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    Default OOTS Adventure Game

    A friend went to ConQuest Sac this weekend and picked up said game. We played it tonight and it really had the feel of the OOTSers. I played V and my friends played Haley and Elan. V blasted many an enemy, Haley snagged most of the treasure and Elan kinda wandered around aimlessly. Overall it was fun and I look forward to playing it again, though I think it will be more fun with more players. One unique feature is that you work cooperatively, but not as you are still competing against your fellow players.

    My one complaint is the expected time to complete it, we were two hours into the short version of the game and maybe half way through completing it before we called it quits.
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    Default Re: OOTS Adventure Game

    Yes, the plain problem with the game is the ridiculous amount of time it takes. We regularly hit 5 hours or more even on a short game, and we rarely have the time allowed to finish the game.

    I believe there are quick-start rules somewhere around the place that quicken it up a bit, I'd check the OotS Products sub-forum on this site to see if you can find anything to help.

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