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    Default Variant idea for cross-classers

    Some abilities are very dependant upon a class. For example, a Paladin's smite damage only goes up as they gain Paladin levels. Some cross classers are at a loss. So, a feat to help:

    Cross Class Abilities [General]
    Select any one primary base class and one secondary base class.
    Benefit: All the character's levels in the secondary base class stack when determining their effective class level for class abilities in the primary base class. This does not grant the character extra uses or enhanced uses gained from actual gained class levels, but only increases their effective class levels for the purpose of calculations dependant upon class level.

    A Paladin/Monk gains this feat and selects Paladin as their primary class and Monk as their secondary class. The character's Smite damage increases with both Paladin and Monk levels thereafter as does their effective caster level for Paladin spells and Aura of Good. However, the character's monk abilities do not increase as they gain paladin levels unless they take this feat a second time in reverse.

    So a Paldin 4/Monk 2 is treated like a Paladin 6 for calculation purposes of their effective Paladin level though they do not gain any of the increases base saves, additional HD, skill points, bab, or special abilities gained from higher level paladin levels.

    A Rogue(P)/Fighter(S) gaining this feat would not gain extra sneak attack damage as their Fighter level went up but would treat their effective rogue level as higher for the purpose of overcoming Improved Uncanny Dodge and whatnot.

    Another Possibility is:

    Gestalt [General]
    Select one base class to be a primary class and one base class to be a secondary class.
    Prerequisite: Level 2 in primary class, level 1 in secondary class.
    Benefit: The character gains the special abilities and spells and effective class/caster level as if they were one level higher in the secondary class though they gain no other benefits of the class.
    Special: This feat can be taken multiple times. Its effects can stack or apply to new classes. Each time it is taken for the purpose of stacking effects its level prerequisites increase by 2 (4 primary/3 secondary to 6 primary/5 secondary etc.).
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