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    Default Assassin's Creed D20 Battle System

    And some god awful reason, my computer will not let me blod..

    For a new battle system that slightly reconfigures the D20 system to work with Assassin's Creeds style of battle.

    Money: I tweaked the names, no big deal..Denars (GP) Bills (SP) Marks (CP)

    Mat: This system is best used on hexes for more mobility.

    Attack: So basically, attack remains basically unchanged, except for one major addition. Roll-Offs (to compinsate for assassin's Creed's blocking, since there is a TON of it)

    Ex. Altai'r swings his Longsword at the Templar Knight.

    Altai'r rolls a 16, while the Templar rolls a 17, Altai'r fails the Roll-Off, meaning that the Templar can take an uninterupted swing at Altai'r (With another D20 Roll). Unless Altai'r has the (Home-brewed) feat, Backstep (Which, on a roll that beats your oppenents attack roll) allows Altai'r to take a five-foot step back, and take 1/4 of the Templars attack damage.

    Defense: Similar to my explination of attacking, if you're swung at, you have the oppurtunity to make a blocking move, if you fail, you take the full attack, but if you succeed, you can take an uninterrupted swing ony our opponent (With an additional D20 Roll)

    Hit Die: I've pretty much reconfigured the Hit Die Points. Instead of having X amount of HPs, you know have X amount of Animus Points. Animus points range from 5 (Lowest) to 50 (Highest).

    Weapons: They are broken up into sub-catigorys, and each catigory contains weapons that are similar to it...for example, a Rapier (3 Animus Points + 3 fire damage) is part of the Shortsword Catigory. Each weapon does an amount of Animus Points to your enemy, usually the same as the rest of the catigory. All weapons (unless stated other wise) can be enchanted in some sort. You can dip it in poison, making it more powerful (+1 point per item, for example, you buy two bottles of poision for 5000 Denar (GP) and dip your weapon in both, making it a +2 poision attribute)

    Example...Altai'r makes a successful hit on Robert IV De Sable with his longsword (4 Animus Points + 2 Poision damage / per turn) Robert IV De Sable loses 7 Animus Points, but is now posioned, taking 2 Animus Points per Turn until the end of the encounter.

    Armor: Like D20, armor and weapons make a difference to the attack values. It reduces the amount of damage you take, as oppossed to a Armor Class that you must beat. If you can reduce the damage to zero, you still the secondary effect (Ex. Poision, Fire, ect.) As with weapons, Armor is split into Catigories. Ranginng from Light (-1) to War Armor (-6) but like weapons, they can be upgraded (Albeit, differently)

    Example...By going to a tailor (Light, medium, Large) you can get upgrades. For example, spending 500 Denars at a tailor for a light armor can raise it to a -2 light armor. The same goes for an armory (Heavy, Plate and War Armor).

    Example in Battle: Robert IV De Sable attacks Altai'r for 2 Animus Points, but due to Altai'r's -3 Light Cloak, the damage is nulled, but takes the +1 Fire damage still...

    Distance Weapons: What I call the "Possible Force". These can be the weakest or the most powerful weapons in the game. Their effects are broken up into a Percentage Table, using the Percentage Dies. This table applies for all projectile weapons, and after you make a successful percentage roll, you are allowed to make a attack roll (If using a bow or crossbow) for half the Animus Points of your roll (Damage with bow roll) throwing knifes can also projectiles and all of the projectile weapons can use a sub-attack (Poision, fire, ice, ect.) to give more an attack.

    (Forgive me, I lack table knowledge)

    1-10% No Animus Points, alerts guards. (If using stealth)
    11-21% 1 Animus Points, alerts guards.
    22%-33% 2 Animus Points, alerts guards.
    34-45% Stuns guard for 1D4 rounds.
    46-60% 3 Animus Points, guards are shaken (1D2 Rounds of Intimidation)
    61-75% 4 Animus Points, Guard is knocked out
    75-89% 5 Animus Points, guards are alerted.
    90-100% Instant Kill (Applies to high level villians)

    Alignment: The alignment system is now gone, considering assassin's are inheritally evil in Dungeons and Dragons, but in Assassin's Creed, they can be viewed in all three catigories.

    Enemies and Animus Points: Basic guards who patroll the streets usually aren't high on Animus Points, and are easily dispatched. Where as Assassination Marks have many more Points (Sometimes exceeding the level cap) and are harder to kill (Hence being an assassination target)

    Hidden Blade Attacks: Perhaps the cheapest weapon in the system. With a high enough Sneak and a high enough Hide check, you can offer High damage attacks, or even One-Hit kills to Major Assassination targets. Being an overpowered weapon, you must be a mid-level assassin who can afford a hidden blade.

    Climbing: What's Assassin's Creed without climbing incredibly tall buildings? Simply roll a high enough climb check and you can be up any building in minutes.

    Outside Abilities: Being used for Albitrosses unknown adgenda, you are humans outside of the Animus, with jobs, lifes and families, which you can use the knowledge in the Animus.

    Builder: + 3 to Craft (Any)
    Doctor: + 3 Heal
    Botanist: + Craft (Potion)
    Teacher: +3 Knowledge (Any)
    Hunter: + 3 Survival (Any)
    Architect : + 3 Appraise
    Rock Climber: + 3 Climb
    Secret Agent: + 3 Hide

    And for now, that's all I got, please review and tell me what you think!
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    Default Re: Assassin's Creed D20 Battle System

    What system is this for? I don't recognize many of the rules.
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