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    Pixie in the Playground

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    Default Making Golems playable.

    Ok guys i'm going to need some critics to tell me if it's balanced.

    Golem of Iron souls
    D12 HD
    20 AC
    (+11 Natural -1 dex.)

    Standard stats
    18 STR
    8 DEX
    - CON
    12 INT
    10 WIS
    10 CHA
    (this golem is made out of soul has mental stats.)

    And A point buy system

    Every level A golem player must roll Percentals twice they then add that total for points.

    Ranks 1 2 3 4 5 6
    Flight 20 40 60 80 100 120
    blade 5 10 15 20 25 30
    Mortar blaster 30 60 90 120 150 180
    Shapeshift 100 200 300 400 500 600
    (type goes here) morph 40 100 160 220 280 340
    Soul Form 1000

    100 ft. + rank x 50 (Average)
    Blade 1D6 per rank (can be enchanted)
    Mortar blaster 100 ft. range 1D8 per rank (spread in cone)
    Shapeshift 1: can turn into Humanoid like objects for 1 hr.
    2: can go to large or small humanoid hr. or 2 hr. Humanoid
    3: can go medium non-humanoid Thing 1 hr. 2 hr. rank 2 or 3 hr. rank 1
    4: large or small anything 1 hr. (continue in pattern for previous ranks)
    5:tiny or huge humanoid (ditto)
    6: tiny or huge non humanoid (ditto)
    (type goes here) morph can turn into anything but it's made out of (type goes here) for every rank once per day.
    Soul Form
    Allows Soul to exit Golem and enter other thing's bodies


    Great building
    Prerequisites: Golem subtype
    You gain 25 points extra when you roll your dice for Skill points (on golem abilities)

    Perfect building
    Prerequisites: Golem subtype, Level 10, Great building
    You gain 100 extra points on percental points for golem skill points

    Any Others Mates?
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    Oh gods i wish i knew

    Default Re: Making Golems playable.

    nice idea needs fluff

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    Default Re: Making Golems playable.

    Just use Warforged? Pretty much what you need for PC golems.

    There's also the half-golem in the MM2.

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    Default Re: Making Golems playable.

    The fluff behind golems is that Rabbi's are humans so wise in the ways of the spirit that they are able to grasp the secret of life.

    Diablo 2 takes pretty much the same flavor with the Priests of Rathma (AKA The Necromancer class). Necromancers have such an understanding of the great cycle of being that they too grasp the secrets of life, and as such, are the only humans that possess knowledge to animate the dead. Making golems is really an expansion of the same idea.

    In either case, from the very earth itself, you create an imitation of life. Whether by binding a spirit or by creating it.

    And that spirit gains sentience in an "I Robot" fashion. Or you could have it that it's a bound earth spirit of some sort, which by the constraints of its new form, becomes a different creature entirely. A dangerous, but perhaps temperamental spirit which has calmed down and gained a more refined sort of intellect and personality. (Sort of like Mogget from Garth Nix's Sabriel.)

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    Default Re: Making Golems playable.

    I sometimes find it eaiser to use other resources than creating my own (or use other resources as a template). If you want, just keep the basic crunch and use your own fluff.

    I'd suggest looking at:

    *Warforged Scout
    *Warforged Charger
    *Exiled Modron (All 4 found here)
    *Half-Golem Template (Monster Manual II)
    *Maugs (Fiend Folio, I believe)
    *Spellforged (Found here)
    *Mechanoids (Found here)
    *I hate to suggest my own home-brew, but I made a construct race recently. It's here.

    Hope my link wall helped you a bit!
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    Pixie in the Playground

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    Default Re: Making Golems playable.

    i only have Player's handbook I and II, Draconomicon, and expanded psionics

    thanks for Alt. ideas and any ideas for fluff?

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