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    Default Scrolls for an Archivist

    So I'm putting together an Archivist (Scout1/Archivist1, I know I know, but its for roleplay reasons) for a game starting soon, and have 300gp to blow on spells. Woooo! Other than Entangle, what should I pick up? I'm starting out with 8 cleric spells, of course, but what are the must have 1st levels divine spells out there?

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    Default Re: Scrolls for an Archivist

    -Divine Favor
    -Magic Weapon
    -Entropic Shield
    -Bless Weapon, a must have if you expect a lot of DR/Good enemies.
    -Shield of Faith

    Other spells that might be good with your class combination
    -Hawkeye (Spell Compendium, increases range increments by 50%, +5 on spot checks)
    -Healthful Rest (Spell Compendium, double healing rate at rest)
    -Ice Gauntlet (Spell Compendium, gain a spiked gauntlet that deals extra ice damage)
    -Hunter's Mercy (Spell Compendium, automatic crit on your next bow attack). Good if you're using the bow.
    -Obscuring Mist might be good as a "smoke bomb" for battlefield control.
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    Default Re: Scrolls for an Archivist

    Lesser Vigor (SC)
    Lesser Restoration (lifted from the Paladin spell list)
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    Default Re: Scrolls for an Archivist

    Ugh, SCOUT/Archivist? You don't need to take a level of a class to roleplay that class. You could just be an Archivist 2, and tell everyone you're a Scout, and use spells to emulate Scout abilities. Or be a Scout 2, and take a lot of languages and Knowledge Skills, and tell everyone you're a scholar.


    Sleep (Dream Domain, Comp Divine): Save or Lose.

    Grease (Slime Domain, Player's Guide to Faerun): Default monsters almost never have ranks in Balance, and even then it moves at half speed.

    Charm Person (Renewal Domain, PGF): Save or Lose. Great for out of combat shenanigans as well.

    Enlarge Person (Strength Domain, PHB): Your meat shield will love you for casting this on them.

    Protection From Evil (Cleric 1): Suppresses charms and compulsions, prevents attacks from summoned creatures.

    That's just off the top of my head. A ton of domains are on Crystalkeep. And many domains you otherwise wouldn't have access to because they're from Eberron or FR or some obscure source are also in the back of the Spell Compendium, making them even more readily available.

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    Default Re: Scrolls for an Archivist

    Lesser Restoration (lifted from the Paladin spell list)
    And while we're at it, Delay Poison from the ranger list. Though it's not so useful at low levels, when it only lasts an hour... Better at level 5 or so, when it lasts (if extended) long enough to prepare spells to more permanently deal with the poison.
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    Default Re: Scrolls for an Archivist

    Don't forget the Shugenja spell list:

    Cantrips: Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Disrupt Undead, Flare

    Sleep, Silent Image, Burning Hands, Change Self, Hypnotism, Shocking Grasp,

    Others First level spells you might consider adding to your prayer book:

    Charm Person (Divine Bard, Charm Domain, Elysium (Planar Domain), Lust Domain and Renewal Domain....)

    Make Whole (Balance Domain)

    Animate Rope (Craft Domain)

    Divine Bard:


    Prestidigitation, Message, mage Hand, Ghost Sounds, Summon Instrument


    Alarm, Animate Rope, Charm Person, Grease, Identify, Silent Image, Sleep, Magic Mouth, Lesser Confusion, Hypnotism, Undetectable Alignment, Tasha's Hideous Laughter

    True Strike (Elf and Fate Domain) Occassionally you have to hit something

    Goodberry (Druid and Gluttony)

    Silent Image (Illusion)

    Cheat (Greed)

    Omen of Peril (LIberation)
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