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    Default please review these feats

    hello there, i'm seeking my GM's approval of two feats for the game, just let me know if you think they're fair

    Devoted Zealot
    -prereqs: Smite Evil & Steely Resolve

    Your Paladin and Crusader levels stack for determining your Smite Evil
    ability. Your Paladin levels are counted as Crusader for the purpose
    of determining your Initiator level and Steely Resolve.

    (A nice blended feat, not overpowering, but lets these two classes
    work together much like the other 3 Devoted crossovers)

    War Rider (or some other generic catch-all name)
    -prereqs: Ability to make a full attack action after mount has moved,
    Ride by Attack, BAB +6

    During any time in your turn, when your mount takes a move action in
    a straight line, you may use your full attack action to strike
    multiple foes, (with a -2 to your attack roll)
    Your mount must move a minimum of 5 ft, between attacks.

    thanks for reading,

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    Default Re: please review these feats

    Did the homebrew forum disappear when I wasn't looking?
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