Can anyone think of glaring exploits in this, or just give feedback? Thanks!

For my homebrew campaign, Clerics are going to be Cloistered Cleric variants. They are unarmoured, light, fragile casters essentially like Wizards but with cleric spells.

The old fashioned cleric is merging with the Sorceror class. The new class looks like this:
-Cleric BAB
-d8 hit dice
-Strong will save

-Spells per day as a sorceror.
-Spells known is as a battle sorceror (1 fewer known per level). Spells may be chosen from Cleric or Wizard spell lists (for example, in 1st level the character could know both Cure Light Wounds and Shield).

-class skills are pending. Probably both sorceror and cleric skills are class. Skill points are 2/level.
-Proficiencies: mostly the same as RAW cleric, except no medium or heavy armour proficiency. Can cast in light armour without risk of spell failure; casting in medium or heavy imposes normal spell failure risk (on both divine and arcane spells).
-No familiar
-bonus feats as wizard (no bonus feat at 1st level).

The player can decide if the character uses Wisdom, Intelligence, or Charisma.

Wisdom-based casters:
-get to choose a single cleric domain. They know all spells from that domain as bonus spells that do not count towards their known spell limit, and get the domain power.
-get a strong Fort save.

Intelligence-based casters:
-get to choose a single wizard domain from Unearthed Arcana, getting those spells as bonus spells known.
-get Scribe Scroll as a bonus feat at 1st level.

Charisma-based casters:
-get the benefits of a Major Unearthed Arcana bloodline without paying the level advancement cost (and without gaining the equivalent casting power levels) - with DM approval, may design a Major bloodline for a race that normally only allows Intermediate or Minor bloodlines.
-can use metamagic spontaneously without taking a penalty to casting time.
-can choose 1 bonus spell known from the Bard spell list at every casting level known up to 6th level. Upon gaining 7th, 8th, and 9th level spells, learns a new metamagic feat instead.
-get a strong Reflex save.

question: Do the local pundits think the three attributes are balanced? As a disclaimer, Charisma in my game is not as useless as normal. It represents strength of personality, and so is vital in resisting mind-controlling effects. However, I'm not sure the lower number of spells known from a generally less potent spell list is fully offset by the Charisma-caster's powerful metamagic. Would gaining something like an Animal Companion help, or is it already pretty good?