him, and many local adventurers (or, rather, would-be adventurers) have gone and never returned.
    • Residents of a small mountain village are preparing for their annual Silk Moth festival, which occurs on the evening of the full moon closest to the Vernal Equinox. However, as the moon waxes close to full, the residents have found that not only can they find no trace of Silk Worm cocoons in the local forests, but the entire population of Monstrous Silk Worms has vanished with only a few days before the festival that's so important to their village economy.
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    Default Re: GITP Monster Competition XVIII - Of the Rising Sun

    The Eight Brothers

    - Haiku –

    Woe be to the eight
    Serving the corrupt in life
    United in death

    Tiny Undead

    Hit Dice: 4d12 (26 hp)
    Initiative: +6
    Speed: Fly 40 ft (perfect)
    Armor Class: 19 (+2 size, +2 Dex, +5 natural), touch 14, flat-footed 16
    Base Attack/Grapple: +2/-5
    Attack: Thrust +6 melee (1d10+1/19-20)
    Full Attack: Thrust +6 melee (1d10+1/19-20)
    Space/Reach: 2 ½ ft/5 ft
    Special Attacks: Augment critical, synchronous rend
    Special Qualities: Blindsight 120 ft, fast healing 5, fraternal link, hardness 10, haunt, object traits, rejuvenation, turn resistance +4, undead traits
    Saves: Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +6
    Abilities: Str 12, Dex 15 , Con -, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10
    Skills: Bluff +7, Escape Artist +9, Hide +10, Move Silently +24*, Sense Motive +9
    Feats: Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus (thrust)
    Environment: Any
    Organization: Brotherhood (8)
    Challenge Rating: 3 (Brotherhood 10)
    Treasure: None
    Alignment: Always chaotic evil
    Advancement: 5-8 HD (Tiny)
    Level Adjustment: -

    A ring of eight neglected katanas, blades tarnished and chipped and hilts wrapped in grimy cloth, stand in a ring in the ground. As you approach, all eight suddenly rise into the air, hovering at chest level and turning their points toward you in unison. You have only a moment to register the bizarre spectacle before they dart towards you with frightening speed.
    For a samurai, there is no greater honor than dying in the service of one’s lord. But sometimes a samurai can find himself in the service of a corrupt lord, dying with doubt in his heart, his soul still wrestling with his choice of obligation over justice. His spiteful spirit may rise again in the form of his neglected sword, instinctively seeking out others who have been forced to make the same choice. When eight such souls gather together, their collective bitterness and hatred destroys their individual indentities, forming a circle of violent spirits known as “the eight brothers.” Though the name might seem to imply a unique phenomenon, it is simply the name used by locals for the specific group haunting a particular region, such as “The Eight Brothers of Niyama Pass.”
    The eight brothers share several traits in common with both objects and ghosts, while not truly being either. Each of the brothers is a bit more than 3 feet long and weighs approximately 6 pounds. The brothers seem to understand each other’s thoughts perfectly, but are unable to communicate with other beings.

    These spirits are known as the eight brothers because they always travel in groups of eight, referred to as “brotherhoods.” They are usually found masquerading as a group of regular swords, thrust point down into the earth or just laying on the ground. When a living creature draws near, they will suddenly fly into the air, immediately charging in blade-first, hopefully gaining the benefit of a surprise round as they attempt to skewer it with their deceptively keen blades. They all work in perfect synchrony with one another to devastating effect, usually focusing their collective attention on one opponent at a time, attempting to surround it and take advantage of flanking positions without leaving their victim any means of escape. If pressed, however, they can be nearly as fearsome when engaging multiple opponents. All eight members of a brotherhood move and strike simultaneously, creating a coordinated display that is both beautiful and disturbing to behold.
    The brothers’ attacks are considered magical for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
    Augment Critical (Ex): The threat range for the eight brothers’ thrust attacks is 19-20/x2.
    Synchronous Rend (Ex): If two or more of the eight brothers hit a single opponent in the same round, they twist in the wounds and then slash out of the body in opposite directions. A creature hit by more than one brothers in a single round is automatically dealt an extra 1d10+1 points of slashing damage for each brother hitting it. For instance, if a creature is struck by four brothers in the same round, it receives the damage from all four brothers’ thrusts, then receives an additional 4d10+4 points of slashing damage from rending.
    Haunt (Su): A brotherhood is always tied to a specific site, often near a city where one or more of the brothers once served, be it a shrine, graveyard, clearing in the woods, or any other relatively remote location. This site is referred to as a Haunt. It is possible that a brotherhood can travel any distance from their Haunt, but in most cases they will not willingly move more than a mile from it.
    Rejuvenation (Su): As soon as the sun rises, no matter where they are, all of the brothers automatically retreat to the ethereal plane as an immediate action and return to their Haunt as quickly as possible. As long as at least one of member of the brotherhood has returned to the Haunt, all eight appear again on the material plane with full hit points as soon as the sun sets again. Casting a hallow spell on the brotherhood’s Haunt will immediately destroy all eight brothers the moment they return to the material plane. If a spell or effect, such as dimensional anchor, prevents their ethereal travel, the brothers will be immediately destroyed at sunrise. Spells and effects that create an approximation of sunlight will not destroy the brothers, only a natural sunrise will do.
    Fraternal Link (Su): All eight brothers in the same brotherhood share the same initiative roll and take their turns simultaneously. They must all have the same number of HD; if one is advanced then the other seven must be, as well. Each brother must always remain within 10 feet of at least one other. If one of the eight brothers is forced further away from another member of its brotherhood, it takes 3d8 points of damage, ignoring hardness. If it survives the damage, it returns to the nearest square within 10 feet of one of its brothers as an immediate action, regardless of distance. If one of the eight brothers is forced onto a separate plane from the majority of its brotherhood, it is immediately destroyed, though it can still be rejuvenated at the following sunset.
    Object Traits (Ex): While the eight brothers are undead spirits, they take the form of physical objects, and as such share many of the appropriate traits, such as a hardness rating. Ranged weapons, electricity, and fire attacks deal half damage to them, and cold attacks do one quarter damage.
    Mundane Mien (Ex): When at rest, the eight brothers look identical to regular katanas, albeit in a state of disrepair. They can be identified with a DC 20 Knowledge (religion) check, or with spells such as detect evil, detect undead, or true seeing.
    *Skills (Ex): When flying, the eight brothers glide silently through the air, conferring a +15 racial bonus to Move Silently checks. This bonus is reduced to +5 when rising from the ground or any other surface, as their metal bodies tend to make a slight clattering sound.

    Characters with ranks in Knowledge (religion) can learn more about the Eight Brothers. When a character makes a succesful skill check, the following lore is revealed, including information from lower DCs.
    DC 20 – These eight swords are the physical manifestation of the spirits of former samurai who are ashamed of their deeds in life, but too proud to admit their shame to themselves They are known as the eight brothers.
    DC 25 – The eight brothers share a magical link, and must always remain close to one another or risk destruction. They attack with devastating coordination and tactical prowess, easily able to overwhelm a single opponent in a matter of moments. When engaging a brotherhood, it is of the utmost importance to avoid being surrounded.
    DC 30 – The tremendous guilt burdening the spirits of the eight brothers makes them ashamed to be seen in the light of the sun. Every morning they retreat to the ethereal plane to rejuvenate themselves, but they can be destroyed instantly if they are prevented from leaving the material plane, or if the site that they haunt has been consecrated.

    Plot Hook

    • A remote farming village, at least one day’s travel from the nearest city, has stopped receiving supplies. Merchants are no longer visiting, and villagers who have been sent to the city do not return. Unbeknownst to anyone, a brotherhood haunts the road from a small travelers’ shrine, murdering anyone walking to or from the village after dark. Winter is approaching, and the lack of necessities such as firewood, lamp oil, and medicine could bring an end to the small settlement. The PCs might be hired to escort a group of villagers to the main city, or escort a group of merchants to the village, or simply to travel down the road and investigate the source of the disappearances.
    • The deserted castle of a now-deceased tyrant purportedly holds a king's ransom in treasure somewhere within its walls. However, it is also said to be haunted by the vengeful spirits of his 40 dead retainers, who now prowl the castle grounds in the form of five separate brotherhoods.
    • A necromancer has built a fortress over an ancient graveyard. In addition to providing him ample materials to create an undead army, the site is haunted by a brotherhood. The necromancer has used magic to dominate the eight brothers, employing them at night as silent assassins.
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    Default Re: GITP Monster Competition XVIII - Of the Rising Sun

    Forsaken Blade

    Now deserted, crazed,
    Strive for honor and virtue,
    Glory for its lord

    Medium Construct
    Hit Dice: 5d10+20 (53 hp)
    Initiative: +1
    Speed: fly 60 ft. (perfect)
    Armor Class: 22 (+1 Dex, +11 natural)
    Base Attack/Grapple: +3/+9
    Attack: Sword +10 (1d12+6, 19-20/x2)
    Full Attack: Sword +10/+5 (1d12+6, 19-20/x2)
    Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Attacks: Vociferous charge, duel
    Special Qualities: Low-light vision, dark vision (60 ft.), construct traits, damage resistance 2/chaotic, fire resistance 10
    Saves: Fort +3, Will +1, Reflex +2
    Abilities: Str 22, Dex 12, Con -, Int 4, Wis 11, Cha 9
    Feats: Weapon Focus (natural weapon), Great Fortitude
    Environment: Any
    Organization: Solitary
    Challenge Rating: 6
    Treasure: None
    Alignment: Always Lawful Good

    The Forsaken Blade is a mighty sword, flying fast and free. Its blade shines as if it was just cleaned, and the hilt is ornately wound with expensive looking material.

    When a samurai’s master dies, it is dishonorable not to commit hara kiri (ritual suicide). If a samurai with an intelligent or legendary sword dishonors this tradition, becoming a ronin, the sword forsakes its master and defends justice on its own. These swords are known as Forsaken Blades (hissori katana). When a sword becomes forsaken it becomes an animate object and roams the land killing all who try to stop it from finding a new master. Until it finds an honorable man or woman (lawful good alignment) who can defeat it in single combat, the sword remains free. If mastered in combat it becomes a +1axiomatic greatsword, and the master is automatically proficient in its use. A forsaken blade is approximately 4 feet in length and can understand simple Common.

    A forsaken blade uses its speed to catch its opponents unawares. The forsaken blade will always attempt to take out its enemies quickly and efficiently, so it may continue its search for a new master. If a suitable master is found the sword speaks telepathically (the only case in which it may do so) to say what it is, and then challenges them to fight. If they decline the sword leaves them and goes about on its business. If cornered, a forsaken blade will fight, but still prefers to take out opponents one at a time.

    Vociferous Charge:
    After moving in a straight line (with no deviations) for an entire round, using all actions for linear movement, a forsaken blade may attempt a vociferous charge. After completing its move actions (thus ending the round normally), a forsaken blade may attack any target within range (it may take a five foot step in this case to qualify opponents for range) with extra force. Upon this type of attack, attack roll increases by +5 (not included in the determination of a critical), critical strike chance is increased to 15-20/x3, and if the attack is not a critical strike 10 extra damage is inflicted.

    When engaging in a duel with a possible master, all attacks deal non-lethal damage. When the opponent would be knocked unconscious, (s)he is instead left 1 point away from falling unconscious.

    [[Going to add more, not quite sure if these are all of the abilities I'm going to add. Expect tweaking.]]
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    Default Re: GITP Monster Competition XVIII - Of the Rising Sun

    Entry Withdrawn.
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    Default Re: GITP Monster Competition XVIII - Of the Rising Sun

    Hollow Vicegerent

    Winter of mans mind
    Corrupts The Sacred Grotto;
    Wreaks the Void Crown.


    Size & Types Large Outsider [Incorporeal, Native]
    Hit Dice: 15d8+45 (143)
    Initiative: +13
    Speed: 60 feet (12 squares)
    Armor Class: 28 (+7 Dex, +6 deflection, +5 perfection), touch 28, flat-footed 23
    Base Attack/Grapple: +15/{22}
    Attack: Incorporeal Touch +22 melee (1d6+5+ one of The Three Jewels)
    Full Attack: Incorporeal Touch +22/+17/+12 melee (1d6+5+ one of The Three Jewels)
    Space/Reach: 10 ft./10 ft.
    Special Attacks: Psionic-like abilities, The Three Jewels
    Special Qualities: Aura of Corporeality (30 ft.), Touchsight (120 ft.), Empty, Outsider Traits, The Name That Can Be Named Is Not The Eternal Name, Wu Wei.
    Saves: Fort +14, Ref +22, Will +19
    Abilities: Str --, Dex 23 , Con 10 , Int 18 , Wis 20 , Cha 22
    Skills: 216 skill points
    Feats: Dodge, Danger Sense, Improved Danger Sense (JF), Improved Initiative, Quick (SF), Psionic Hole {B}, Zen Defense (SF)
    Environment: Any on Mortal Coil
    Organization: Solitary or pentavaret (5)
    Challenge Rating: 13^
    Treasure: Usually none
    Alignment: Unaligned
    Advancement: 16-20 HD Large; 21-40 HD Gargantuan; 41-50 HD Titanic

    The widespread essence of darkness with it's swirls of fiery light suddenly coalesces into a form of vaguely humanoid proportions. It is without eyes or even a face, yet it sees you. It is without body or mortal shell yet is yearns forward to touch you. It is without a mouth, yet it speaks to you. “This one is that which lies outside The Way.”

    Hollow Vicegerent's prefer to let an enemy defeat itself by waiting until they enter it's aura of corporeality and attack it, activating the passive affects of The Three Jewels and perhaps Psionic Hole. It trusts the immunities granted by Empty to allow it to survive through those attack. Then on it's next turn the Hollow Vicegerent tries to go first and uses wu wei to slam those within it's aura with the active effects of the Three Jewels. Any that survive become the targets of it's defensive feats. Hollow Vicegerents fight until destroyed or are successful in killing it's foes.

    Aura of Corporeality (Ex)
    Hollow Vicegerent's can interact with all creatures and objects within 30 feet of themselves as if both it and they were corporeal. However it retains several of the modified benefits of being incorporeal within the aura. Hollow Vicegerent's have total concealment (50% miss chance). Hollow Vicegerents have a bonus to AC equal to their Charisma modifier. As a full round action a Hollow Vicegerent can suppress it's Aura of Corporeality for a number of rounds equal to 1+ Cha modifier (7). To all creatures outside of this aura the Hollow Vicegerent is truly incorporeal.

    Empty (Ex)
    Hollow Vicegerent's are creatures of absolute void, this world is not for them. They do not posses an alignment but are subjectively judged by those they interact with and appears to detect spells and are affected by blasphemy and similar effects in accordance with how the majority of the creatures around it, view it. Hollow Vicegerent's are immune to polymorphing, petrification, and any form-altering attack. They are not subject to energy drain, ability drain, or ability damage. They are immune to mind-affecting effects. Hollow Vicegerent's have resistance 20 to acid, cold, electricity, fire and sonic. Hollow Vicegerent's have no need to eat, sleep or breath. They cannot be resurrected in any way.

    Forsaken Masters of The Broken Path (Ex)
    Hollow Vicegerent's seem to operate on another level of reality and as a benefit gain a +1 perfection bonus for every 3 HD they posses to AC and saves.

    Psi-like Abilities (Ps)
    At will-- psionic wraithstrike, empathy, mass missive, detect hostile intent
    5/day-- trapping inner sanctum, aura sight, psionic divination
    1/day-- mass cloud mind, mindwipe

    The Name That Can Be Named Is Not The Eternal Name (Ex)
    Hollow Vicegerent's do not posses truenames and are thus immune to all utterances. No form of magic or ability that uses truenames works on Hollow Vicegerent's, this includes but is not limited to: calling, and gates.

    The Three Jewels (Su)
    As an immediate action or standard action a Hollow Vicegerent chooses one of the following abilities as active and one as passive. The active ability is attached to it's touch attack until it chooses to change the active Jewel. The passive ability activates every time the Hollow Vicegerent is subjected to an attack that requires an attack roll. Unless otherwise noted these abilities last for 15 rounds.

    • Compassion
      Active In addition to normal damage a Hollow Vicegerent's touch attack forces the subject to make a Will save (DC 23) or be subjected to a the effects of a charm monster spell. This ability affects beings normally immune to mind-affecting effects. Creatures must make this save each time they are struck by a Hollow Vicegerent.
      Passive Any creature that strikes a Hollow Vicegerent must make a Will save (DC 23) or be subjected to the effects of a calm emotions spell. This ability affects beings normally immune to mind-affecting effects. Creatures must make this save each time they strike a Hollow Vicegerent.
    • Simplicity
      Active In addition to normal damage a Hollow Vicegerent's touch attack forces the subject to make a Will save (DC 23) or be bound to not use weapons, armour, and other tools. They will immediately strive to divest themselves of such items. Creatures must make this save each time they are struck by a Hollow Vicegerent.
      Passive Any creature that strikes a Hollow Vicegerent must make a Will save (DC 23) or be bound to do the simplest form of any action they attempt. For instance a caster would use it's lowest level spell, a warrior would make a single unaltered strike at it's highest base attack bonus, and so forth. If there is no simple form of an attempted action, the target may make a new save with a -4 penalty to shrug off this effect entirely. This ability affects beings normally immune to mind-affecting effects. Creatures must make this save each time they strike a Hollow Vicegerent.
    • Humility
      Active Any creature that strikes a Hollow Vicegerent is subject to the gains 1d6 negative levels. Any attempt to remove these negative levels within the first 15 rounds after they were gained must succeed on a caster level check (DC 28) or fail. There is no saving throw to avoid gaining the negative levels, but 15 rounds after gaining them, the subject must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 23) for each negative level. If the save succeeds, that negative level is removed. If it fails, the negative level also goes away, but one of the subject’s character levels is permanently drained. This ability affects beings that are normally immune to energy drain. Creatures are affected by this each time they are struck by a Hollow Vicegerent.
      Passive Any creature that strikes a Hollow Vicegerent is affected by the targeted form of a greater dispel magic as if by a CL +15 with the follow exception: any object that is affected is suppressed for 1d6 rounds. This ability affects beings normally immune to disjunction effects. Creatures must make this save each time they strike a Hollow Vicegerent.

    Wu Wei
    Literally 'without action', this ability of the Hollow Vicegerent is always active. Regardless of what Initiative the Hollow Vicegerent achieves, it always goes last. On it's turn the Hollow Vicegerent gains a number of either standard, move, or free actions equal to it's initiative. A Hollow Vicegerent may freely mix and match the type of action it gains from the above. The Hollow Vicegerent makes it's actions when others do not; it subtracts a number of actions granted from Wu Wei equal to the number of foes with unique initiatives it faces.


    The knowledge is untapped tomorrow.,.

    Plot Hook/Story if any
    The story begins tomorrow...
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    Default Re: GITP Monster Competition XVIII - Of the Rising Sun

    Porcelain Doll

    <looking for an appropriate pic>

    Pale, Silent Beauty
    Stands over crumpled bodies,
    Robed in finest silk.

    Size, Type: Tiny Construct
    Hit Dice: 2d10(11)
    Initiative: +3
    Speed: 20' (4 squares)
    Armor Class: 20 (+3 Dex, +2 Size, +5 Natural), touch: 15, flat-footed: 17
    Base Attack +1 Grapple: +1
    Attack: Claw +5 Melee (1d3+2)
    Full Attack: 2 Claw +5 Melee (1d3+2)
    Space/Reach: 2 1/2 ft. / 0 ft.Special Attacks: Entangling Clothes, Static Cling, Improved Grab
    Special Qualities: Grasping Clothes, Clinging Clothes, Damage Reduction 5/-, Magic Immunity, Fire Vulnerability
    Saves: Fort +0, Ref +3, Will +0
    Abilities: 14 Str , 16 Dex , - Con , 6 Int , 10 Wis , 10 Cha
    Skills: +16 Hide (+5 rank, +8 Size, +3 Dex), +8 Tumble (+5 Rank, +3 Dex)
    Feats: Weapon Finesse, Improved Grapple (B)
    Environment: Urban, Indoors
    Organization: Single Piece, Matching Pairs, Collection (3-8)
    Challenge Rating: 4
    Treasure: None
    Alignment: Usually True Nuetral
    Advancement: 3-4 HD (Tiny), 5-6 HD (Small), 7-9 HD (Medium)
    Level Adjustment: -

    Porcelain Dolls usually take the form of petite females with ebony hair, white skin, and crimson lips. The color of paint used for the eyes can range from blue to black. Their usual position is either seated with their hands in their laps or standing up-right stiff as a board. They are usually garbed in a silk kimono that can be given a variety of colors, possibly with extra lengths of cloth around the arms. They come in the form of tiny figurines to life-size models.

    A row of pristine dolls sit silently on the shelf, their glazed eyes staring at the opposite wall. However, every time you turn your back, you hear the rustling of cloth, and each time you look your eyes are greeted by the empty room. After finally convincing yourself that your imagination is butting heads with your anxiety, you focus on the task at hand. You turn back to the safe you were picking and block out all distractions. Just as the latch clicks, you hear the unmistakable sound of creaking wood. Frantically, you spin around, sweat already pouring down your face, to see eight tiny dolls standing on the shelf, gazing at you. All at once, they leap on you. The silk cloths covering them come to life, wrapping you in layers of the tough fiber until you are unable to move.

    Porcelain dolls almost always attempt to grapple their opponent, shrugging off blows with their Damage Reduction. When able, they prefer to attack from above, dropping on their opponent with the element of surprise on their side.

    Special Attacks

    Entangling Clothes (Su)
    When a Porcelain Doll wins a grapple check, the target is immediately entangled for 1d4+1 rounds. During this time, the target may make a DC 24 (+1 for every additional HD of the Porcelain Doll) Strength Check or a DC 25 Escape Artist Check to attempt and break free. Also, while her target is entangled the Porcelain Doll must stay in the same square as the target (a small or medium Porcelain Doll may move to any adjacent square, but no further). She may then attack other targets as normal with her natural weapon and Special Attacks, but may not grapple in any way. At the end of the entanglement the target must make another grapple or be entangled for one additional round.

    Static Cling (Su)
    Whenever a Porcelain Doll is struck by an attack that would normally deal electric damage, she becomes charged with static. The next attack made with her natural weapons will then deal an additional 1d8 of electrical damage.

    Improved Grab (Ex)
    To use this ability, a Porcelain Doll must hit an opponent of two size categories larger or less with a claw attack. It can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If it wins the grapple check, it establishes a hold.

    Special Qualities

    Animated Clothes (Su)
    For every foot of cloth used in the creation of the Porcelain Doll, she may stretch it up to twice its length in any direction as a free action (i.e., if 10' of cloth was used in the of the Doll, she may stretch it up to 20'). Using this, she may grapple targets at a distance, but with a -5 penalty. It may also be used to climb that distance as a move action without a Climb Check.

    Clinging Clothes (Ex)
    The fibers composing the Porcelain Doll's cloths are especially clingy, due to both the oils used in her creation and the natural cling of silk. The Porcelain Doll gains a +3 bonus on all her Grapple checks.

    Damage Reduction
    Due to the fine porcelain of which their bodies are made, Porcelain Dolls have 5/- damage reduction.

    Magic Immunity (Ex)
    The Porcelain Doll is immune to any spell or spell-like ability that allows spell resistance. In addition, certain spells and effects function differently against the creature, as noted below.

    A magical attack that deals cold damage slows the Porcelain Doll (as the slow spell) for 2d6 rounds, with no saving throw.

    The Porcelain Doll is completely resistant to all forms of electicity damage.

    Fire Vulnerability (Ex)
    The Porcelain Doll takes 1.5 damage from any attack that deals fire damage.

    The Porcelain Doll's body must come from a single block of clay that costs 1000 gp (+500 gp for every additional HD). Creating the body requires a DC 15 Craft (Pottery) check. The caster does not need to make the body himself.

    A silk Kimono must also be purchased and must be treated in special oils and herbs costing 1000 gp (+500 for every additional HD and an added 50 gp for every 5 ft. of cloth). The extra lengths of cloth is hidden inside the Kimono and is not usually visable.
    note: The maximum amount of cloth per HD is: Creature's HD * 5 (i.e., a 2 HD creature may have a maximum of 10 ft. of extra cloth, while a 5 HD creature may have a maximum of 25 ft. of cloth).

    CL 6th; Craft Construct, animate rope, animate object, geas(Lesser), caster must be at least 11th level; Price 5,000 gp; Cost 2,000 gp + 480 XP.


    Construct Type:
    • No Constitution score.
    • Low-light vision.
    • Darkvision out to 60 feet.
    • Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects).
    • Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, and necromancy effects.
    • Cannot heal damage on their own, but often can be repaired by exposing them to a certain kind of effect (see the creature’s description for details) or through the use of the Craft Construct feat. A construct with the fast healing special quality still benefits from that quality.
    • Not subject to critical hits, nonlethal damage, ability damage, ability drain, fatigue, exhaustion, or energy drain.
    • Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects, or is harmless).
    • Not at risk of death from massive damage. Immediately destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points or less.
    • A construct cannot be raised or resurrected.
    • Proficient with its natural weapons only, unless generally humanoid in form, in which case proficient with any weapon mentioned in its entry.
    • Proficient with no armor.
    • Constructs do not eat, sleep, or breathe.


    {table=head]DC | Result
    10 | Porcelain Dolls are ornate figurines collected by women and excentric nobles
    15 | Some Porcelain Dolls are actually constructs and are used by some to protect heirlooms and family vaults.
    20 | Porcelain Dolls can be fierce opponents, using their resistance to most magic and normal damage to get near their prey and then entrap them in endless folds of cloth.[/table]

    Plot Hook
    • The Party had been hired to infiltrate a noble's vault and steal a magic artifact. Unfortunately, no one that has previously attempted to do so has come back alive, but to all appearances, the rooms around the vault are unguarded.
    • Adventurers have just recently begun to enter the abandoned, and allegedly haunted, castle in search of lost artifacts. Aside from the expected threat of undead, there have been reports of fierce women. A local guild has hired the party to enter the castle and sort out the rumers... and bring back some treasure, or course.
    • A local wizard hires the party to hunt down a group of thieves that stole a shipment of his 'enchanted dolls'. However, after following the burgaler's trail for a short while, they come to the scene of a massacre. In the center of the carnage is a large box that appears to have been burst open from the inside. Upon bringing this information back to the wizard, he becomes enraged and begs the party to track down the lost dolls--for a far greater reward than previously agreed on.
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    Default Re: GITP Monster Competition XVIII - Of the Rising Sun (Voting Opened)

    And... time's up! You can vote for your favorite here. Good luck!

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    Default Re: GITP Monster Competition XVIII - Of the Rising Sun (Voting Opened)

    I vote for the rice plant. I like the flavour and it was origional from those submitted.

    If i get a second vote i also liked the 8 brothers..
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    And voting has come to a close.

    TheEscapist wins this month's contest with his creation, the Eight Brothers!

    The VT's Choice Award goes to Jaerc's Hollow Vicegerent which I thought was creative and had some very original mechanics.


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