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    Default Riddle me: ROUND FOUR OVER!

    Hey guys, its me. In this round two people will be eliminated and two people will move into the sudden death round! The following will be competeing and have not answered yet:


    The deadline you have is until next monday. However I will be leaving from friday-sunday/monday, not sure which one. Anyway, here is your riddle:

    If you drop me off the empire state building, I will not break. However, if you drop me in water, I will break rather easily. What am I?

    Cathrindir has answered correctly!
    Alara has answered correctly!
    The answer is: Paper, tissue, or something of the like
    Thanks to the Djinn for the Quakatar!

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    I bet you'd like to know.

    Default Re: Riddle me: ROUND FOUR!

    *Bump* (SO everyone can see that I figured it out first, and within five minutes of when he first started up the thread, w00t!)
    I survived the Site Migration of '06.

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    Default Re: Riddle me: ROUND FOUR OVER!

    Rotten round three question...(grumble, grumble).

    See ya the next time!
    "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"-J. Lennon

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