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    Default Play-By-Post Game?

    I'm looking to join one of the play by post games on this site but I'm a little confused on how to join, I would like some information and also If some one would like to be a DM for a 3.5 Campaign would be more than happy to join you. .

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    Default Re: Play-By-Post Game?

    You just need to apply on any of the threads that are currently recruiting on the recruitment board.

    I believe there's an introductory campaign recruiting just now.

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    Default Re: Play-By-Post Game?

    Well, if you want to join a game, simply look for a D&D 3.5 game in this forum: Finding Players. Usually, the DM(normally the OP) will specify the Effective Character Level, Stat Generation method, and Wealth-By-Level in a post in the recruiting thread.

    EDIT: Ninja'd, but atleast I gave more information.
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    Default Re: Play-By-Post Game?

    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroNumerous View Post
    EDIT: Ninja'd, but atleast I gave more information.
    Seems like my lessons in the school of shinobis paid off.

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    Default Re: Play-By-Post Game?

    There is also a Guide to PbP in the above forum which will probably answer most questions you might have.

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