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    Default I end at the beginning (base class)

    The Regressor
    ďEndings are always enigmas, unanswerable mysteries. There is only stability in the beginning.Ē
    Frued Greran, a Regressor

    Many creatures seem to evolve outwards, psychologically if not physically. They seek to grow, to accumulate power and knowledge, to become something more. Only a Regressor knows the futility of their quests. The further that any creature ďevolvesĒ, the further they are evading their roots. In the almost unimaginably distant past, everything from the greatest of overdeities to the smallest of bacteria all rose from a single cosmic force. By tracing their evolution backwards, a Regressor seeks to find this link to all other things and control it. Although the process that a Regressor goes through isnít exactly a reversed evolution (a human does not become a monkey, for instance), they become less and less distinct as the individual that they once were, becoming a medium of everything.
    Adventures: The Regressor seek to travel only go gain in strength. Personal strength allows the Regressor to tap themselves further into the Cosmic Force, allowing them to regress further. In addition, even though they can serve as natural diplomats, their unique and sometimes disturbing appearance often limits how long they are welcome in any one place. Although a town is unlikely to kick out a Regressor for no particular reason, they may at some point ask politely for them to move on or send them on frequent quests to other places.
    Characteristics: The Regressor slowly revert back to an almost primal form as they gain levels, gaining benefits along the way. In addition, they gain a collection of other abilities gained through their transformation.
    Alignment: A Regressorís journey at first glance may seem lawful, as they seek to reach a parallel of a predetermined past. On the other hand, the Cosmic Force from which a Regressor draws their power is very chaotic in nature. A Regressor can be either good or evil in philosophy, either exploiting their power or using it to help others.
    Religion: A Regressor, as a rule, does not worship a deity in the traditional sense. They aspire to, in some way, become related to such beings. Although they respect the power of a deity, they simply do not respect them enough to worship them (although exceptions to this rule such as with multiclassing clerics and with racial deities may occur). The only thing that a Regressor could truly be said to worship is the Cosmic Force from which they draw their power. Although it is not alive in any way, it is a power beyond anything else in all of existence.
    Background: A Regressor is not taught their art and does not learn it. Indeed, very few if any of them know what exactly is happening to their body. To be a Regressor is to have a calling that is present in the mind since birth at some level. This calling is not hereditary and it could appear in any population of any race in any quantity. Even this call alone is not enough to start a Regressor along their path. Indeed, several potential Regressor go throughout their entire lives without answering this call. To become a Regressor, one must embrace this call, submitting themselves to a ritual that they know will take away their identity, piece by piece. The ritualís processes are burnt into the back of a potential Regressorís mind, allowing them to answer the call whenever they please.
    Races: Although all species receive calls to become Regressors in about equal amounts, few races actually take up the mantle. Humans, with their natural curiosity, are prone to taking the path almost impulsively, just to discover from where everything came from. Half-elves and Half-orcs are likely to embrace the call so that they can better immerse themselves in both of their heritages equally. Regressor of other races are few in number.
    Other Classes: Due to their strangely alien nature, few classes know what to think of a Regressor. Wizards occasionally take great lengths to study them, noting every change involved in their transformation. The idea that deities and cockroaches could both be spawned from a single source is a dangerous one, even if the special powers of a Regressor lends credence to it. As such, many clerics and paladins try to keep Regressors out of their sacred sites, something that many Regressors donít mind. Druids find themselves in a pickle. The Regressor slowly become twisted aberrations but do so through an apparently natural process. Held in place by their beliefs, many Druids watch a Regressor carefully and act upon their behavior. Monks view Regressor as an opposite of themselves, for where Monks strive to perfect themselves further, the Regressor fall back into a previous state.
    Role: Aside from the obvious role of the diplomat, a Regressor can eventually take almost any role that they choose, with the exception of spellcasting. Depending on their auras and transformations, they can regress themselves into almost any role.

    The Regressor                         Hit Dice: d6
    Level   B.A.B.	            Fort     Ref      Will     Special
    1       +0                 +2       +0       +2       The Ritual, Regressive Aura, Grand Regression
    2       +1                 +3       +0       +3       Touch of Dissolution, Advantageous Reversion
    3       +2                 +3       +1       +3       Master Diplomat
    4       +3                 +4       +1       +4       Touch of Rejuvenation
    5       +3                 +4       +1       +4       Cosmic Connection
    6       +4                 +5       +2       +5       Touch of Dissolution
    7       +5                 +5       +2       +5       Regressive Aura
    8       +6/+1              +6       +2       +6       Advantageous Reversion
    9       +6/+1              +6       +3       +6       Primal Tongue
    10      +7/+2              +7       +3       +7       Cosmic Connection
    11      +8/+3              +7       +3       +7       Touch of Rejuvenation
    12      +9/+4              +8       +4       +8       Touch of Dissolution
    13      +9/+4              +8       +4       +8       Regressive Aura
    14      +10/+5             +9       +4       +9       Advantageous Reversion
    15      +11/+6/+1          +9       +5       +9       Cosmic Connection
    16      +12/+7/+2          +10      +5       +10      Absence of Self
    17      +12/+7/+2          +11      +5       +11      Eternal Body
    18      +13/+8/+3          +11      +6       +11      Touch of Dissolution
    19      +14/+9/+4          +12      +6       +12      Regressive Aura
    20      +15/+10/+5         +12      +6       +12      Advantageous Reversion, Cosmic Connection
    Class Skills (6+ Int Modifier per level, x4 at 1st level): Bluff, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Heal, Hide, Intimidate, Knowledge (each skill taken individually), Listen, Move Silently, Speak Language, Spot, Survival, Swim, Use Magic Device
    Armor and Weapon Proficiency: A Regressor gains proficiency with all simple weapons but with no armor or shields.

    The Ritual (Ex): A Regressor slowly melds themselves away, peeling away their distinction layer by layer to eventually join a conglomeration of everything, which Regressors call the Cosmic Force. In order to peel away at your identity, you must perform a ritual. This ritual is painful, reducing the Regressorís constitution by 2. The Ritual costs 100 gp in ingredients and takes 24 consecutive hours to complete. Until a Regressor performs this ritual, they do not gain any other class benefits.

    The Grand Regression (Ex): As the Name suggests, Regressors move themselves backwards towards their origin, peeling off each layer of distinction. At each level, the transformation moves forward, manifesting itself in an additional way. Inherent bonuses granted by this ability stack.
    At 1st level, the changes are not easily visible. The Regressor may reduce any of their ability scores by 2 to add a +1 inherent bonus to another ability score.
    At 2nd level, small changes become visible as small details such as hair or eye color begin to shift, completely at random. These cosmetic changes grant a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks and may not be concealed through mundane means.
    At 3rd level, the Regressorís hair and skin begin reacting to the world around them. The Regressor is treated as if under the effect of a endure elements spell. Furthermore, a Regressor gains a +4 bonus on all disguise and hide checks.
    At 4th level, the Regressorís ability to compensate for damage is greatly increased. You are automatically stabilized when reduced to Ė1 or less hit points. Furthermore, the Regressor heals one hit point per hour in addition to natural healing.
    At 5th level, the Regressor gives up a larger piece of their identity, their subrace. A drow or high-elf, for instance becomes a plain elf. The Regressor gains all benefits of the base race while losing all benefits gained from their subrace. If they possess no subrace, their transformation takes a small halt instead. In addition, at this level, the Regressor may reduce any of their ability scores by 2 to add a +1 inherent bonus to another ability score.
    At 6th level, internal generalization starts taking place. At this point, they lose their alignment. For the purposes of ethics, they are treated as being true neutral characters. For the purposes of spells and items, they are treated as having no alignment. For the purpose of outer planes, the Regressor is treated as having that planeís alignment.
    At 7th level, the Regressor loses their former voice as they gain precise control over their own pitch and tone. As a result, the Regressor may imitate another voice, making a bluff check against an opponentís listen check. If that voice is used to deliver a bluff, roll a separate check. A Regressor gains a +10 bonus on bluff checks made to imitate the sound of their previous voice.
    At 8th level, the very size of a Regressor becomes variable. The Regressor makes hide checks and fit through small areas as if they were 1 size category smaller than they really are but make bulrush, overrun, and grapple attempts as if they were 1 size category larger. Once per hour, a Regressor can enlarge or reduce themselves by 1 size category for 10 minutes. Initiating this size in change takes 1 full-round action and it cannot be dismissed early.
    At 9th level, the Regressor sheds some of the more common afflictions that it is sure to encounter, gaining immunity to nonmagical poisons and mundane diseases.
    At 10th level, A Regressor ascends the barrier of their race. A male elf simply becomes a male humanoid. As such, such an ascended Regressor can mate with any creature of the same type and produce fertile, if strange, children. The Regressor loses all racial traits other than favored class, creature type, speed, and ability score adjustments. All magic items, prestige classes, feats, and spells that require that they be of a certain race or only effect someone of a certain race cease to work for or against them, possibly meaning that they lose the benefits of such feats or prestige classes. In addition, they may reduce any of their ability scores by 2 to add a +1 inherent bonus to another ability score
    At 11th level, a Regressor loses their gender, although their appearance does not appear to change as a result. They cannot qualify for feats or prestige classes that require a gender. In addition, the Regressor becomes completely infertile.
    At 12th level, no aspect of the Regressorís appearance remains constant. The Regressor may effectively use disguise self at will, although the resulting change is not illusory.
    At 13th level, a Regressor loses all sense of a personality. They can no longer receive morale bonuses or penalties. Furthermore, they are immune to all fear and other emotion-based effects.
    At 14th level, the fundamental design of the Regressorís body changes significantly. The Regressor becomes immune to paralysis, stunning, and critical hits. In addition, they take only half of the normal amount of damage that they would normally take from falling.
    At 15th level, a Regressor completely loses their creature type, in effect becoming an aberration. However, the Regressor does not qualify for any feats or prestige classes requiring them to be an aberration and spells and abilities that can specifically effect aberrations to not effect the Regressor. The Regressor may reduce any of their ability scores by 2 to add a +1 inherent bonus to another ability score.
    At 16th level, a Regressor no longer has a native plane of existence. The Regressor is always considered extraplanar. On the other hand, dismissal, banishment, and similar spells do not work on the Regressor. In addition, the Regressor is always under the effects of an Avoid planar effects spell.
    At 17th level, the exact location of the Regressor is almost impossible to keep track of. A Regressor cannot be scried by any spell or effect and their location cannot be magically discerned via locate person, discern location, or any similar ability. Furthermore, scent, blindsense, and tremorsense cannot pinpoint a Regressor's location.
    At 18th level, the thoughts of the Regressor become intertwined with those of the Cosmic Force. As a result of surrendering their consciousness to the cosmic force, they are protected at all times as if by a Mind Blank spell.
    At 19th level, the very corporeality or lack-thereof of the Regressor comes into question. All attacks and spells other than ghost touch weapons and force effects have a 20% chance of not effecting the Regressor. Once per hour, for 10 minutes, the Regressor can become wholly incorporeal as is through a Ghostwalk spell. Initiating this ability takes a full-round action and cannot be dismissed early.
    At 20th level, a Regressorís very existence is uncertain. Having almost completely unraveled themselves into their base elements to join the Cosmic Force, they can retreat bodily into this force. As a full-round action, a Regressor can bodily enter the cosmic force for any amount of time (determined when the Regressor leaves). To all others, it appears that the Regressor has simply ceased to exist. At the end of this time, the Regressor returns into the exact same spot that they left. If that spot is occupied, they are harmlessly shunted to the nearest open space that can fit them. Time spent in the cosmic force does not count towards the Regressorís life span. In addition, the Regressor may reduce any of their ability scores by 2 to add a +1 inherent bonus to another ability score.

    Regressive Aura (Ex): At 1st level and every 6 levels afterwards, a Regressor gains a special aura that they radiate outwards as its degrading body loses the ability to hold in all of the Regressorís power, to a maximum of 4 at 19th level. Once chosen, the choice is final. A Regressor radiates all of its auras simultaneously and is in fact unable to suppress them, although an antimagic field or a dead magic zone can. Having overlapping auras of the same variety does not lead to cumulative effect.


    Aura of Unease: Even at the beginning of their supernatural journey, something seems off about the appearance of the Regressor. All creatures within 10 feet of the Regressor take a Ė2 penalty to their dexterity score, lowering their dexterity to a minimum of 1. In addition, all animals in the area become one step closer to hostile towards them. The Regressor is immune to their own Disturbing Aura

    Aura of Improbability: Their strong connection to the cosmic force allows a Regressor to create an aura that defies probability that extends in a 30-foot radius. Anyone in the radius can at any time choose to roll 2 D20s and take the better result when making an attack roll or saving throw. The next time that they make such a check within the aura, they roll 2 D20s and take the worse result. Everyone within the aura instinctively knows how to use its power.

    Aura of Coolness: The Regressorís natural diplomatic nature seems to seep out of them. All Creatures within 30 feet of them take a Ė2 penalty on all attack rolls and damage rolls. In addition, anyone in this aura can understand the Regressorís speech, regardless of what language they speak in. This comprehension effect only works one way, however.

    Disturbing Aura: Something about the Regressor just makes others feel sickened to their stomachs. Whenever someone comes within a 20-foot radius of them, they must make a fortitude save (DC 10+1/2 of the Regressorís class level+ The Regressorís Wisdom Modifier) or become sickened for as long as they remain in the aura and for 1d4 rounds afterwards. Furthermore, anyone within the aura who witnesses the Regressor receive a critical hit must make an additional saving throw as if they had just entered the aura. The Regressor is immune to their own Disturbing Aura.

    Aura of Awareness: The very presence of the Regressor seems to awaken the senses of those aware of you. Whenever they come within 10 feet of another sentient creature, the Regressor becomes aware of that fact and may immediately send them an empathic message, alerting them to the Regressorís presence. In addition, anyone given this mental message gains the benefits of the alertness feat as long as they remain within 10 feet of the Regressor.

    Aura of Dissolution: Anything too close to the Regressor slowly turns into its base elements, almost imitating the journey of the Regressor themselves. At the beginning of the Regressorís round, all creatures within 5 feet of the Regressor take 1 damage. Any form of damage reduction blocks this damage. In addition, for every hour spent within 5 feet of a nonmagical item, the Regressor deals 1 damage to that item. This time need not be consecutive.

    Seething Aura: The Regressor begins displaying the primal fears and hatreds of all creatures that view them. Any hostile creature that approaches within 20 feet of a Regressor must make a Will Save (DC 10 + of the 1/2 Regressorís Class level + The Regressorís Wisdom Modifier) or take hostile action towards the Regressor to the exclusion of all other targets for as long as they remain in the aura. Whenever the target deals damage to the Regressor, they may attempt a new saving throw.

    Soothing Aura: The Regressor leaks forth the very essence of life, bolstering those around them. All other creatures knocked to Ė1 health or less while within 20 feet of the Regressor are automatically stabilitzed. Furthermore, all creatures in the area may take a swift action to capture some of this energy for themselves, gaining fast healing 1 for a number of rounds equal to your wisdom modifier. One creature can only catch this energy once in a 24 hour period. All creatures in the area automatically learn how to take advantage of this aura.

    Advantageous Reversion (Ex): at 2nd level and every 6 levels afterwards, a Regressor gains a special ability as their bodies reform. At these points, the Regressor can add their own special touches to their body as it evolves backwards. Once these choices are made, it can not be changed.


    Alien Metabolism: the Regressor gets a +4 bonus on fortitude saves and constitution-based skill checks. If they have a second reversion, they do not need to sleep. If they have a third reversion, they do not need to eat or drink. If they have a fourth reversion, they do not need to breathe.

    Incredible Sight: the Regressorís maximum range of sight is doubled. If they have a second Reversion, they can see invisible creatures as if they were under the effects of a see invisibility spell. If they have a third reversion, they can see in the dark as easily as they can in daylight. If they have a fourth reversion, they instead act as if they were under the effects of a true seeing spell.

    Quick Healer: By taking a full-round action, the Regressor can heal themselves an amount of lethal damage equal to the amount of Reversions they possess and deal themselves twice as much nonlethal damage.

    Thickened Skin: the Regressor gain Dr 2/magic. If they have a second reversion, this value increases to Dr 4/magic. If they have a third reversion, it increases to DR 6/magic. If they have a fourth reversion, it increases to DR 10/magic.

    Telepathy: the Regressor can communicate telepathically with anyone within 20 feet. If they have a second reversion, this distance increases to 40 feet. If they have a third reversion, this distance increases to 60 feet. If they have a four reversions, this distance increases to 100 feet.

    Energy Resistance: for each reversion the Regressor possesses, you gain resistance against one form of energy (chosen whenever you gain a reversion) each equal to the number of reversions they possess x 5.

    Spell Resistance: the Regressors gain spell resistance equal to their Regressor Level. This total increases by 5 for each other reversion they possess.

    Armored Skin: the Regressorís natural armor bonus increases by +(1 + 1 for each reversion they possess).

    Improved Vitality: for each hit dice the Regressor possesses, they gain a number of bonus hit points equal to the number of reversions they possess squared.

    Amorphous Form: the Regressor gains a +5 bonus on escape artist checks for each reversion you possess. Furthermore, If they possess two reversions, they can fit through areas half as small as normal without difficulties. If they possess three reversions, they benefit from a constant freedom of movement effect. If they possess four reversions, they may fit through openings as small as one inch thick by taking a full-round action to do so.

    Touch of Dissolution (Su): Starting at 2nd level, by taking a full-round action and making a successful touch attack, you can dissolve your opponent into their base elements. A successful touch deals 1d6 damage/2 class levels. This damage comes from the melding of the creatureís skin and interior rather than from any real source so it overcomes any form of damage reduction. This ability can only be used on creatures with a set anatomy and any creature immune to transmutation effects if also immune to this ability.
    Starting at 6th level, any creature hit by a successful Touch of Dissolution must make a fortitude save (dc 10+1/2 of the Regressorís level+ the Regressorís wisdom modifier) or become sickened for 1d4 rounds.
    Starting at 12th level, any creature hit by a successful Touch of Dissolution who fails on their fortitude save becomes fatigued (if they are already fatigued, they do not become exhausted).
    Starting at 18th level, any creature hit by a successful Touch of Dissolution who fails on their fortitude save also takes 1d4 constitution damage.

    Master Diplomat (Ex): As they slowly turn into simpler and less distinct forms, they become better able to understand all points of view. Starting at 3rd level, a Regressor can make a rushed diplomacy check without the normal Ė10 penalty. Furthermore, a Regressor may take 10 on Diplomacy checks, even when rushed or under pressure.

    Touch of Rejuvenation (Su): Starting at 4th level a Regressor can shed the wounds of any creature they touch, melting them away in the same way that you melt yourself away. Each day, they can heal a total number of hit points equal to their class level x their wisdom modifier. The Regressor uses these points on a point-by-point basis. Strictly speaking, this touch utilizes no positive energy, allowing a Regressor to heal nonliving creatures with a bit of extra work. For every two points of healing spent, an undead or construct is healed 1 hit point. A single creature may not benefit from more than one Touch of Rejuvenation within a single hour.
    Starting at 11th level, a Regressorís talent at healing allows them to fortify allies against further harm. For every two points of healing that a creature receives, they gain one temporary hit point, which lasts until lost or one hour later, whichever comes first. So long as an effected creature possesses any temporary hit points from this ability, the creature gains a +1 resistance bonus on all saving throws. Unlike other temporary hit points, these do not stack with temporary hit points from other sources.

    Cosmic connection (Su): As a Regressor progresses in their mystical path, they gain a mystical connection to the cosmic force from which they draw power.
    Starting at 5th level, the cosmic force alerts them to danger, allowing a Regressor to retain their Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) under all circumstances so long as they are conscious and mobile.
    Starting at 10th level, a Regressor may meditate for 8 hours in order to imitate the effects of a commune with nature spell with a caster level equal to their class level. This effect may be used at will.
    Starting at 15th level, the cosmic force allows the Regressor to adapt to any number of foes. As such, a Regressor may not be flanked.
    Starting at 20th level, they may use commune at will with a caster level equal to their class level, as long as they pay 500 xp for each use in a 24 hour period past the first.

    Primal Tongue (Ex): Starting at 9th level, a Regressor can tap into the most primal undercurrents of language, allowing them to understand it all. A Regressor can read and understand all languages, including secret languages or languages conveyed only partially through sound.

    Absence of Self (Ex): Starting at 16th level, a Regressor has mastered their newfound formlessness. They gain the Shapeshifter Subtype. Furthermore, whenever they are subjected to an effect that would alter their form (such as flesh to stone or baleful polymorph), the Regressor may return to their previous state as a free action.

    Eternal Body (Ex): Starting at 17th level, a Regressor no longer takes penalties to ability scores for aging and cannot be magically aged. Any such penalties already taken are retroactively removed. Bonuses still accrue, and the Regressor still dies of old age then their time is up.

    Regressors and Multiclassing: Regressors are very dedicated individuals that rely on the inertia of their regression in order to keep them sustained. Therefore, it is possible to multiclass into Regressor but it is not possible to multiclass out of Regressor after taking your first level.

    Note from Author: I know that this class seems stacked, offering an incredible multitude of abilities. However, I do not believe that this fact overpowers the class. When you stop to consider it, most of the abilities are mere utility. At the end of the day, this thing can barely outdamage anything, dealing less damage than any fighter, barbarian, wizard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, warmage, or warlock (although eldritch blast deals equal damage, it only takes a standard action and is a ranged touch attack). In fact, the damage output on this thing is roughly equivalent to the monk, which should say something.
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    Default Re: I end at the beginning (base class)

    This is a really interesting concept. I like it!

    In the description of Advantageous Reversions you refer to the class as an "Unforned" which I think is a typo for Unformed which is an old name you probably did a search and replace on, but this instance of the name was skipped b/c of the miss spelling.

    The Grand Progression affect for level 17 seems a little off to me. I would probably make the affect (dodge bonus & speed up) a optional Advantageous Reversion and instead use the same fluff (of not being able to locate/keep track of) and provide either and immunity or a strong bonus to avoid being scryed upon or located magically (which would have the drawback of making it impossible to teleport to their location). This just seemed more logical to me given the fluff.

    Last thing, in the Adventures section of the fluff, you state that "the Regressor seek to travel only go gain in strength" which (to me) seems to contradict the basis of the class of wanting to revert backwards. I know by doing so they gain in strength but using the word "gain" here (again, to me) implies that they have the forward ambition to acquire strength which is a contradiction to their base principles of wanting to "grow backwards". Does that make any sense...this is based on the assumption that my interpretation of the wording is how most people will interpret things. Sorry to play the semantics game on ya.

    Over all, this looks well thought out and organized, though I would consider some formatting in the Grand Regression section. Keep it up!
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    Default Re: I end at the beginning (base class)

    Wow, this class is amazing. It really expanded my view of what a class can be. At first, I was skeptical, but I can see that this is a real journey that the character is on, progressing (or in this case, regressing) as they gain levels toward something more (or less) that what they were. This is what the monk class should be like (but with more karate chops & flying kicks).

    That said, I have some questions:
    • For Advantageous Reversion, can you choose multiple reversions, or are you stuck with the one that you first chose, & progress in that one only?
    • Was this class originally called the Unformed? I saw that in a typo in Advantageous Reversion.
    • For Touch of Dissolution, I found the damage dealt to be confusing. A successful touch attack deals "1d6/2 levels damage." What does that mean exactly? Does it mean it deals 1d6 points of damage for every 2 class levels the Regressor has, or that it deals 1d6/2 points of damage, which is essentially 1d3?
    • Ebberon players may find Touch of Rejuvenation a bit overpowered for a 4th level class feature, as it implies that it can heal Warforged characters as effectively as a repair spell. You may wish to consider the implications of that.
    • With Cosmic Connection, you gain immunity to flanking at 15th level? is that kinda late? At that late stage in the game, flanking doesn't pack quite the same punch as it does at lower levels, making this less of a real benefit.
    • Wouldn't Timeless Body logically remove the aging penalties? I understand that you may have left them for balance reasons, but I'd think that as the Regressor returned to a more primordial self, it would shed the penalties of advanced age as easilty was it loses every other aspect of the self. Just a thought.

    Again, I love this class. It's brilliantly original, while still being compatible with the ruleset & remaining mostly balanced. Kudos upon thee.

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    Default Re: I end at the beginning (base class)

    Indeed, the Regressor is most excellent! There are some really cool abilities to be built up within this class, and you did a good job keeping the fluff up to par. Nice, no, very nice work!

    These cosmetic changes grant a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks and may not be concealed through mundane neams.
    Just a minor typo ^

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    Default Re: I end at the beginning (base class)

    the immunity to flanking cuts off the easiest way for a rogue to get a sneak attack
    also, this class could use a capstone
    Yup, I'm back

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    Default Re: I end at the beginning (base class)

    I like it. I think I'll playtest this in a Campaign.

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    Default Re: I end at the beginning (base class)

    Wow. Lot's of comments.

    Lakoda: Thanks.

    First of all, if it must be known, the Regressor was originally known as the unformed. However, the moment that I tried to pluralize that name, I decided to change it (I am not a fan of names where singular and plural is the same).

    The grand regression at level 17th struck me as a bit odd as well but I couldn't think of how else to maneuver it. Now, you can't be scryed or discern locationed. Also, blindsence, scent, and tremorsense fail to pinpoint you (if it is actually blindsight and not blindsense that allows pinpointing, let me know).

    Under the adventuring center, it now states that only through your own personal power can you reach deeper into the Cosmic Force, continuing your regression.

    Zeta Kai:
    With all of your incredibly ambitious projects, you've become something of an idol (or at least a positive example) for me on these boards. To have expanded your horizons has just made my day.

    You gain a total of 4 different Advantageous Regressions as you level, each of which is empowered by having other advantageous regressions (think Tatooed Monk). I reworded it a bit if it was a tad confusing.

    Touch of dissolution deals 1d6 damage/2 class levels. I have rewritten it as such.

    Touch of Rejuvenation now costs 2 points for each hit point you heal an undead or construct.

    As far as flanking immunity, I know that it isn't exactly impressive at 15th level. One thing that I've considered would be to add blindsense (or blindsight, whichever is worse) out to 5 or 10 feet at 5th level and extend the range to 20 feet and increase it to the better version of the two at 15th, in addition to the current benefits (which are arriving a bit late). How does that sound?

    I was originally going to make that change with Timeless Body but I didn't want to stray from the normal wording. After you're encouragement, however, I have stated that penalties are retroactively removed and renamed the ability Eternal Body.

    The typo has been fixed.

    Lord of Kobolds:
    Actually, if I'm right, you gain immunity to sneak attack at 14th level when the grand regression grants you immunity to, among other things, critical hits. If I remember properly, sneak attack does not function against creatures immune to critical hits.
    As for a capstone ability, there was one thing that I originally considered adding to the 20th level grand regression, allowing you to use timestop 1/day for 1 minute as you remove youself from time as easily as you remove yourself from space. Should I put this back in?

    Also, I have added spoiler blocks to the auras, regressions, and grand regression to make this easier to sift through.
    I'm try not to be too vain but this was too perfect not to sig.
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    okay RoC, that is enough! the gitp boards can only take so much awsome, you might actually hurt somebody with this one!
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