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Thread: Fighters...

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    Default Fighters...

    Well, while I personally don't see a problem with high level fighter power progression, I just can't seem to convince anyone else otherwise. SO, with that in mind I put my mind to "fixing" the fighter. The end result seems fairly simple.

    Abolish Fighter feats.

    Now I know, I know, that seems absurd, but hear me out. Keep Bonus Feats. BUT allow fighters to bypass all requirements for feats previously considered Fighter Feats EXCEPT for feat requirements. What does this do? It buffs all fighting classes for one, because now Paladins / Barbarians / anyone with full BAB can get Weapon Supremacy (Hurah for taking 10 on attack rolls) but it also allows the fighter to scale faster ( everyone else has to wait till they qualify for Shock Trooper, you can take it at 2, and having those 2 cross rank skills in Spellcraft for Mage Slayer? No more!). The change also lets Fighters remove some of the MAD that plagues their feat selection. No longer need Int/Con/Str/Dex to be a decent Dual Wielding, Defensive, Charging, Caster Nightmare? Yes Please.

    Feats that had previously been fighter only would of course simply have a base attack requirement equal to the fighter level minimum the feat had previously.

    Thoughts? Comments?

    Is it horrible, has it been done? I'm curious.

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    Default Re: Fighters...


    You know how much cheese would this become? So many souless one-trick ponys, uberchargers and tripmonkeys would feast in such thing!

    That also only increase the chance that the fighter will now be 2 level diped far more often.

    Feats are not what a fighter need in the moment. They need class features. If they had decent class features they would be OK.

    You know who needs extra feats? Paladins. They indeed could use some, because they don't have anything new after level 6.

    A fighter, as long as you feed feats to him, will only become a dipfriendly class more and more. I am trying to fix the fighter removing feats and giving them something useful instead. Take a look around at some Fighter fixes. I think Fax Celestis has one of such around. Try and ask him.

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    Default Re: Fighters...

    True, it does encourage a few level dips. Eh well, back to the drawing board.

    To be honest, I actually believe that pure fighter is probably the fourth* or possibly even third strongest class in the game (mind you you need splatbooks to be considered so.).

    You just need imagination. And a very wizardly outlook on building a character. Unfortunately many people are under the misconception that Fighters are simple classes. They aren't and never have nor will be. They require just as much research and splatbook combing as the cheesier wizard builds and can achieve similar levels of cheese (until you start mucking about with epic spells, but thats 3.0)

    * Archivist is 1st, if the DM is sane and doesn't allow that class then its the good old Trinity (Wizard, Druid, Cleric) of these four, an intelligent fighter could reasonably compete (at least damage wise at low levels) at most every level. Yes there are breaking points, and the fighter does have to actively buy antimagic gear. But once the fighter can afford the antimagic field generator, he's got a great chance of becoming one of the most powerful party members.

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    Default Re: Fighters...

    Artificer is stronger, as is the entire TOB and any casting class.

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