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    Default Deific Limit Breaks

    I've been working on variant clerics for some time now, as they don't really work for my homebrew world as they are. For one thing, undead are not really considered "unnatural," so instead of turning undead, I have clerics that smite opposing alignments. Anywho, I'm trying to switch things up a bit, as I don't like how domains work. You can essentially have a cleric of Heironious and a cleric of Hextor wind up with the same domains, and that just doesn't sit right with me. I was trying to come up with individual spell lists for each deity, and I got a strange idea.
    I want to give each deity a sort of limit break that it grants its clerics. When a cleric uses his last spell per day, or reaches a certain HP percentage, or whatever, depending on the god, he gets a certain benefit, also depending on his deity. I don't have any examples that would immediately make sense here, as all the deities I'm currently working on are custom. But does this make sense? Is it a good idea, or am I nuts?

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    Default Re: Deific Limit Breaks

    Well, me-thinks that this is a pretty good idea. but the Whole Undead being "Natural" think strikes me as odd. although whatever. I'd start coming up with a withdraw or something. i dunno.
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