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Thread: Insecticons

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    Default Insecticons

    Hi. I'm a big fan of Transformers, and I've decided to stat out my favorite kind of them: Insecticons.

    To create these stats, I took a warforged and added the Incarnate Construct and the Entomanthrope Template to it.

    • Spoiler
    • Humanoid (Shapechanger, Living Construct)
    • Ability Scores: +2 Con, -2 Int, -2 Cha. When in vermin or hybrid form, the Insecticon's physical ability scores equal the vermin's normal ability scores -10 or -11 (subtract 10 from even scores and subtract 11 from odd scores). For example, a Spider Insecticon based on a large monstrous spider (Str 15, Dex 17, Con 12) adds +4 Str, +6 Dex, and +2 Con.
    • Base Land Speed 30ft: Same as the base vermin in vermin form. Hybrids have a base land speed of 30ft. If the hybrid form has wings (see under Alternate Form below), then the hybrid has a fly speed equal to the lesser of the base creature's base speed or the base vermin's normal fly speed. For example, the giant wasp has a fly speed of 60 feet. If a human commoner entomanothrope (speed 30 feet) changed into a hybrid giant wasp form, it would fly at speed 30 feet. If an 11th-level human monk entomanothrope (base speed 70 feet) changed into a hybrid giant wasp, the hybrid would fly at 60 feet.

    • Living Construct Subtype
    • Shapechanger Subtype
    • Darkvision 60ft
    • Natural Armor +2 in all forms. In hybrid and vermin forms, the natural armor bonus is equal to the base vermin's or base creature's +2, whichever is greater.
    • Alternate Form (Su): An Insecticon can assume the form of a single type of vermin as if using a polymorph spell on itself, though its gear is not affected, it can maintain the new form indefinitely, and it does not gain hit points for changing form. It adds the physical ability score modifiers to the scores of the base creature rather than gaining the base vermin's physical ability scores.
    • An Insecticon can also assume a bipedal hybrid form with two humanoid (or giant) arms and legs, and a face like the base vermin. The hybrid body is basically humanoid, but with fur or hair or skin/plates like that of the base vermin. Scorpion Insecticons have clawed hands. If the base vermin has a tail sting attack, then the hybrid form has it too. If the base vermin has wings, then the hybrid form has wings also. The fly speed is calculated as per the Speed section above. Changing forms is a standard action. (See Lycanthropy as an Affliction in the Monster Manual for information about afflicted Insecticon controlling their change.)
    • In vermin and hybrid forms, an Insecticon gains the base verminís special attack and special qualities in addition to the Insecticonís base traits.
    • Damage Reduction 5/Silver
    • Insecticon Command (Su): In any form, Insecticon s can command vermin of its type (any size) as if using a command undead spell on mindless undead. This ability affects 2 Hit Dice of the vermin type per Hit Die of the Insecticon, and it lasts for 1 hour.
    • Insecticon Immunities (Ex): Insecticons have immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects) in any form.
    • Insecticons start out with hit dice equaling the base verminís hit dice. These hit dice give Insecticons medium base attack bonus, good fortitude saves, poor reflex and will saves, and skill points equaling 2+Intelligence Modifier times the verminís hit dice. Insecticons gain feats as normal for a creature of their hit dice.
    • Level Adjustment: +0
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    Default Re: Insecticons

    Cool beans, but too powerful for an LA +0. I think it's +1 or even a +2.
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