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    Default Excerpts from the Fire Master's Chronicles.

    Hello, and welcome, friends. As you may or may not know, I am currently working on a book, known currently as The Fire Master's Chronicles. I plan to use this thread to post excerpts and such, meant for review and the furthering of knowledge. Most of these will be in the forms of short stories or such, but there may be the occasional drawing.

    Now, without further ado, I present to ye the first of mine tales, one most connected to those known as Heartfire Knights, as told by one of the First to bear the Name...

    "Come, come, gather round, and let me, to thine young eyes recant the tale of the greatest king ever known. Ever heard of the Overking? -Yes, that one, he who ruled over every race, benevolent benefactor to all? Mmmyess. allow me to enlighten ye- He was no myth… Hear now the tale of the Great King and the Elder Shadow

    A thousand thousand, thousand years ago, the world was not as we know it today. It was a perfect world, bereft of strife, of sorrow- or spite or hate...
    In this world lived a Man, a Man they say both rejected and revered the bonds of his heritage, and wandered the world to find his destiny. Along his way, they say, in his many travels and adventures, he gained many a follower, each of whom desired to be free of their daily lives, and to the ends of the earth follow this Man, who was an inspiration to all who gazed upon him.

    Little did they all know was that the dissatisfaction they faced was but a foreshadowing of the calamity that was yet to come...

    This Man was unlike any of his race, for he had ears less elongated, and skin far less dark than that of his kin- Yet what set him apart the most was the crimson emblem that was seared upon the back of his right hand since birth. This Crest of Fire gave him unprecedented control over fire, allowing him to perform incredible feats of arcane might, which attracted followers who strove to be tutored by him, and emulate his power... This Crest also had a more subtle, nigh unnoticeable effect upon the Man- it increased his lifespan far beyond the norm for his race.

    One day, this Man in his unending travels came across a Desert, hot and endless- sand as far as the eye can see. He felt compelled to venture into it, and so he did, and he marched for days, unfazed by the blistering heat.
    In the Heart of this great Desert, the Man and his company came across a fire that seemed to spring forth from the very depths of the earth. It burned for miles, unapproachable by none but the man himself.
    Despite his follower's urgings, the Man approached to this great flame and thrust his hand within the blaze. It did not affect him. Calling upon the power of the Crest of Fire, he grasped he conflagration's heart and forged it into a sword of undeniable power. With this sword, he created a city in place of that fire, and gave his friends a place to call home.

    His followers, forever grateful for the daring deed their leader performed to provide them with homes, they crowned him their one true leader, and he was given a name. From then on, he was known as Etidrias, The King.

    Eventually, news of this benevolent king who ruled over all races, treating them as friends, no matter how lowly, spread. As this news spread, so did the desire to live under this King, and soon, this metropolis that was born of flame grew into the greatest kingdom ever known upon the face of the world, with members of every race living within it, in harmony with all others. Over the years, this kingdom grew in power and prestige, and its ruler came to be known by many names- Even to this day, legends still refer to this great man as the Overking, Burning King, and many others...

    For many years, this Old World existed in peace, yet this was not to last..
    One day, as the Great King's brow started to wrinkle with age, a Masked Figure appeared from the shadow of the setting sun. With every step, the Masked one spread darkness and negativity in his wake, driving all who encountered him to madness, perverting the very core of their beings. He spread emotions and energies dark and foreign to the world, never before heard of, even by the most knowledgeable of scholars.
    The Dark One, as he came to be known, tirelessly continued his march, slaying all those who dared oppose him with neither remorse nor effort, denying them even of their chances at eternal rest, as their corpses were animated into mockeries of their former selves and their souls twisted beyond recognition before his shadow. The Dark One marched through all the great kingdoms of the ancient world, felling all one by one as he saw fit, until finally, the only kingdom that stood before his twisted forces was that of Etidrias himself.

    The Overking's magic was powerful enough to protect his kingdom from the Dark one's influence, protecting its denizens' minds. ... Until one day, darkness whispered into the mind of Ashtéras, one of the King's most trusted generals. Ashtéras deceived Etidrias into attempting a more offensive approach, to lower the magical barrier and fight the darkness head-on. The King agreed, but only after thirteen days. In those days he utilized the Crest's aged and increased power, gathering the flames the multiverse and hardening them into a single blade known to this day only as the Fire Master's Sword, the Secret of Flame. Putting down the sword Suzaku, he lowered the barrier and ordered an attack...

    -Yet, as the veil of flame was lowered, Darkness poured into the city and poisoned its people. All were swiftly lost within the Darkness's stranglehold, but for the King, his wife, Esper, and their son, young Reyas, who were protected by the Crest of Fire.
    Standing amid the chaos, the Masked Stranger laughed. a cruel, piercing laugh that cut through the hearts of all who heard it, as indeed all did. As old man Etidrias gazed in horror at what had become of his great kingdom, he was seized by a fit of rage that tore through his heart as he struck down Ashtéras, reducing him to dust. It is said that, to this day, this is why all things are reduced to ash when burned- as a reminder to all of what happens to traitors...

    The Overking then turned to the Masked One, who challenged him to a duel to the death. A duel that was to determine the fate of the World of Light. As the King solemnly agreed, the Masked One gave a great leap and disappeared into the night, along with his minions. As the people wallowed in fear and confusion, a great, dark tower was raised in the distance, overshadowing even the horizon. The masked one's Challenge was that the Crimson King had three days to reach the Tower at the End of Everything, before the world was plunged into eternal shadow, consumed forever by the turbulent, destructive sea of chaos. Thus, the King made haste. Calling for his friend, the great Phoenix, they flew over land and ocean, all tainted with evil. He faced countless challenges, and terrible odds, yet he landed atop the tower in time...

    The two forces met, and before the shadowed sun had set, the Great Duel had begun.

    According to legend, this battle raged fiercely for five days and six nights, neither side drawing blood- yet every clash of sword upon sword reverberated throughout the world, shaking the very foundations of creation...
    Finally, as the dawn stretched forth her rosy fingers to mark the beginning of the sixth day, Etidrias landed the telling blow.
    The Secret of Fire tore through the Dark one's mask, shattering it into eight pieces. These shards fled the Great King's light, and were scattered across the world.
    Through the mask, Etidrias cut through the Stranger's eye, causing a wound in the shape of a crescent moon. From this wound flew three drops of tainted blood. One fell into the land, one into the King's Crest, and the third splattered across the Fire Master's Blade. The sword shattered.
    As he faded from existence, the Dark one spoke. "Listen closely, Etidrias. My name is Konto. Remember that..." And with that, the Shadow was vanquished...

    The King leapt off the enormous tower, landing softly as it crumbled behind him, the rubble vanishing. It was but an ephemeral memory now, without its master.
    Etidrias staggered home, to the cured masses, with son and queen greeted him alike.
    The King then stumbled, falling into his son's arms. There was something terribly unsettling about the King's appearance. His hair, once fair and white with wisdom, had become a deep, deep shade of crimson. Blood red, like that of the Dark figure Konto...
    With his dying words, he passed Crown and Crest to prince Reyas, who, holding his father's now cold hand, vowed to hunt down all shards of darkness within the world and destroy them forever...
    After his death, Etidrias, Overking, bearer of the Flame, was mourned by all, as a hero beyond measure, even those who had barely knew him. By the people's tears, the King's soul, it is said, was lifted unto the heavens, and he was given the greatest title of all- A new name, a name that meant the same in all languages. He was henceforth Mattarias the first. A name that meant Savior-spark. God of Fire.

    Now, tell me... Would you follow this king? *Mattarias removes the glove on his right hand and reveals a bright red, glowing Crest; two swords crossed behind a hollowed–out burning heart, upon which is emblazoned the symbol of fire.*

    Who am I? I am Mattarias the fifth. Prince-lord of the Southkingdom of Syr’ana. And our stories are merely beginning..."
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    Default Re: Excerpts from the Fire Master's Chronicles.

    Saved for later necessity.

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